4 Zodiac Signs That'll Experience Significant Change When Neptune Retrogrades In Pisces From July 2 To December 7, 2024

Neptune is known as the planet of illusions.

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Prepare yourself for some cosmic confusion because Neptune is about to go retrograde! Neptune retrograde in Pisces starts on July 2, 2024, lasting until December 7, 2024. Prepare to feel this collective influence for the rest of this year, which will significantly shape us into 2025.

As one of the three outer planets in astrology, Neptune tends to have a generational impact on the collective instead of pinching us more personally. But then again, generational issues eventually impact us personally too, so outer planet transits are extremely important to watch out for.


While we'll all feel some effects of Neptune retrograde 2024, four zodiac signs will experience significant change beginning on July 2, 2024.

1. Cancer

If you have Sun, Moon, or Venus in Cancer, prepare for some extra attention from Neptune when it goes retrograde on July 2. The days and weeks during the retrograde period will reveal hidden facets of your personality that will either surprise or concern the people around you — only the latter will not be justified since the retrograde will only make obvious the signs that were always there for the more observant.


For some, this hidden facet will definitely be psychic abilities. For others, it will be the refusal to follow the crowd right off the cliff when earlier you used to mind the peace over stirring the waters. Your personal and political beliefs may also experience a dramatic shift during Neptune retrograde in Pisces, especially for those with Cancer Sun, and to a lesser degree Moon in Cancer.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, escapism, fantasies, and unrealism. So if something feels too utopian, allow your natural suspicious side to come forth. It will protect you from the more negative side effects of this retrograde.

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2. Pisces

Pisces, be prepared for a rough ride during Neptune retrograde in Pisces because you also have Saturn retrograde traversing through your zodiac sign at this time. This double whammy is definitely going to create some issues for you.


If you have Sun in Pisces or Neptune in Pisces in your birth chart (although the latter will probably mean you are 13 years old or less), this retrograde period will bring people back into your life who you don't want there at all! This can be authority figures you have bad blood with, an estranged parent or friends, and even people from past lives with whom you have karma to settle who will walk in as strangers but feel strangely familiar to you nevertheless.

To stay clear-headed and enforce your personal boundaries during this tough period, you are encouraged to wear protective crystals that resonate deeply with you

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3. Scorpio

Scorpio, when you make up your mind, nothing escapes your line of sight and observation. This Neptune retrograde in Pisces won't be any different. In fact, it will heighten your natural psychic abilities and suspicious nature when you get even a tiny hint of red-flag behavior. Prepare to lose a few friends when you realize you were dancing with snakes. 


You'll also see right through manipulative messaging on TV and news, especially in the political arena. If you are an active social justice warrior, be it for climate change, human rights, food security, or something else, you may feel more attacked than usual during the retrograde period as Neptune tends to heighten the delusions of people who have chosen to be delusional out of their own free will. 

Hold fast when that happens and don't close your inner eye. You will still emerge victorious because your choice to stay clear-headed will cause the retrograde energy to work positively for you by heightening your problem-solving ability. Those with Sun, Mars, Venus, and Neptune in Scorpio in their birth chart will experience these retrograde effects more than other planetary Scorpios.

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4. Aries

Aries, you will experience something significant during Neptune retrograde in Pisces. And since the retrogrades of Saturn, Pluto, and Chiron will overlap with a portion of Neptune retrograde (even as you experience the lessons of North Node in Aries), most of you will hit major crossroads in life during this time. Your choices will change the course of your life in significant ways, so be extra mindful!


Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Aries will experience these effects more so than other Aries placements. Similarly, if you have two or all three of these planets in Aries, you will hit more significant crossroads than natives with just one such Aries placement. 

Because of this, it's recommended that you incorporate at least one mindfulness practice into your daily life immediately. Choose the one you will actually stick with because it will help you stay clear-headed and make the best decisions when you need to.

Just remember not to rely on other people's opinions too much during this time! Neptune retrograde tends to mess with people's perception, especially if they're already prone to delusional behavior, have deep personal insecurities, or have a habit of lying to themselves.


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