How Mars In Taurus Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Love Life Between July 8 - 14

The sweetest love stories!

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Love can make the world go around! That's the message and theme of the week, between July 8-14, 2024. After all, while hatred destroys and ruins, love always nurtures and builds. 

With Mars in Taurus standing out as the go-to energy in love, we are urged not to get impatient in matters of the heart. Some people are braver than others when they engage in romance. Other people need you to understand their uniqueness and appreciate it. You will only be able to show up in the best way possible and have empathy for a growing relationship if you choose to be patient and set a slower pace.


Jupiter in Gemini reminds us that a slow pace does not mean a boring pace. Let curiosity be your friend... because would you rather know everything about the person you are engaging with all at once (which is never possible!) or unfold their layers and be fascinated at each new discovery?


We have an important astrological transit in love this week. On July 11, Venus will enter Leo. When that happens, the collective will be bolder in their expression of love but also more interested in taking a step back and allowing their partner (or date) to dazzle them with grand gestures. Strike the right balance and you will experience the unending boons of Venus in Leo! 

Here are the weekly love horoscopes for every zodiac sign for July 8-14, 2024:


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Key to Love: Patience


Aries, the energy of love for you this week is all about recognizing your true worth and not allowing anyone to tell you any different. If someone thinks you are not good enough, it's perhaps a projection of their own insecurities. 

Whether you are single or in a relationship, hold on to this message and it will steer you to the greatest fulfillment in love and away from those who are more like mirages in a desert. You are also encouraged to be patient with yourself and allow love to grow and unfold organically.

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taurus love horoscope july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva


Key to Love: Heartfulness

Taurus, the energy of love for you this week is all about your social life and those you associate with. Like attracts like in the case of relationships, whether platonic or otherwise. So make sure you are not surrounded by those who don't believe in love, lest you sabotage your own happily ever after

If expressing yourself from the heart makes someone cringe, they are not for you. Would you be happy if you had to constantly shrink yourself and stuff yourself inside a box to fit someone else's ideal?

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gemini love horoscope july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva


Key to Love: Observation

Gemini, the energy of love for you this week is all about expanding your horizons and learning more from the world. Don't approach this with love on your mind though. Cultivate yourself from within and true love will find you. 

After all, how can you experience a happy ever after with someone if the other aspects of their life don't match yours? Star-crossed romances only sound delicious in stories. If two people are truly compatible, they are never star-crossed, no matter what the external circumstances may seem.

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cancer love horoscope july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva


Key to Love: Accumulating knowledge

Cancer, be prepared for fireworks and a captivation of your heart! The energy of love this week for you promises the crossing of souls who are meant to be.

Some of you have already met your person. Your story will simply continue to bloom and flourish this week. Trust your instincts in this. For others, be open to new paths and possibilities. You will discover your mate when you are not looking. It will be the sweetest surprise of them all!

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leo love horoscope july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva


Key to Love: Patience

Leo, your energy will shine so brightly this week that no one will be able to look away from you. That is in store for you in love. Just remember: you will attract energy vampires just as easily as people who can truly fall in love with you and build a true relationship. 

You must not ignore the red flags in this respect. Patience will see you through the most confusing bits and reveal the one who can love you truly and whose heart you will wish to protect and cherish in turn.

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virgo love horoscope july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva


Key to Love: Hindsight is 20/20

Virgo, the energy of love this week urges you to shine the light of love on your soul. Be your own best friend and make space for healing.

If you feel called to, working with a therapist is also indicated here to help you gain clarity about your past experiences in love. That's the only way you can let go of unnecessary baggage and embrace the insights that will bring true love to you in the future. J

ust remember not to beat yourself up over what you did not know. If someone took advantage of your innocence or inexperience, the blame rests with them alone.

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libra love horoscope july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva

Key to Love: Social success

Libra, love can make or break you, but true love will always lead to true healing. That's your message in love for this week. After all, how can it be true love if the other person doesn't like all the facets of your personality? 


We are not talking about toxic habits and areas of growth though. But if someone feels that your dressing style or cultural uniqueness needs to be erased and transplanted with something else, then they are not for you.

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scorpio love horoscope july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva


Key to Love: Your heart's intentions

Scorpio, you are loved and cherished even if you cannot see it tangibly all day, every day. Don't break your own heart by settling for a relationship that won't fulfill you from within and may even diminish your self-worth. 

Trust the process and the cosmic currents. Your true love will find you if you make space for it in your life and refuse to allow false love to take root and take up space.

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sagittarius love horoscope july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva


Key to Love: Traveling

Sagittarius, all's fair in love and war. That's the theme in love for you this week, but not as a clichéd saying. It reminds you to be aware of people who forget themselves and the tenets of polite society in the quest to capture someone's heart (or body). This will help protect you from a budding relationship from vampires and vultures and make it clear who you can build a bond of love with versus who's in it for all the wrong reasons. 

The more you explore, the easier it will be for you to steer clear of the wrong and gravitate to your soulmate.

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capricorn love horoscope july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva


Key to Love: Vulnerability

Capricorn, the energy of love this week for you is strong. You are encouraged to open your heart and reveal the deeper parts of your personality. It can feel like you are exposing yourself to getting stabbed in the heart, but you must trust your instincts on who is a red flag and who is not.

The latter will always show you that you made the right call about who deserves to see the more beautiful and soft aspects of your personality. Be patient and trust the process.


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aquarius love horoscopes july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva

Key to Love: Gossip

Aquarius, a regular kind of love will never do for you. You crave the kind of love that will bring warmth to your heart like a thousand suns and set a fire within you to live the best life you can, according to your dreams. That's your message in love this week. 


Never settle for someone who somehow feels incompatible with you, even if you can't put your finger on exactly what you think is the incompatibility. The answer will become obvious once your subconscious mind floats it to your consciousness. Perhaps even in a dream.

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pisces love horoscope july 8-14 DEBZ / Canva


Key to Love: Thrills & chills

Pisces, the energy of love for you this week is actually more about self-care and taking a "time out" from love. You tend to blend with your partner (or date) until it's difficult to see where you begin and where they end. 

While this can feel extraordinary and reveals a deep level of love and trust, it must not be the baseline reality of every minute of your every day. Know yourself separate from the relationship so you and your significant other can always find new layers to intrigue you and explore.

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