The Top 4 EPIC Reasons You Should Be Online Dating


Want EPIC Dating, love, and relationships? Swim out into the dating game, but read this first!

All of your friends are doing it, but you haven't dipped your feet into the online dating pool. You, my beautiful single woman, have just the tools you need to jump into the online dating shark-infested waters. It's time to get out of the kiddie pool.

Put on your Bond-Girl bikini (only in your mind of course, and not on your online dating profile), and get ready to dive in head-first. But, you want to know the answers...who will I meet? Why would I want to meet him? What am I going to wear? How the heck am I going to juggle school, dating, and waiting tables? Save yourself some time and get on online profile makevover for only $25!

If you are one of the 56% of Americans that have a smart phone, according to the Pew Research Center, you have absolutely no excuse if you are single and not online dating—unless, of course, you want to grow old all by your lonesome.

So, get ready for your tummy to do some backflips and the butterfly stroke. If all goes as planned, you will have fun dating, find love, and get really familiar with my all-time-favoirite...the breast stroke (zing!). When you are in a relationship, Learn the 9 Ways to Make It Great!

1. Millions of men are online

According to, there are 54 million singles in the U.S. and 40 million of them have tried online dating.  Out of those millions, only 10% of them leave within the first three months. These numbers are astonishing. 20 million are on eHarmony and 15 million are on, and 52.4% of users are men. What luck!

There is no excuse for not stepping out with Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Mr. Short, Blonde, and Rich or Mr. Super Hot UPS Driver on Friday night. Seriously, there is just something about that brown uniform...but that's a whole other story.

2. You know whether or not a man is single.

Meeting people in real life can be tricky because you might wonder, "Does he have a girlfriend or a wife and he just happened to forget to wear his wedding ring today?" When you are online, it's a no-brainer.

There is a checkbox for relationship status on pretty much every dating website. Overall, from my experience, men are pretty honest (unless they are under 5'8"—they might lie a little about how tall they are; and, if his body type says average, he might be a little softer than you imagined...and I mean in the belly department).

3. American couples that met online have lower divorce rates.

Research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which just happened to be funded by eHarmony, the marriage-minded mega online dating site, concluded that the relationships found online are more gratifying than the relationships found offline.

This study boasted over 20,000 respondents and 35% of them met their current love online.  Online couples have a better chance percentage-wise of keeping their marriage together than other couples. Online dating sure has its perks, especially on the staying-together-in-marriage front.   

4. There is more than enough online help if you don't know where to start.

When I googled the words "Online Dating Advice", there were 158,000,000 web results. If you are recently single and feeling a little out of practice, there are plenty of dating coaches, forums, and great online dating advice from experts who care to help people figure out how to find love. Learn the 7 Step Cookie Jar Method to have Epic Communication.

If you feel overwhelmed about the 782 emails you get in your inbox the first week, never fear! There are millions of free online articles to help you sort them all out. If you are feeling nervous about what to say in your first email to that handsome salesman that only lives 20 minutes away, you can find exactly the information you need.

If you are still nervous, anxious, have low self-esteem, or just don't know what pictures to put in your online dating profile, don't be afraid to ask for help from someone who has made EPIC dating, love, and relationships her life's work. Please contact me anytime day or night if you are looking for love, and just don't know where to start.

Dina Z Colada has helped thousands of singles all over the world with advice, online profile makeovers, and EPIC dating, love, and relationship tips that will blow the other gals out of the water. 

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