What The Universe Will Provide For Each Zodiac Sign Between July 8 - 14, 2024

Find out what the universe is providing you — as long as you're open to accepting it.

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The week of July 8, 2024 feels promising and exciting with Leo energy filling the sky with optimism, giving us plenty of opportunities to tap into manifesting energy. 

On July 8, the Moon in Leo brings flare and dynamic energy to the collective, a good period to reach out to those we love and spend time with them. When the Moon enters Virgo on the 9th, this will be a moment of taking action and building. Saturn will make an aspect to the Moon later in the week, making things feel challenging, but if we continue to focus on building, we can surprise ourselves with our outcome.


The star of this week’s transits is Venus ingressing in the sign of Leo, a lovely transit that will help us feel more optimistic and it will help fuel the romantic lives of both fixed and fire signs for the next several weeks. 

The week continues with the romantic energy of the Libra Moon, making us feel in tune with our needs and value system. The Moon in Scorpio closes the week, bringing a dose of practicality and patience — a time to go slow, think ahead and reflect.

What the universe will provide for each zodiac sign between July 8 - 14, 2024

Aries: Devotion

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The week enhances your relationship energy, helping you see love from a new perspective. Allowing yourself the freedom to seek what you desire in partnerships will feel more manageable. You can bring about the relationship of your dreams with Venus’ ingress in the sign of Leo. 

There are plenty of opportunities for you now to open your heart and mind to see love and romance in a new light, or it may allow you to elevate those existing relationships. As you step into this new era, you will wonder about the type of partner you want and how you can elevate these relationships moving forward.

Journal prompt: What are your relationship goals? What is your love language and are the partners you attract reciprocating this energy?

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Taurus: Comfort

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With Venus in the sign of Leo this week, you can honor your connection with your home and root system. The Saturn transit has helped you plant new seeds over the last year and now you are able to see your work bloom. 

During the next several weeks, you will be more focused on building that confidence you desire and how you keep your own ambitions from dictating you. Venus here will slow you down and make you feel more appreciative of your surroundings as well as the people you share your time with.


Journal prompt: What new projects have you initiated in the last year? Do you feel proud in the work you have accomplished so far?

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Gemini: Leadership

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Magic will coat your words during this transit as you learn to discover how you are able to elevate your communication at this time. This can be a transformative period as you learn to discover the impact that your learning practices have had on you. 

Venus entering the sign of Leo allows you to take command and step into leadership roles with more self-assuredness, whether at home, school or work. While Saturn might make you more goal-oriented, Venus reminds you to have fun and live in the moment, especially when you need time to relax.

Journal prompt: What are you excited to do in the next week? If you have been focused on work, have you given yourself time to take it easy? Discuss how you will treat yourself during the Venus in Leo transit.

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Cancer: New horizons

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With this transit, you know that you can make anything work as long as you approach things from a perspective fueled by patience. Venus in Leo adds discipline and care to your routines and work habits. 

You are also learning how to develop a new love for the work you do because you will be more centered on establishing growth during this transit. As Saturn continues to support you, Venus will allow you to reach for the stars in the next several weeks, fueling your desire for more victories and success.


Journal prompt: Has your season brought support and understanding to your romantic relationships? What would you like to see change in your relationship dynamics?

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Leo: Triumph

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Fueled by determination and extreme motivation, Venus now gives you the tools to thrive and succeed with two planets in your sign. The Moon in your sign early in the week will bring you a lot of passion and optimism. 

As Venus and Mercury help you to find your place in the sun, the week brings your attention to what you hope to achieve and accomplish now that Leo season is approaching. Reflect on your triumphs now.

Journal prompt:  What partners are you attracting? Discuss what you have accomplished this Cancer season thus far and what you hope to achieve in your birthday season.

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Virgo: Ambition

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This week is a period of rest and focus with Venus entering the sign of Leo for the next several weeks, gearing you up to concentrate on the areas of your life you want to elevate. Right now, your ruler is just a few more weeks away from your ascendant, allowing you to be more methodical and patient. 

Venus adds some optimism and will help you to accomplish a lot on your own. You are trusting your abilities and ambition during this time and may be more concerned with the future. Having the right tools during this transit will help you to stay ahead of the game.


Journal prompt: What are your plans for the next several weeks? Discuss how you may want to expand your social circle in the next week.

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Libra: Confidence

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With your ruler in the sign of Leo, it can be a week where you feel much more in control of your narrative. Leo energy fills you with assurance and you can see your path with much more clarity, allowing you to build with a lot more self-trust and power. 

You are at a point where you may feel unstoppable. But, Saturn retrograde is reminding you to move slower, revise, and be more comprehensive with the people that want to impart their expertise. Be willing to work with others in order to bring more success.

Journal prompt: Are you feeling confident with your skills? What new things do you want to learn and grow while Jupiter in Gemini energizes your sign?

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Scorpio: Flourishing

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As the highest point of your chart continues to receive an influx of planets, you will see how the Venus in Leo energy will help you to wear your crown. You know your worth and others will also see it. 

You are preparing for much greater things and your confidence is also radiating. For the next month, you will see how others can find you more charming and will be enamored by your heart. The season promises success and more triumphs as long as you tap into the monarch within.


Journal prompt: How has your confidence blossomed during Mercury’s ingress in Leo? Have you noticed your communication skills improve during the last year?

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Sagittarius: Magnetism

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Fire energy adds a lot of optimism and buoyancy to the week. You are here to show others your magnetism and charm with the confidence-boosting Venus in Leo transit allowing you to feel in your element, fueling your creativity, and adding a lot of romance and self-assurance. This is your moment to shine — embrace it and do not hold back. 

Although you may feel some pressure from malefics, you know you can handle the heat. Make sure to stay ahead of your work and see how your dreams take flight.

Journal prompt: Have you seen yourself take on the role of teacher for others? What have you taught others in the last six months? What have you learned from them?


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Capricorn: Forgiveness

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As a sign that may struggle with finding self-confidence, Leo energy will remind you of the control you hold. Now with Venus in this sign, you may feel a lot more connected to the past relationships that continue to reflect on your present landscape. Be sure to learn from the messages back then and be more communicative with your partner. 


For single Capricorns, the energy can reflect how much more growth you may need in order to see your true worth. A part of stepping into your new chapter will involve letting go of the hurt and pain from a previous relationship. Prepare to close those chapters.

Journal prompt: Have you shown yourself love and support? What transformations have you endured in your romantic life since last year?

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Aquarius: Balance

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This week, you may be enamored with the potential that awaits you — potential relationships, creative energy and successes. However, it may be a time to balance out the hope with some practicality, especially if you are seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. 

The Moon in Leo early in the week can bring transformative energy that will show you the changes your relationships and partnerships have endured since Pluto’s ingress in your sign. Venus in Leo will bring you hope, but it is also a potent transit because it can help you piece together parts of your romantic puzzle.

Journal prompt: What has changed in your relationships this year? Do you feel more aligned with your current partner? If you are single, discuss what you are looking for in a relationship.

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Pisces: Freedom

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As you move into new transformative planes, the transit now encourages you to look at yourself for support. It is a period where Saturn in Pisces is allowing you to take action and navigate any obstacle with trust in yourself. 

The Venus in Leo transit will bring you back to reconnect with yourself and values. There is a new form of self-love you will develop and it will involve your patience with yourself. A reminder to give yourself the freedom you may have yearned for when embracing love.


Journal prompt: Do you need to update your routines? Consider the changes you may want to bring to add more efficiency to the work you do. How are you balancing responsibilities with your romantic life?

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