Attention, Couples! These 6 Sexy Tips Will Amp Up Your Intimacy

Sex is a taboo subject, yet sex talk improves intimacy. Learn how to talk sex with your partner.

Talking openly about sexuality can heighten passion and satisfaction in a relationship, according to the Mayo Clinic. Yet, society has made sexuality a taboo subject. Couples who scream sexy things in the throes of passion may blush at direct sexual conversation outside the bedroom.

Here are 6 tips to help you talk about sex and stimulate intimacy:

  1. Be clear about WHO you are. A strong sense of identity makes it easier to focus on what's important to you. Speak from your heart and remain true to yourself as you begin to talk about sexuality. 
  2. Set healthy boundaries about HOW you are willing to talk about sexuality. Remember that the boundaries surrounding sexuality are constantly shifting as relationships evolve. Explain your boundaries to your partner. Be clear about what feels comfortable and don't back down.
  3. Explain to your partner WHY a sex talk is important. Discussing sexuality allows couples to explore shared interests, communicate a need or desire, and engage in a form of foreplay. Let your partner know why you want to talk about sex to increase intimacy and honesty.
  4. Focus on WHAT is most important in that moment. Sex talk can be about safe sex, fantasy, new techniques, or simply what feels good. Be clear about what you want to discuss. For example, if you need to talk about safe sex, clearly tell your partner that is the topic of conversation.
  5. Approach the topic of sexuality from WITHIN. Share your perspective of what feels right, what is sacred, and what brings satisfaction and fulfillment. Speaking from your heart creates openness that can stimulate meaningful dialogue.
  6. Notice WHEN sex talk feels good and when it doesn't. As you explore sex talk with your partner, pay attention to when you begin to feel uncomfortable. Be aware of when sex talk feels good. Use this knowledge to negotiate new (and better) terms.

Sexuality is a rich and rewarding aspect of the human experience. While it is natural to blush when deeply intimate topics touch a vulnerable place within, direct and open conversation about sexuality is critical to meaningful relationships.

Use these 6 tips to gain confidence and comfort in discussing sexuality. Meaningful sex talk can open the door to deeper intimacy, passion, and fulfillment.

Darleen Claire is a Personal Development Coach with a background in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Education, and Brain-Based Strategies for Effective Living. Read more on intimacy, relationship, sexuality, and effective living. Learn 6 Tips to Negotiate Meaningful Sex Talk in your romantic relationships, and explore more intimate and meaningful sexual experiences.