5 Reasons A Man’s Height Should Not Be A Dealbreaker


Is human nature sabotaging your dating life and preventing you from meeting the best guys?

If you feel like you are only attracted to men who are 6’ tall or taller, you are not alone.  That is the standard answer we get from almost all women we talk to. We’re not here to get into the statistics of exactly how much taller or what percent of women prefer men who are much taller. But let’s just say in general almost all women are driven by human nature to want a much taller man as a partner.

So what’s the problem?

The math just doesn’t work out for all women to partner with much taller than average men. It leaves a lot of great men and women single and wondering "what’s wrong with me?"

Over the years, we’ve both dated and been in relationships with men who were a few inches shorter or the same height as us. At over 5’9” (Claudette) and 6’ (Shelley), we’re both pretty darn tall. Shorter men or men our own height pursued us more often than taller men and we finally learned to give the shorter men a chance to show us who they were.

It wasn’t always comfortable and we couldn’t always develop attraction to the shorter men. But when he was a great guy and we gave the attraction a chance to develop, we realized that height was not the most important quality we should focus on in a man. 

We do understand that dating a man who is of average or shorter than average height may not be for you. But here’s our personal list of reasons we think all women should at least consider it.

5 Reasons Dating Shorter than Average or Average Height Men is Awesome

1. Less Competition

If all women want men who are a lot taller than average, the competition gets fierce. This is where you see women start to chase men. Then a lot of those men who get chased learn that they don’t have to work hard to get a woman. Is that the guy you want? It’s just like anything in life. If you can find what you’re looking for in a less competitive market then you’re going to have your pick of the best options. The same goes for dating. If you start dating men who are less than average to average height, there are less women who want to date those men. That means you get your pick. 

2. Increase the Pool of Great Matches by up to 3X Overnight

The average height of a man in the US is approximately 5’9” (globally it’s approximately 5’8’). Just to note: the average height for women in the US is approximately 5’4” (globally it’s approximately 5’3”). Being open to dating men who are shorter than average or of average height is the fastest way to increase your pool of eligible great matches. Isn’t that a better option than trying to turn yourself into a Victoria’s Secret model overnight? 

3. Shorter Men Live Longer

A new study shows that short men live longer. Professor Bradley Willcox, of the University of Hawaii, said: "The folks that were 5'2" and shorter lived the longest. The range was seen all the way across from being 5-foot tall to 6-foot tall. The taller you got, the shorter you lived." If you want a long and healthy partnership with a guy, you’re more likely to find that with a man who is shorter. 

4. Shorter Guys Often Work Harder to Develop Themselves

Tall men often have it easier in life (except for shorter life expectancies!). That sometimes translates into not working as hard to get where they are in life. When a shorter guy has to work harder to get where he wants, many of them develop life long drive and ambition. Those characteristics are in line with the qualities that a lot of women find desirable in men.

Obviously this is a general statement and there are going to be lots of exceptions to this. But some shorter men have a lot to offer when you give them a chance. Would you rather date a man who is financially stable, generous and shorter than you’re used to or date a tall guy you’re instantly attracted to who is not financially stable enough to settle down? The shorter guys have more competition for fewer women who are interested in dating them and they know it. We’ve found shorter men to be more appreciative of the women that they date. When a man knows his potential pool of women to date is smaller than his competition, he’s going to be more appreciative of what he’s got. 

5.  Better Physical Fit

Who wants to hurt their neck trying to kiss a man who is a foot taller than you?  Actually, Shelley once dated a guy who was 6’9” (only 9” taller than her) and thought to herself “ouch, how am I gonna keep kissing this guy?” When it comes to under the covers, the closer to each other in height the better the equipment usually fits.

If we had to advise women on the one thing to eliminate from their list of must have qualities in a potential match, it would be his height. This is the quickest way to increase the pool of men and the quality of men you date at the same time. Would you rather hold out for a taller than average man who is less than what you’re looking for in a match, but potentially be single a very long time waiting for him? Or, do you want to be in a great relationship where you get to love and be loved by a great man who is everything you’ve been looking for but in a surprising package? It’s up to you. You get to make up your own dating rules

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