Finding Love: 12 Tips for Men

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Looking for love? Let me help you find it with these 12 simple steps...

I recently wrote a column for women about tips for finding love—you wouldn’t believe the amount of men who wrote in asking What about us?  We want to find love too! 

Here you go Gentlemen—this is for YOU!

Finding Love: 12 Tips for MEN…


1.) Don’t let fear stand in your way. If you see a woman you’re interested in—approach her. You would be surprised how many men tell me they don’t approach women for fear of rejection. While it’s a little unrealistic to think you will never get rejected, who knows? Maybe you won’t! The truth of the matter is you will never know until you try.

2.) Be generous (not creepy) with compliments. If you like how she’s dressed, or if you think she has a good sense of humor, let her know.  In general, most women are open to sincere and polite compliments—just don’t be creepy (and you know what I mean by creepy).


3.) Get involved in activities where you’re likely to meet the kind of women you’re attracted to. If you’re interested in the outdoorsy type, take a sailing class or join a co-ed hiking group. If you like bookish women, join a book club. If you like cooking and are seeking a partner that likes cooking as well, take a cooking class…you get the picture.  The love of your life will not be able find you if you don’t put yourself out there.

4.) Accept imperfection. Some men set their standards so high that they never find anyone who meets them. Then, they wonder why they are alone--don’t let  yourself fall into this trap.


5.) Go online. I read a statistic that said that one in five relationships starts online. Join a couple of dating sites and when you find someone that interests you, try to meet within three months to see if you’re compatible in person.  There’s no sense tying your love life up online for months on end—set up a meeting place to see you if you have in-person chemistry.

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