Learn To Give Love A Chance And Just Say "Hi"

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How To Forget All Of Your Insecurities And Just Say "Hi"

I've always been a late night shopper. It's never ceased to amaze me the oodles and oodles of untold goodies just sitting and waiting to be had on the shelves of a 24-hour Wal-Mart or Walgreens at 2:00 in the morning.

It’s like a scavenger hunt for nothing in particular…just for the sake of the hunt. I love it! This particular night I found myself trolling the aisles of a local CVS around 10 pm or so…a bit early for me and still much too crowded for my usual search and obtain missions but I did see something curious.

Or should I say I saw two something's curious.

2 kids, with their parents. 1 mother and her 3 children and a dad and his son. The mom was Spanish speaking and the dad and his son sounded like they were speaking French. The little boy was about 5 or so and the littlest of the mother's 3 children was about 3 years old herself … I’m guessing around 3 because she was still in pull-ups.

She was one of the cutest little kids I'd ever seen, just bumbling and buzzing and bobbing around the store needing nothing at all, just happy to be there. Eventually the little boy and little girl spotted each other.

He took a quick look and immediately went back to the toy car he'd been eyeing earlier. But she took a much longer look, she actually stopped and stood for a good 5 seconds or so just checking him out…pure curiosity.

Then her mom snapped the spell and called her over. Her mom had what appeared to be M&M's for her … peanut, I think, as opposed to the pure milk chocolate ones.

Personally, I'm a fan of the peanut M&M's as well, so I was happy to see that her mom had exercised good judgment … not that the plain M&M's would have been a bad call … just not the call I would have made.

I get it, there is no denying the simplistic delightfulness of plain M&M's, rich milk chocolate coated in a crunchy candy shell … melting in your mouth and not in your hands … it's surreal. However, the delectable deliciousness that the peanut brings to the M&M family is undeniable.

Look, I understand that the choice between plain or peanut M&M's is intensely personal and, by right, that should not be questioned by another. I'm not judging you if you're a plain M&M fan … I'm just saying that when it comes to comic books … make mine Marvel … and when it comes to M&M's … make mine peanut!

But I digress … let's see, where was I? Oh yeah, Wal-Mart and CVS shopping … kids … pull-ups … ah … that's right … relationships! So, the little girl takes the first M&M from her mom and chomps it down right there on the spot.

Then her mom gives her another one and the little girls then does something I'll never forget. She immediately turns and makes a beeline for the little boy, walks right up to him, doesn't say any of the few words she has yet, and gives him the M&M!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And can you guess what the little boy did? Yep, he took it, said ‘thank you’, and ate it! Just like that!

He didn’t ask her what preschool she was attending. She didn't ask him what kind of car he was playing with … because none of that stuff mattered. They were just two curious kids … relating on a level that kids relate on.

Simple. Easy. Unforced. Natural.

Which now brings me to the point of the story. How many of you out there have ever seen someone; beautiful, handsome, intriguing or just plain interesting … that you were curious about? Did you go up and say ‘Hi’? How many of you have ever let an opportunity like that pass you by? Yep, I have too … and I kick myself for every time I ever let it happen. Letting our own thoughts and fears and insecurities get in the way of our just being simple humans making a simply human connection.

Get out of your head about what may be wrong or may be not quite so right about you. Get out of your head about the rules you have for who a person should be in order for you to be interested. Just be real. Just be yourself. Be curious. Be courageous … just say ‘Hi’. You'd be surprised where it may go.

If two kids can do it, I know as adults we certainly can too! We've all got a delicious M&M to give to someone … don't be afraid to share yours!

Until next time, remember to Love Strong!

Dr. Ish

This article was originally published at www.drishmajor.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.