The 3 Cs Of A Happy Engagement

The 3 Cs Of A Happy Engagement [EXPERT]

How one little letter can make a huge difference in your pending nuptials.

Wedding planning, although sometimes stressful, is truly an opportunity to practice some of the skills you'll need in your marriage. Here are three skills you should practice:

1. Communication. This is an opportunity not only to learn that your fiancé doesn't understand the whole notion of gift bags, but also to learn really important things about your relationship ... like whether one or both of you turn away from each other or turn toward each other under stressful situations.

Crucial things like that actually predict the chances of whether you two will remain in wedded bliss in a few short years. Not to be all Debbie Downer, but we are all very aware of the divorce statistics. Make time to discuss important issues or set aside an evening every week to deepen your relationship by asking each other important premarital questions.

2. Compromise. Remember, this is not only your wedding. It's your beloved's as well, and your two families to boot. So, practice the fine art of meeting your partner half way.

3. Capitulation (sometimes). Surrender. Give in. Submit to the will of another. GIVE UP. You get the idea. 

Sometimes in marriage — as with wedding planning — the best thing to do is to ask yourself if this hill is the one you really, truly want to die on. Once you ask yourself this question, then the answer becomes clear. Yes, there will be some things that will be worth fighting for, but there will be many things that you think you want to fight for while planning your wedding that in reality, you won't remember in as little as 2 years I promise. So just let it go (exhale). 

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