"Don't Chase The Paper, Chase The Dream." - P. Diddy

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Why do you want to find your soulmate? Are you chasing the paper or are you fulfilling your dreams?

Here’s my dream: to inspire spiritual, single women to step into their power, speak their truth and live the life of their dreams with their soulmate by their side.

Why do you want to find your soulmate? Why do you want to live the life of your dreams?Are you chasing the “paper” (just the guy, the money, the hot body, the next job promotion) or are you going for fulfillment, joy, peace, self-love- your dreams?

If you want to magnetize your dreams to you, you must keep your big WHY clear in your head. In the early stages of creating your dream life, there won’t always be clear evidence that your idea is a good one, or that this is the right time to go for it.

During this time, what is essential is that you believe in your vision. At the very least, you need to adopt beliefs that will support you in moving from where you are to where you want to be. In a survey of over 250 family physicians from across the country, 99% said they thought a patient’s belief could enhance and aid in their recovery process. To say it plainly, having a strong belief system is more than just an airy-fairy, New Age idea. Having a strong belief system is essential.

Since our attitudes and beliefs determine the choices and the decisions we make, your beliefs will either boost you or betray you. And please keep this in mind: your beliefs are never neutral. They either move you forward or hold you back. If you dream of attracting your true love to you, but don’t believe it’s possible, watch how quickly you’ll prove yourself right. But if you take this same dream -to find your soulmate- and ACT as though you believe in it, you will take different actions that, if you are persistent, will ultimately end up in your soulmate by your side.

There are three main limiting beliefs that we as humans tend to be born with or acquire over time. These are important to recognize when (or if) you see them showing up in your life.

Limiting Belief #1: Inadequacy. “I’m not ____(fill in the blank) enough.” I’m not good enough, smart enough, fast enough, rich enough, thin enough, young enough, old enough, etc.

Limiting Belief #2: Scarcity. “There’s not enough _______(fill in the blank) to go around.’

Limiting Belief #3: Trust. “I don’t trust you, me, the timing, God, or _____”(fill in the blank).

Do you hear any of these lines playing in your head? If so, please know that a belief is really only a thought you keep thinking. It’s a habitual thought that either empowers you or impedes you.

If your habitual thoughts (aka beliefs) are holding you back from taking action toward your soulmate and the life of your dreams, here’s what to do.

Replace your thoughts with these:

1. I deserve _____(soulmate love, financial prosperity, a fit and healthy body, fill in the blank).

2. There’s plenty of _______( good men, money, great jobs) to go around. There is enough of everything.

3. I trust that there’s a reason for everything and that God has my back (even if I don’t like how things look right now).

I recommend that you take 5 minutes and write these positive new beliefs on sticky notes and put them all over your house, your car, or even at your desk at work. Remember, if you don’t trust and do something different, life can hand you opportunities and you will miss them.

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