3 Signs You Need To Breakup From Work, Love Or Friends

it's hard to say goodbye
Love, Heartbreak

In order to make 2015 the most fantastic, amazing year of your life, you're going to need support.

What I'm about to expose are breakups most people don't talk about.

In order to succeed in all aspects of your life, from love to romance, family to friendships and work, at some point, you need to breakup

What I'm going to ask you to do might be difficult. There might be somebody on this list that's going to be really hard for you to break up with, but it's for your own good. 

Life is all about the support group that you have around you. What I want you to do is think about what your want out of life. For some of you, it’s starting a family. or some of you, it’s finding love.

For some of you, it’s figuring out a relationship that's not serving you anymore or giving you the love, attention and affection you need. Some of you might have a job that you may have outgrown. Here's the kicker.

In order to have a fantastic, amazing year life, you're going to need a support group around you, your friends. I want you to take a look at your friends.

I want you to ask yourself:

1. Does your current group of friends support you in all your dreams and your desires, or are there one or two people who don't really support what you're all about?

2. Are there people at your work or business that don't support you in your dreams who are bringing you down or giving you bad advice? 

3. Is there someone in your family who is bringing you down or holding you back? Family has powerful influence in our lives, in our psyche. Family members' words hold more weight, especially our parents. Take a good look at what you’ve been hearing from your family. 

Now the hard part: Breaking up.

We break up with relationships all the time. If we're in a relationship that no longer serves us and doesn't give us the happiness we need, then we end it and move on. 

Many of us have friendships that have lasted way too long. Sometimes a friendship you've had since your childhood no longer serves you, but you feel like you need to remain friends. 

But if your friends no support the quest you're on, it's time to break up.

This is always difficult, but it's something I've done on a regular basis. I look at my friends and the people in my life. I want to make sure that my ideas align with their ideas.

More importantly I want to make sure I'm connected with people who support me and my goals. 

That's what we need. In life, in order to succeed, whether it's work, dating, relationships, whatever, you need people that are going to be your cheerleaders.

Look at your circle. I'm betting there a few who don't need to be there. Maybe they become a social-network only friends or a text-only friends.