Follow These 18 Rules To Dazzle 'Em With Your Dating Profile


You're amazing. Now make sure everyone knows it!

So you've made up your mind to put yourself out there, and you've set up profiles on online dating sites. However, you are noticing that you aren't getting many responses, if any, and no one is approaching you.

These days, very sophisticated personal profiles are appearing on top-quality dating sites. In today's world of online dating, the reality is that profiles should come across as witty, informative and hopefully effective.

It's essential that that your online dating profile make the best first impression of yourself as possible. It should genuinely depict the person who you say you are.

When you think about it, writing a dating profile is like writing a love letter or a poem dedicated to your future partner.

Here's how to create an amazing online dating profile:

1. Complete your personal profile in its entirety. Be informative, and don't leave any question blank.

2. Have a trusted friend edit your profile. It's difficult to edit your own writing because you know how it reads in your head, and sometimes we aren't always aware of how we're coming unintentinally coming off (Pretentious? Shallow?). Plus, a profile full of spelling and grammar mistakes creates an impression, rightly or wrongly, that you are a sloppy, careless person.

3. Include at least one photograph. It should be bright, clear and recent. A photo that captures your personality will greatly enhance your profile. Unfortunately, many people don't add a photo since they think they're not photogenic. Unfortunately, profiles without pictures receive fewer visitors than those profiles that do. 

4. When in doubt, just be yourself. Be sincere and honest when describing what type of relationship you are truly looking for. If you're just looking for a casual date because you're on the rebound, say it. Don't imply that you're looking for marriage just to get more people to view your profile because ultimately this approach is a waste of time for everyone.

5. Don't share everything about yourself. Share enough information about yourself so that the reader becomes fascinated with who you are and is inspired to get to know you further.

6. Show off your humorous and fun side: Don't take yourself too seriously. Just make sure the humor comes across the right way online (refer to #2).

7. Don't be aggressive or rude. This will show that you're not approachable or friendly.

8. Use empowering adjectives when describing yourself. Avoid words like "desperate" and "lonely." Instead use words like "eager" and "excited." 

9. Don't swear or make crude sexual references: It turns people off.

10. Don't list every hobby: Listing all of your interests might come across as overwhelming. Choose to share just a few and share an interesting story or experience you've had.

11. Avoid listing all of your accomplishments. Your dating profile is not a professional resume. Avoid using generic adjectives to describe yourself, such as "I'm a spontaneous, creative, honest person." Those adjectives really don't explain how you are a unique individual, as most, if not everyone would probably consider themselves honest, spontaneous, and creative.

12. List endearing quirks: You might want to mention that you like old people, or that your friends constantly describe you as a comedian, if those apply to you.

13. Be interesting: Demonstrate in your profile that you value living a purposeful, enriching life.

14. Include action phrases to express who you are. Some of these might include:

  • Long-term relationship: demonstrates that you are able to commit. 
  • Dynamic and engaging personality: sends the message that you are worth meeting and getting to know.
  • Dealt with past baggage: indicates that you have taken the time and necessary steps to completely heal and learn from your past relationships.
  • Active and adventurous: indicates that you are in a really good shape and physically fit.
  • "I'm an open book:" Gives the impression that you are honest and open to sharing details about yourself.