Dating Advice for Men: The Power of Forgiveness

Dating Advice for Men: The Power of Forgiveness
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Your secret weapon to finding your dream woman.

You might be thinking, "I want to read about dating. Why is she talking about forgiveness?"

I have news for you: Your secret weapon to finding your dream woman is forgiveness. Do you hold resentment, anger, and bitterness towards an ex-wife or an ex-girlfriend? When you are getting close to a woman, do you still carry mistrust in your heart?  

Your inner world creates your outer world!

If you are going out into the dating scene and you still hold resentment or a broken heart, it will show up in your dating and love life. You might be thinking, "Why should I forgive her? She's crazy. I would never do that." A real man will learn from his mistakes. The first way to do this is by forgiving yourself, and then forgiving her. Both of you attracted each other to learn and grow from this experience.

A boy will continue to create the drama over and over again. He will blame his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife on why his love life is a mess. This boy will close his heart to love. When he goes out to date, he will recreate the same drama until he decides that he doesn't want this anymore. Or he will continue with the same attitude and his heart will turn completely into stone. 

A smart and wise man man will look within and see how he can learn from his past experiences. Forgiveness is the key to do this. I had a client whose ex-wife was a complete nightmare. He came to me with a broken heart. He tried dating and kept attracting women who were also nightmares. What did I coach him on? Forgiveness. He forgave himself for attracting her, forgave her for being a nightmare, and learned why he attracted her. Forgiveness was a key element in breaking the cycle of bad relationships. He looked at that experience as a gift, and grew and claimed his power as a man. 

Guess what? He is now with his muse, a woman that he completely adores, respects, loves, and feels inspired to be the best man he can be. He checks in with me sometimes to say how grateful he is for receiving my support. 

Yes, I know how you feel. My clients resist the "forgiveness" exercise I give them, but I believe in them. I hold the space for them to move past the fear. On the other side of the hurt they experienced from the past is power and strength. They feel happier and lighter. This is why they are now in healthy and thriving relationships with women they had no idea existed or even thought was possible.  

When you do forgive and tranform that hurt and anger into strength and power, an amazing woman who also has an open heart is waiting for you. Your dream woman, also, has forgiven her past exes and lovers who were unavailable, rejected her, or lied to her. She forgave the past, learned, and grew as a woman. She, now, has an open heart. She is ready to receive a man who had an open heart and truly ready to love.  

The rewards of forgiveness are priceless!

Imagine waking up next to a beautiful woman who believes in you and supports you. I believe with an amazing woman by your side, great things are possible.  

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