Mercury Retrograde Is Back On March 23rd! 5 Ways It Can Bring You GOOD Luck (Instead Of Bad)

Mercury Retrograde
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Mercury Retrograde isn't all bad!

When Is Mercury In Retrograde During 2018? Memorize these dates: March 23rd through April 15th. It's good to be prepared!

Poor Mercury retrograde — in pop culture, it gets a bad rap! As a result, people often wonder, "Is Mercury Retrograde bad in every way?" They hear things like, don’t sign any contracts or make reservations! Count on travel troubles! Watch your language! Back up your computer! Be prepared to feel depressed/confused/pessimistic!

And while all of those are possibilities, there are also a lot of powerful, positive ways to use that energy to your advantage.

Let’s backtrack a bit for the un-initiated and look at what Mercury retrograde is.

In astrology, Mercury (or Rx for short) is the planetary archetype that governs how we think and how we communicate what we’re thinking, whether it’s writing, speaking, teaching. It also governs transportation (Mercury was the messenger of the gods) and when it goes retrograde on March 23rd for approximately 3½ weeks, all of those areas can be affected.

And while we’re talking about the astrological effects here, there really is a planetary cha-cha happening in the heavens.

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Picture us Earthlings riding along on our planet, circling the Sun, while our neighbors on Mercury are zooming around with us. Three or four times each year, we pass them in our orbiting race, and like passing a car on the highway, they seem to be moving backward…voilà! The retrograde.

As a Career/Life Coach and Counseling Astrologer (certified by the NCGR, one of the preeminent organizations dedicated to the education and certification of professional astrologers), I’ve been watching the effects of Mercury Rx in my own life and in the lives of my clients and friends for a few decades now…no formal research studies here, just some general observations.  

One thing I’ve found is that sometimes you can just sail through a Mercury Rx period without a blip!

My theory is that if Mercury is not triggering (or “transiting” as we say in astrology) something significant in your natal chart, you might not feel its effects at all.

Obviously, you need to have your birth chart in hand to know that, and you can get that calculated in a number of places. Then you just need to find someone to interpret the astro-language on it to see if or when you’ll be affected.

But even when you do get whacked by a classic Mercury Rx snafu, the results can be surprisingly positive, as long as you just let it unfold.

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Since there are so many big DON’Ts during this time, a good place to start is to simply slow down, go within, and spend some time ruminating, daydreaming and reviewing your life.

In fact, my favorite way to define the best Rx activities is to start with your favorite "Re" words. Here’s what that might look like:

1. Reorganize 

Is your office a disaster area, your attic a fire hazard, or are your closets overflowing? It may not be the best time for big new purchases, but it’s perfect for cleaning up and out (re-leasing!) in order to make room for them when the Rx is over.

Likewise, if business has been sluggish, a good purging of your filing cabinets can open the space, literally and figuratively, for new work to flow in.

2. Reconnect 

I’ve noticed that people from my past seem to spontaneously show up more often during a Mercury retrograde — friends I’ve lost touch with, old co-workers I’ve been meaning to call, and people I haven’t thought about in years.

You can also just reach out to those friends and yourself, not with an agenda (that might be a little linear for an Rx period), but just to catch-up and schmooze.

3. Resolve 

This one has multiple "re" possibilities! Do you have a few BIG projects that you’ve been waiting for a chunk of time to work on?

It may be simply researching your healthcare provider’s database to find a new primary care physician. Or maybe it’s reviewing all of your banking, investment, and insurance records with the intention of getting everything documented in one place — that’s been on my personal to-do list for a while.

Where do you have unfinished business that you can tackle during prime Rx time?

4. Renew

In the spirit of reclaiming or recycling versus buying something new, take a look in your closet and pull out a favorite old outfit and play with how you can update it with different accessories.

Consider recovering your special comfy chair or re-framing a cracked picture. All of these are creative ways to use to use the Rx energy to make what’s old new again.

5. Retreat/reflect

Since Mercury governs the logical, linear left brain when it goes retrograde, it’s a powerful time to really go within and rely on your intuition, to daydream, to let your right-brain, creative side come to the forefront.

Conventional Rx wisdom says not to start anything new or make big decisions, so this can be a wonderfully quiet, peaceful time.

Obviously, life and work must go on during Mercury retrogrades, considering the fact that they happen 3-4 times a year and many people can feel their impact for weeks before and after (called the “shadow” time), not much would get done if we just hibernated in our beds and waited for them to pass.

Hopefully, you’ve now got some great prescriptions for moving through the next one with grace and ease: a healthy Rx for your next Mercury Rx! I’d love to hear your experience.

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Deborah Roth, is a Career/Life Transition Coach, a Counseling Astrologer, and Interfaith Minster, and loves blending all of that expertise together to support spirited women and men through life’s big changes with joy and ease. You can visit Spirited Living or email her at Deborah@SpiritedLiving.com to schedule a 20-minute introductory coaching session.

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