7 Smooth Ways To Talk To Women & Get Them To Like You — A Lot!

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How To Get A Girl To Like You Using 7 Flirting Tips & Conversation Starters

There's no perfect method you can be taught if you're a guy who want to know to how to get a girl to like you or, even more basically, how to talk to girls to begin with, because the best conversation starters are always tailored to the specific person and situation you are dealing with.

But, there are some smooth flirting tips that help many men feel more confident about to talk to women in a way that will get their attention in a good way.

The first thing for you to recognize if you're having trouble talking to women is that fear is the number one thing holding you back.

Fear is the most significant driver in people’s lives and, sometimes, we forget that what our fear-based mentality tells might happen is completely irrelevant in respect to what the positive outcome could truly be.

And when it comes to men's fears in relation to dating, love and relationships with women, the fear of rejection is one of the most common factors in play.

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Here's the thing about rejection ...

First, you get to find out sooner than later that this person was never going to be right for you, so you're better off for knowing.

Second, everyone gets rejected at some point, even the most good looking people. You might feel a little embarrassed afterward, and it might bruise your ego a bit, but that’s why its called a bruise.

The truth is that confidence comes from within, and women can feel this when you approach them.

The men who are most successful men with women and end up being in relationships sooner than others are the ones who aren’t afraid to go after what that they want.

Everything in life is an energy-based field that attracts precisely what we are thinking. So, if you approach a woman with zero confidence and a lot of doubt, she's going to feel exactly that, and your chances of being denied rise exponentially, whereas, when you approach a woman with confidence and charisma, your chances of being accepted increase.

Unfortunately, there's no magic potion to get rid of your fear, but you can do some important inner work. Once you start facing your fears, you will see that they slowly diminish.

One of the key pieces of advice too few men listen to their friends say is that when it comes to approaching attractive women, the best thing you can do is to simply be yourself.

If you act like someone you're not, you will come off as weird or awkward or even creepy, and it's one long downward spiral from there.

Many men resist this advice because they think they have to be the best looking or most successful guy in the room in order to attract women's attention, and frankly, that's just false!

What makes men attractive to women is experience and confidence.

Women are intrigued by a confident man. It's something they look for when a guy starts a conversation, so be yourself — and be confident!

A simple "hello" goes a long way. Ask the woman how she’s doing and be present in the moment with yourself and her. Be sure to check your posture, and approach without concern about whether or not she might reject you. Take that pressure off of yourself, and remember that you are a prize, too! A good woman wants a man who feels good about himself, so why not show her exactly that?

To further explain how to talk to women and get a girl to like you, here are 7 smooth flirting tips and conversation starters that will get you looking — and feeling — way more confident.

1. Pay attention to body language

No matter where you are when you approach the woman you want to talk to, stand up tall, don't slouch and make eye contact. Also, be sure not to get too close or to invade her personal space.

You want to make sure that your body is facing only her, so she gets the clear signal that she has your full and undivided attention.

2. Start with a handshake

Depending on where you are and whether you are meeting her as a complete stranger or through friends, a handshake (or a kiss on the cheek, if it's culturally acceptable) is how you should greet her at the start. This is a way of making physical contact so your presence can be known, without crossing uncomfortable boundaries or making her feel unsafe.

3. Smile

Women love a man who smiles! It shows that you have a nice demeanor and that you are confident. Smiling speaks a thousand words you can’t say in any other way, so make sure you do it!

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4. Be yourself

Don’t change your behavior to appear as though you're someone you're not, and while confidence is key, don't get cocky and overly confident. Be humble while knowing you are worth everything you wish for and more.

5. Speak to her like she's your best friend

Forget that she is a beautiful woman and you'd like to get her number. Stay in the present moment and talk to her. Your confidence and charisma will allow her to reciprocate, and once she does, the attraction begins!

6. Ask questions about her life, her dreams, and who she is

Men and women alike love talking about themselves, and they enjoy it when someone shows curiosity about who they are, so ask the woman you're interested in questions about her life, her friends, and the things that drive her. It will help ease any tension in the conversation right from the the beginning.

7. Compliment her

Lastly, offer her authentic compliments, and ask her deeper questions to build on the attraction growing between you.

By following these tips, you will be able to gauge how she’s feeling during the conversation and change your mindset about talking to women.

The ultimate goal is to find a woman you like and to make sure you can cultivate a healthy relationship with her. The more you focus on your desired goal and the less you focus on your fears, the more likely she will be to reciprocate the attraction, which in turn, will make you even more confident. Soon, it will becomes second nature.

We don't live in a picture perfect world, yes, there is always a possibility you may still get rejected, nicely or not-so-nicely.

This might bruise to your ego and make you feel embarrassed, but instead of wallowing in it, try looking at rejection from a different perspective entirely.

When a woman rejects you, it’s because she wasn't the one for you in the first place, which means that rejection can actually make you stronger and bring you closer to your desired goal.

If you meet a woman who doesn't want to have a conversation with you, respond tastefully.

If she says she’s not interested in talking further, you can say, "Thank you for kindly letting me know. It was nice meeting you."

If she speaks to you rudely, you can say, "I’m sorry I seem to have made you feel uncomfortable. Have a great day."

In both cases, you walk away with your dignity, grace and self-respect intact.

Remember, it all comes from confidence and how you feel about yourself. You got this!

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