4 Myths About Online Dating, Debunked

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Online dating is for losers and three other myths you shouldn't believe.

I had the honor and privilege of meeting Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of EHarmony at iDate, the largest Internet dating and social media conference. He received the Lifetime Achievement award for the contribution and impact eHarmony has made on the entire dating industry.

Today more than ever, thousands of singles struggle when it comes to finding love and many of them are turning to online dating sites in the hopes of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. Dr. Warren appreciates the business of online dating but never forgets the purpose and passion for helping singles online.

Let's explore four myths about online dating to help clear up some of the online "horror stories" and help you navigate your way to online dating success.

1. Online dating is for losers. First of all, what is a loser? The idea of only losers being on online dating sites are completely false. I've personally interviewed thousands of very eligible, educated, attractive and sophisticated singles who are using online dating sites.

Somehow people try to blame the dating site or process when they haven't met compatible people. As in everyday life, you will be approached by people who you are not interested in but it doesn't mean that the kind of person you like doesn't exist. A loser in my mind, is a person who expects results without making any effort.

2. Everyone lies about their personal information. Once again it's not factual that everyone lies about their personal information. It is true that some people's version of themselves may seem a little off the mark. Having said that, there are thousands of singles who really take their time in creating their online profiles paying a lot of attention and detail to their description and in accurately answering the personality traits tests provided. Keep reading ...

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