The Relationship Benefits Of Great Communication

 Effective Communication
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Impeccably listening is the most powerful aspect for effective communication success, followed by speaking your truth clearly and concisely. Together these are your most powerful success tools.

When you listen with full intent to hear what people say—including their unspoken as well as spoken beliefs, thoughts and words, you are able to hear a deeper meaning and you will have a clear picture on their intentions and motivation.

When you speak your truth clearly and concisely—revealing what you believe, think and feel you make it possible for yourself and others to navigate things the way they are—and improve upon them. When you speak impeccably, you infuse words with conscious intention and integrity while expressing your beliefs, thoughts and feelings that have a positive impact on the conversation. This also sets the stage for future positive impactful conversations.

Your positive words become more impactful, uplifting others and attracting more positive things into your life. What you believe, think, say and do creates a ripple effect in the entire world. Your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and spoken words are energy forms that create a reaction in others—a reaction that returns to you. What goes around comes around—a.k.a. Karma.

One hidden benefit is the listener has the most power in a conversation by asking meaningful questions. The listener can through asking questions lead the conversation to the depth and breadth of their choice. Listen attentively, listen well and ask meaning full questions and you will be considered an excellent communicator.

One aspect of communication that is absolute with every person no matter the situation or circumstance...everyone desires to be heard. And truth be known...the gap between might seem like the Grand Canyon, however, it is only a fraction. Listening attentively and speaking is the key to creating a win/win conversation with anyone on any subject. 

Starting now you can focus on attentively listening to others and impeccably speaking your truth, thus, you can create a more empowering and powerful reality for yourself.

The most disempowering spoken or unspoken (thoughts, self-talk) words are:

You/I should/shouldn't IMPECCIBLE words: "If you/I want____you/I need to____.

You/I have to (must) IMPECCIBLE words: "If you/I want____you/I will need to____."

Why don't you, Why didn't you? IMPECCIBLE words: Ask questions: When, What, Where, Who, Which, How did you decide to____; come to that conclusion?"

You always IMPECCIBLE words: "You/I usually____. You/I seldom____."

You never IMPECCIBLE words: "You/I seldom____. You/I usually____."

If only______  IMPECCIBLE words:  "In the future, if____please____." In the future, because____ please____."

Yes, but______  IMPECCIBLE words: Paraphrase back what you heard Pause! Take a short breath. Give an explanation. Avoid giving excuses.

I will try____   IMPECCIBLE words: "I will______." "In order to do that I need/want____." "I am not willing to____." "I am willing, if____."

You might notice the disempowering words have a tone of insensitivity, judgment or criticism. Conversely the imbeccible words have a tone of sensitivity, acceptance with a call to resolve the situation.

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Armed with attentive listening, these impeccible word shifts, and coupled with speaking your truth, you will notice a remarkable change in your interactions with family, friends, co-workers and higher ups (boss, boss's boss, authority figures, etc).