What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Know About The Week Of July 8, According To A Tarot Card Reader

Deep messages of love, strength, and courage.

What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Know About The Week Of July 8, According To A Tarot Card Reader Pinkbrush, Elina Madelane, and MSPhotographic from Getty Images, and ROMAN AMANOV | Canva Pro

A beautiful week is ahead of us, between July 8 - 14, 2024! What do you have planned for it? It's the perfect time to claim all your dreams and stride forth with courage. But before we get to the one card tarot horoscope for all zodiac signs, here are the general messages for the collective.

First of all, with Five of Swords on the table alongside Seven of Wands, we are reminded how many things of value in this world are worth fighting for. Some have a price for acquisition, others are priceless. Sometimes, some people take it upon themselves to make life miserable for others just so they can be happy not realizing that human ingenuity is more than enough to care for everyone. 


Knowing this, you must not cede the playing field just because someone tried to prey upon your insecurities. But you must also know where your limits are so you don't end up destroying the world (like we are experiencing with climate change) just because you can.

The middle ground nurtures invention and ingenuity while allowing the entire collective to thrive. How will you contribute to this trajectory of human evolution? 

Let's take a look at the weekly tarot card reading for every zodiac sign for July 8 - 14, 2024


Tarot card of the week: Strength

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Other Aries


Aries, life often unfolds at a varied pace. That's your message of the week from Strength, a major Arcana tarot card. So, ground yourself within and know that you will always know what to do if you turn inward and find the answers within. 

Sometimes, the answer may be looking for answers outside, meeting new people, or expanding your knowledge! If you work with crystals, Orange/Honey Calcite will be beneficial for you this week.

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Tarot card of the week: Ace of Swords

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Leo

Taurus, it's not enough to know your own mind. You should also be aware of the motivations, desires, and goals of those you surround yourself with. That's your tarot message this week, as per the Ace of Swords. If they are your loved ones, this knowledge will enable you to support them and even let them know of new opportunities that might help on their path. But it will also protect you from unrealistic expectations and fake friendships.


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Tarot card of the week: Seven of Swords

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Virgo

Gemini, your tarot card for the week is the Seven of Swords, and its message is simple: you don't need to reveal your hand to all and sundry. It's not necessary. You get to choose who is allowed to know your secrets and who gets to cross into your space of intimacy. 

So set those boundaries and enforce them with charm and intelligence! Those who love acting and dramatics are encouraged to lean into this hobby/field. You will discover your blessings on this path.

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Tarot card of the week: Seven of Wands

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Virgo

Cancer, your tarot card for this week is the Seven of Wands. It reminds you that you deserve to hold space in this world and fight for what you want. Don't let anyone convince you that they deserve something more than you. 

It's just a trick to prey upon your kindness and kick you out of the running. Your talents are meant to bring light into the world through a path that's unique to you. Remember that and embrace the responsibility that comes along with this.

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Tarot card of the week: Nine of Swords


Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Virgo

Leo, don't let your anxieties get the better of you! It's normal to get butterflies or sweaty palms and feet right before one does something important, like giving a speech on stage, confessing their love to their crush, going for an interview, etc. 

Your tarot card of the week – the Nine of Swords – urges you to accept the naturalness of having such fears and then set them aside. That will help you conquer whatever you set your sights on! If you feel called to, wear a Clear Quartz pendant to align yourself with this message further.

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Tarot card of the week: Two of Pentacles

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Aries

There are always two sides to a story, Virgo. And sometimes there are three (or more)! That's your message for this week, per the Two of Pentacles. Don't let anyone convince you that their version or path is the only acceptable way to live life. And definitely don't let anyone convince you that it's better to be an expert in one field than to have a wide range of interests and subjects to study simultaneously. 

If that were true, we wouldn't have astronauts who also served in the military and were doctors. Even the saying in its entirety goes like this – “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes is better than a master of one.”


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Tarot card of the week: Eight of Cups

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Leo

Libra, your tarot card for this week has an intriguing message for you – it urges you to choose when to socialize and when you must be disciplined enough to work on a solitary project of extreme importance. FOMO and YOLO are just ways people convince themselves that they are not being held back by their community or social circle. 

Don't let that be your life story. After all, it's absolutely possible to strike the right balance and shine like a social butterfly some weeks and pursue your personal projects diligently in other weeks.


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Tarot card of the week: The Moon

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Leo

Scorpio, be prepared for some cosmic shenanigans this week. With The Moon as your tarot card of the week (it's a major arcana!), your psychic senses and intuitive abilities will definitely be heightened, especially in the arena of romance and relationships (platonic, too). 

Some of you may have some supernatural or ghostly experiences this week, more so if you are traveling and staying at unknown locations whose history you don't know. Wear an Obsidian pendant or keep a chunk of Tiger's Eye or Black Tourmaline in your pocket to stay safe while experiencing the positive manifestations of this energy.


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Tarot card of the week: Ten of Pentacles

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Cancer

Sagittarius, it's time to rejoice and cheer because you have an excellent tarot card showing up for you this week! It's the Ten of Pentacles – the card of good fortune, great time spent with family, and overall happiness and satisfaction with life. 

If you are about to meet your significant other's parents or friends, look forward to some good times and silly stories. Just make sure to strike the right balance between speaking and listening so you can hold your own while allowing others to shine, too.


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Tarot card of the week: The Hierophant

Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Scorpio


Capricorn, here's the thing – if you choose to lean into your area of expertise this week, you will discover extraordinary satisfaction and pride in yourself when the results of your hard work come through. 

Yet, with The Hierophant on the table, you may face challenges from certain quarters who are clouded by prejudice because of your gender, age, skin color, cultural background, etc., or who are not as well-versed in your area of expertise but constantly rebel against authority for all the wrong reasons. Trust your instincts; you will know exactly what you must do as the days unfold.

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Tarot card of the week: King of Pentacles


Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Pisces

Aquarius, you are often stereotyped as a forward-thinker who is not in touch with ground reality. Yet, your tarot card for the week – the King of Pentacles – is here to dispel those beliefs. 

After all, how can you make leaps and bounds inside your mind to all the future possibilities if you don't even know the ground reality? Lean into this message and strengthen your belief in yourself. You may be ahead of the curve in a lot of ways, but that doesn't mean you are out of touch.

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Tarot card of the week: Eight of Cups


Most compatible zodiac sign of the week: Leo

Pisces, you have a choice ahead of you – to continue associating with people who hold you back, don't love or care for you, and who actively seek your downfall even as they smile to your face, or to walk away and make room for your true soul tribe to find you. 

That's the message of the Eight of Cups for you. Journal your thoughts if that helps you find more clarity. You can also work with a therapist or counselor to heal yourself and find catharsis. You are stronger within than you realize.

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