Tired Of Dating? 3 Reasons To Keep At It

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We know it can be frustrating, but dating also has its virtues. Wanna know what they are?

Women tell me all the time that they don't enjoy dating. They just want to find someone so that they can get out of the dating game. But dating should be fun, whether you are dating your long-term boyfriend or you're out looking for a new man.

There are many benefits to dating that I don't think women always realize or appreciate. Here are three bits of dating advice for women about why to love dating:

1. Dating provides a social night out. Even if the guy you go out with is not your Mr. Right, or the date doesn't go as planned, it is better than sitting home feeling sorry for yourself. While you are out on a date, you may see a great movie, eat at a new restaurant, check out a new club or meet some great people. You may even have fun with the guy you are with — even if you find you're not interested in seeing him again.

2. Dating helps you learn what you really want. Men and women often have this image or list of qualities in mind that they think will make the perfect mate. Dating helps you realize if those are really the qualities you are looking for.

I'll give you an example. I used to think that it would be perfect to date a woman in the same field that I work in. I thought this would give me someone I could talk to about work and taht she would actually understand what I was doing. Then, I started dating a woman who did basically the same thing I did.

She was a great woman and we had a great time. However, this date taught me that dating a woman in my field was no longer my top priority. Although it was nice to talk to someone about work, it did not add greatly to the connection made. This used to be a top priority for me; now it isn't. Dating can provide you with the opportunity to learn if what you think you want is what you really want.

3. Dating gives you the opportunity to experiment. You can try online dating, speed dating, blind dates, work dates, etc. You can enjoy the experience of dating and see what appeals to you at the same time. Once you’re in a committed relationship, you can't try things like speed dating and its fun; I've tried it.

I know I've said it before in other articles but I'll say it again. You need to relax and have fun. Dating shouldn't be work and it shouldn't just be viewed as a means to an end. If your eventual goal in life is marriage, that's great but you'll be missing out on a lot if you go into every date with the sole purpose of evaluating your date's potential as a husband.

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