10 Dates In July 2024 That Bring Significant Change To Each Zodiac Sign's Life

July 2024 brings the energy of multiple retrograde planets and a second Capricorn Full Moon.

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We have some amazing July 2024 astrology transits in store for us, and a few no-so-great ones — although those can be transformed in your favor too if you know the trick.

Just remember: July is mainly Cancer season with Leo season bringing up the rear. So if you feel a sudden shift in your personal interests and expressions near the end of the month, blame it on the stars!

Here are the 10 most impactiful astrology transits in July 2024 and how they will affect you.

1. July 2: Neptune retrograde in Pisces

When Neptune goes retrograde, it always brings confusion on its heels. This will be doubly so in the zodiac sign of Pisces, which is the natural domain of Neptune, so be prepared for hazy days and crazy ways once Neptune retrograde in Pisces sets in on July 2. 


The effects will fluctuate over the next few months until the retrograde ends on December 7, 2024, but the possibility of screw-ups and allowing flights of fancy to take over will be strong. Grounding yourself through mindfulness can help you combat some of the worst offenses of this transit.


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2. July 2: Mercury enters Leo

Mercury doesn't do so well in the watery home of Cancer. But it's a totally different story in the house of Leo, so prepare for some fireworks when Mercury enters Leo on July 2!

This transit will coincide with Neptune retrograde in Pisces, so the possibility of receiving divine inspiration and flashes of strong intuitive insights will be strong on this day (even if it becomes less dramatic as the transit progresses). So keep a notepad (or notes app) handy to catch the lightbulb moments!

3. July 5: New Moon in Cancer

Watch out for July's New Moon in Cancer on the 5th of the month! Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, this transit will be extremely potent for those hoping to manifest their wishes into reality. As long as your heart is in the right place, you will be aligned with this energy. So make sure you only wish for what you truly care for! 

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Hopes and dreams surrounding love, family, children, and home will manifest quicker than other desires though, so act accordingly. Working with Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite is also indicated for this new moon cycle.

4. July 9: Pallas goes direct in Scorpio

The end of Pallas retrograde is a big cosmic event! After all, this asteroid represents the creative use of our mind and wisdom to aid in personal expression and solidifying who we are in our core. 

In Scorpio, Pallas urges the collective not to be meek and seek knowledge at every step and around every corner. There's a reason why people try to hoard knowledge and keep others ignorant. It's the same reason why they say “knowledge is power.” Pallas is here to even the score.


Pallas going direct in Scorpio on July 9 will also make certain groups in society want to keep knowledge from you so they can manipulate you more easily in your ignorance and innocence. Connecting with this transit on a personal level will help you see through such tactics and move away from those who are resoundingly toxic.

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5. July 11: Venus enters Leo

The planet of love, Venus, will enter Leo on July 11 and stay here for another month in quite a jolly fashion. After all, the energy of Venus pairs with Leo very well! So don't be surprised if you (and other people) are more prone to larger displays of affection and romance. The dramatics will also hit a new high in your social circles and engagements.

Since Venus is also an excellent planet for manifestation, you can tap into this energy for your manifestation rituals too. Especially wishes that seem a bit larger-than-life and extravagant, like becoming a famous musician, fashion designer, or having your own line of perfumes one day.


6. July 20: Mars enters Gemini

Mars will leave the comfort of Taurus and enter the mercurial world of Gemini on July 20. When it does, the collective will suddenly find themselves more extroverted than usual and more curious, too! The desire to hop and skip from one social circle to another will be significant, as will the desire to try new things and be bolder in one's communication style.

This transit will happen a day before the July Full Moon and two days before Cancer season gives way to Leo Season, so if you suddenly feel the urge to throw a house party or something equally fun for your friends and/or family, go for it!

7. July 21: Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moons are perfect for letting go of what no longer serves you and for closing old chapters. The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 21 will allow us to enjoy the fruits of our hard work in the arena of career and public affairs while also enabling us to walk away from those who seek to keep us small and insecure.

Weirdly enough, some people will feel the urge to settle down for the long haul with their romantic partner under this Full Moon. Those who get engaged on this day or walk down the aisle will be doubly blessed!


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8. July 22: Sun enters Leo and Leo season begins

Cancer season comes to an end on July 22 when the Sun transits to Leo and officially begins Leo season 2024. Be prepared for more fun, parties, and spontaneity — Leo energy likes to live king-size in every aspect and will influence you this way too. If you feel called to, now's the perfect time to work with powerful crystals like Tiger's Eye, Obsidian, Fire Agate, and even Ruby.

9. July 25: Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury will continue its speedy journey through the zodiac in July with a second sign change on July 25. The planet of communication will leave Leo and enter Virgo, the latter being one of the zodiac signs it rules over.

Prepare for some mercurial shifts and changes in the earthy realm under this influence! Be it new climate laws coming into action, changes in global trade, or new projects at your workplace, Mercury in Virgo is an excellent placement for unleashing the full force of our human intelligence to accomplish big and concrete goals.


10. July 26: Chiron retrograde in Aries

We end the month with one of the most contentious astrology transits: Chiron retrograde. As an asteroid of wounding and healing, when Chiron goes retrograde, chaos breaks loose in our subconscious.

The July 26 Chiron retrograde in Aries will focus exclusively on matters related to our persona, public image, and how we identify deep within ourselves. 

Therefore, challenges and life lessons related to self-esteem will come up throughout the retrograde period, including the dangers of being unconditionally affectionate while receiving nothing in return or always being the initiator and never having someone meet you halfway.


Writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal and giving yourself permission to cry when you need to will help you tremendously until Chiron goes direct again on December 29, 2024. It will definitely help you welcome 2025 with a stronger sense of self and more self-confidence.

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