Solving ADD To Autism At Home

Solving ADD To Autism At Home

How to use a "cheaper" alternate to Neurofeedback with non-drug therapies that work at home.

There are two very successful basic therapies that work.  Neurofeedback (NFB – formerly called EEG biofeedback) and a “new” Neuroliminal Training (NT).  Both accomplish the same basic brain wave modification.  For ADD to Autism, this consists of raising the amplitude of a brainwave called SMR (12-15 Hz) and lowering the amplitude of Theta brain wave  (4-8 Hz).

Years of research have shown that raising the amplitude of SMR results in actually “curing” of allergies, and “allergy stress” is the major cause of ADD/ADHD as well as a major factor in Autism.  (Most NFB operators aren't even aware of this connection.)

NASA did huge research in the 70's on the Theta brain wave.  They proved that lowering this wave increased concentration dramatically.  Of course since lack of concentration is a prime factor in ADD-Autism, this is a key to solving this “dis-ease”.   What isn't known generally is that lowering Theta also lowers artistic or creative ability. Astronauts don't make good artists.

It has been said that a NASA trained person is possibly the only type of person who can concentrate on driving a car and typing messages on a cell phone at the same time “safely?”.  

The other serious problem of using NFB is the tremendous cost.  Solving ADD/ADHD takes about 60 sessions of NFB at an average cost of $100 each averaging out at $6000.  From 2000 I studied NFB and became an expert, founding a company that leased or sold EEG biofeedback machines to lay persons to operate and solve the mental problems of their children or themselves.  This cut the costs in half or more, but NFB was too expensive still, so I experimented with different therapies.

I finally found a combination of subliminal training using voice suggestions along with audio sounds, and a sort of “music” that can be put on a simple CD, played while the “patient” sleeps that duplicates NFB brain wave changing.  And, because it is subliminal, other suggestions can be used to remove other stress factors, making NT even more effective in solving ADD/ADHD.  Total cost is $147 compared to $6000.

NFB has also been used successfully for solving Autism.  Few NFB operators will even work with autistic kids.  Try to get sensors on the head of such,  Then, try getting them to concentrate.  And, add the fact that autism requires not 50-60 hours, but hundreds or even thousands of half hour sessions.  This becomes so expensive that it is only for wealthy families.   It also may take up to a year or more to solve and “normalize” an autistic child.

Dr Von Hilsheimer solved hundreds or autistic kids using NFB only, and I leased or sold NFB equipment to families with ADD to Autism problems, cutting the cost  dramatically from 2000 to 2005.  When I proved that my NT worked as well as NFB, I gave up a successful and profitable leasing/sales of EEG biofeedback business. Keep Reading...

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