Helpful Ways To Meet Your Partner's Needs

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If you find your relationship is drifting apart, then here is what you can do about it!

If you find your relationship is drifting apart, then the good news is you can do something about it.

Begin by putting yourself into a loving space and then apply the following:

What men are looking for is the Three A's: Appreciate, Acknowledge and Adore

When you start to use words that say how much you appreciate and acknowledge what he does, it will make him feel great and will help him to feel loved unconditionally. You will also find that the more you make him feel good, the more he will want to make you feel good.

What women are looking for is the Three C's: Certainty, Compliment and Cherish

All the women I have talked to about what a woman wants agree that the number one thing they desire is Certainty. We want to know that this man is going to take care of whatever is thrown at us (to help with this, it is important to let him take care of things, and not question if he is doing it right or wrong, because if you do it feels like a criticism). We also want to be cherished as if we are the most precious thing he could hold in his hands and to be complimented on how we look and what we say and do.

When my husband and I got back together after his confession of infidelity for 24 years of our marriage, by applying these A's and C's we found that our relationship changed dramatically. We found it easy to use the Three C's and the Three A's when we were both living in the right energy. 

When a man is living in his true masculine energy and a woman is in her feminine energy, it is like this great magnet attraction. The more masculine my husband was, the more certain and trusting I became and our relationship got better. I found when I moved into my feminine nurturing energy, I was more trusting and free of fear. I was also less stressed and felt hapier that I had ever been. I was finally able to totally let go!

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