Are You Compatible With Your Spouse? Find Out


Take the ten question test to determine if you and your spouse are sexually compatible.

The Ten Questions on compatibility
If you answered no to some of the questions don’t be alarmed, some can be fixed. Although some cannot be changed and if you answered no to all of them, then we can assume that you are indeed not compatible with your spouse!

1. Do you like the way that your spouse kisses?

2. Does your spouse bring you to climax?

3. Do you think about your spouse when you are making love to him/her?

4. Do you like the way your spouse smells?

5. Do you have chemistry with your spouse and find their looks pleasing?

6. Does your spouse know your true fantasies?

7. Do you like the way your spouse’s voice sounds?

8. Does your spouse touch you the way you like?

9. Do you have open communication when it comes to sex?

10. Do you desire your spouse?

Answers to your questions

Do you like the way that your spouse kisses?

The way you and your spouse kiss is very important and it should be one of the qualities about them that you enjoy! When couples exchange passionate kisses the saliva contains hormones that produce feeling of desire. Kissing outside the bedroom is as important as inside the bedroom. Kissing is an art and can be adjusted if not done the way you like experiment with different ways of kissing. Long passionate kisses, wet kisses, biting each others lips softly.....experiment until you get it right!

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