Would You Auction Yourself Off For A Date?

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No nonsense approach to dating?

Imagine this scenario: you’ve set up a wonderful profile on your favorite online dating website, complete with a cute photo (yes, somewhat alluring..) and an excellent description of your interests, preferences, hobbies and career goals. After receiving dozens of “winks,” “nudges,” etc., from potential suitors, you decide it’s time to take the plunge. After selecting your preferred candidate from the long-list of hopefuls, you arrange a first date. You’re dreaming big, and you think there’s a chance that this online Romeo might be the one for you.

That is, of course, until reality sets in. You arrive at the agreed-upon location, perfectly dressed, only to find that the profile provided by your date left out a few important details, namely the fact that he is unemployed, has a history of dramatic breakups and carries more baggage than a rickshaw driver in Thailand.  For many women, imagining this scenario may not be difficult do, primarily due to the fact that this exact situation has been known to occur much more often than it should.

Having listened to the numerous frustrations and disappointments voiced by both men and women who engage in online dating, the creative minds behind PriceDate.com have developed a new platform which ensures that both parties find exactly what they are looking for. The concept is simple: women post their profiles on the website, complete with a photo and a description including whatever details they deem relevant. At this point, guests will bid on a “PriceDate,” a two-hour block of time in which the woman and the winning bidder agree to meet. Although romantic sparks aren’t necessarily guaranteed, a date is sure to happen.

What distinguishes PriceDate.com from its competitors is the “no nonsense” approach to dating it espouses. While “bidding” on romantic partners may not feel very romantic, it does offer women the knowledge and confidence that the “winner” of the bid is genuinely interested in pursuing the opportunity of having a first date and is confident that his character traits are attractive enough to create an opportunity for future romance.

As always, “success” in the world of online dating is elusive and mysterious as true love itself. That being said, PriceDate.com offers men and women a fun, exciting way to meet new people and, if all goes well, a chance to fall in love in the process. After all, isn’t true love an investment?