4 Ways To Find Simple Happiness (When Everything Else Is Sucking)

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You Find Happiness In Love And Life By Doing These 4 Things

What's important to your life right now?

I'm sitting on the train, coming back from Zurich with my sweetheart, watching and observing people on the train. To be honest, I'm actually concerned because everyone looks absolutely exhausted, and there's not an ounce of happiness.

One young guy almost dozed off to sleep (if it weren't for the loud train conductor announcing the next stop). Are people really this tired these days? They look worked to death like they haven't slept in days.h

I'm wondering... Do people have the time and energy it takes to put into a relationship? Even we've fallen into the habit at home of working late, watching TV and then going to bed from time to time.

One of the things Stefan and I have been working on lately is prioritizing what's truly important to us, versus being pulled in too many directions. For example, my priorities are:

Anything outside of those, I either say "no" to, or we discuss whether we want to say "yes," or not. Otherwise, we will be that couple that crashes on the couch, or the person falling asleep on the train.

Here are 4 suggestions on how to be happy in life and love:

  1. Create a priority list. What's important to you? (Keep the list at 4-6 things)
  2. Create new and healthy habits around that priority list.
  3. Ask yourself the question: If my only job in life is to be happy, what would I be doing, and what would I not be doing?
  4. Take actions towards what would make you happy.

How can we ensure that what's important to us aligns with our values? Does your life have room for someone? If not, how can you start to make room for him or her to show up?

Suzanne Muller-Heinz believes every person is capable of being in a healthy and fulfilling relationship. It just requires some new skills. She's the author of Loveable: 21 Practices for Being in a Loving & Fulfilling Relationship. If you're a woman ready to discover what's really possible for you,visit www.happylivingforever.com.

This article was originally published at Happy Living Forever. Reprinted with permission from the author.