Marriage Meditation: Become A More Loving Person


First of a series of meditations about marriage

Sometimes you only have a few minutes to stop, think, and appreciate your life.  This a the first of a series of brief meditations to help you have a positive focus on improving your marriage.

What can you do to be a more loving person? In my experience this is a primary purpose in life, and marriage is the ideal relationship in which to grow. Have you noticed that marriage brings out the best and the worst in yourself and your spouse? This can be confusing and frustrating but it is also a great opportunity. When you begin to understand the dynamics of relationships and make conscious choices to respond to your partner with love even when you don’t feel like it you stretch your capacity to be a loving person.
Focus for the day:
1. Pay attention to your feelings right now. Are you holding tension in your body? Do you notice feelings of sadness, anger, happiness? Where in your body do you feel these things?
2. Acknowledge any negative feelings you have and then recognize you can choose how to behave regardless of what you feel.
3. Choose to respond to your partner with love. That may mean you do something kind, listen more closely, or determine what your partner needs from you right now and meet that need as much as you can.

Have a wonderful day!

Tom King

The Executive Marriage Coach

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