How to gain control over your erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction can cripple a man's confidence in every aspect of his life especially dating

For some men erectile dysfunction can be so embarrassing that they have given up hope of ever meeting that special someone, and for others they have learned to live with it but it has destroyed their sex lives.

Many men will go to the urologist to get help or see if it is a physical problem, but in most cases it is not.  Some medical doctors may prescribe anti-depressants to treat it, but it does not treat the real issue and there are side effects to the anti-depressants. There is an alternative solution and one that is natural, but will take some time to and practice to gain the control.  That solution is learning how to train your brain and your penis.  For some men this problem may present itself at puberty where a man is in a hurry to orgasm because of circumstances, what ever they may be.  He then becomes orgasm focused and begins to train himself without even knowing it to just get the job done.

This becomes a pattern for some men that when in a relationship and trying to hold back the orgasm they have no control.  This early sexual pattern needs to be broken.  One of the best ways to gain control over erectile dysfunction is to become aware of the sensation and thoughts right before orgasm.  Orgasm occurs before ejaculation, so understanding when the point of orgasm is happening before it happens is crucial in gaining control.  By understanding the counting method help and then removing the hand or whatever stimulate is used for arousal will help for the man to allow his erection to go down without ejaculation.


As painful as this may sound it can help to build up for the next orgasm or the one after that will be even better.  Another technique that will help with slowing down orgasm is masturbate using the opposite hand creating a new sensation.  When masturbating just try for a while to only stimulate the shaft of the penis not the head or the balls.  Understanding that orgasm is not the focus of the training will also help the brain to not trigger the orgasm. The whole point is to break the pattern of orgasm focus and shift the attention to how it feels too touch oneself and allow the erection to go down and come back up.

Learning how to fantasize without touching the penis is another way to control an orgasm, mental stimulation without the physical stimulation, being aware of the rising of the penis and also lack of release followed by loss of erection.  Performance anxiety can trigger ejaculation, so eliminating the pressure of penis stimulation with a partner for a while can help in learning to just explore each other bodies and minds on a deeper level.

Don't let your erectile dysfunction control you, take the control back and the confident that you can have a great sex life.

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