The Complete 2024 Love Horoscope For Taurus Zodiac Signs

Allow yourself to step into the beautiful new future you’ve been dreaming of.

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The 2024 love horoscope is here for Taurus zodiac signs, with an astrology forecast month-to-month. The past few years have been challenging, to say the very least, as the series of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio have rocked your view of yourself and your romantic life.

All of that is over now, as that period ended at the end of 2023, so now you are being guided to focus more on what is coming for you rather than thinking that the past has anything left to teach you. 


The new year is marked by significant new beginnings and expansiveness in your life, which will bring in opportunities for a new home, romantic trips and escapades or simply dreaming of big love.

You have done all the work necessary to release the past, to learn more about who you are and to learn that once you find that sweet spot of security within yourself, there isn't anything you can't do.  


In the new eclipse cycle of Aries and Libra, which will hold reign over 2024, it's important to let yourself continue to focus on your well-being, along with continuing to bring closure and healing to matters from your past.

This will inspire you to believe in yourself more deeply and honor your intuition as you truly make the most of each moment and bring to fruition the relationship that is everything you've ever dreamed it could be.  

2024 Taurus love horoscopes

January 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Thursday, January 4 

Practice Caution On: Friday, January 12  

2024 starts with the themes that will carry you forward as Mars shifts into Capricorn. This earth sign rules matters of the future, abundance and those which encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Take this as a sign that this is what this year will be all about. If you want it, you're going to have to do something different to achieve it. Let yourself truly embrace that inner confidence and security you've built up over the past two years so that you let yourself take the precise risk that the reward you desire will require.  


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Asteroid Juno stations retrograde in Virgo, lighting up themes from your home and family. This often signifies a move or relocation as you start to adjust in this area of your life. You may also begin to focus more on the plans that you have for this area of your life, including what type of relationship or family you genuinely desire. Let January be the beginning of planning for what it is you want the year to bring.  

February 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Saturday, February 24 

Practice Caution On: Tuesday, February 6  

There is a theme of letting go this month as the Last Quarter Moon rises in Scorpio, ruler of your relationships. It's unlikely this is an actual break-up but more about something you had thought you wanted at one point or a specific belief that you realize no longer serves you. Use this to help you reflect on what it is you've grown into and let yourself find gratitude for all you have created.  


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The Virgo Full Moon at the end of February brings something to fruition within your home and family sector so that a move, engagement, or another big commitment may arrive during this time. It is everything that you've wanted, especially if you've been doing the work for the past two years. Just be mindful that with Juno still retrograde here, it may mean some readjustments will need to happen, but that won't stop the happiness from pouring in.  

March 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Sunday, March 31 

Practice Caution On: Sunday, March 3 


March is all about releasing any blocks to intimacy or transformation through inspired and deep emotional conversations. Use this as knowledge to ensure you're creating quality time with your partner and prioritizing them in your life to make the most of this energy. The Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius brings the release of a block or fear around a deeper commitment or relocation, helping you to believe in the path that you are on fully.  

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Asteroid Vesta, ruler of your internal flame and all that is most important to you, moves into Cancer and helps you have the conversations necessary to create the foundation for a loving and abundant life. Vesta enables you to focus on what matters most, and as you begin to progress through the year, you can use this as an opportunity to talk things out with a current partner or to attract a new love that is in genuine alignment with all you desire.  

April 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Tuesday, April 23 


Practice Caution On: Sunday, April 21  

April brings some big moments into your relationship and a sense of commitment. This is the feeling that the plans you began making in January are finally ready to be brought to fruition or just fully implemented. You are also in a space where you can trust your growth, which allows you to be no longer afraid of slipping back into past patterns but instead seize all you want from love.  

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This is a month of movement and decisions as the Full Moon in Scorpio rises alongside asteroid Juno, stationing direct in Virgo, so whatever you've been called to reflect on since the start of the year will now find resolution. Besides relocating, Juno can often bring review periods for relationships where you strive to honor one another's growth by creating a new agreement or way of being for your connection. There is nothing to fear and everything to gain in April as you finally start feeling like this is the new year you'd hoped for.  


May 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Tuesday, May 7  

Practice Caution On: Thursday, May 16 

This is the month of your New Moon in Taurus, along with your zodiac season. During this time, you are experiencing your solar return, which is your new year, so if you need to make any readjustments or rededicate yourself to what you know you want, this is the month to do it. Often, although the new year begins in January, it needs time to feel different fully, so don't worry about the slowness or delays you've experienced. Trust that you are progressing exactly how you are meant to. 

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Use your Taurus New Moon to honor yourself and how far you've come in the past year as you've strived to become your most authentic self. Set an intention for what you hope to grow in this new and abundant energy as you allow yourself to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone.

This will help you move through asteroid Pallas, stationing retrograde in Scorpio, which may bring up some past themes in your current relationship. Pallas helps to gain wisdom and to honor your intuition. In your romantic sector, it helps to bring about greater understanding and clarity on what is negotiable and nonnegotiable within your life.  

June 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Wednesday, June 19 

Practice Caution On: Monday, June 17 


June is another month where communication will be key as Venus shifts into Cancer, encouraging loving conversations. Venus also rules finances and real estate, so if you began thinking about relocating or moving in with your partner at the start of the year, then this may be the month that it finally happens. You are fully supported in any real estate matters and those of the heart if you honor your ability to communicate your wants and desires fully.  

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Asteroid Vesta will also move into Leo after spending time in Virgo, so now this is another influx of energy in your home and family sector. Even if you're not moving, use this energy to focus on creating a space for love for yourself, your current partner or the relationship you hope to attract. Energy from past relationships can linger in your home, so replacing a mattress or staging your home during this time is highly favored as you reflect more on creating a home that genuinely nurtures your dreams.

July 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Thursday, July 11 


Practice Caution On: Friday, July 26 

Events in love become a bit slower this month as Chiron stations retrograde in Aries, in the deepest part of your chart. Even though you've done the work from your eclipse cycle and have had the confirmation of this year that you indeed are on a different journey, you're called back a bit to reflect.

Because of that, you may hesitate to move forward. Remember that no one is ever fully healed. It's only a journey to become your best self, and so you don't need to be perfect to deserve love. You only need to be yourself.

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Venus, the planet of love, shifts into Leo, which is going to have you enjoying more time at home, whether you've been busy doing updates or have recently moved. This is a beautiful time to plan a staycation and to focus on how you can test the limits of your comfort zone even if you are feeling more at home in your life. The test here is not to get bogged down by any routines but to still approach love with an open heart and curiosity that will continue to inspire growth.  


August 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Sunday, August 4 

Practice Caution On: Wednesday, August 28 

Despite Chiron stationing retrograde, this month, you are being challenged to move on with your life, even if you don't feel perfectly ready or comfortable. This is where the prep of testing your comfort zone comes in as Venus shifts into Virgo, and Mercury stations direct in Leo, helping you to seize greater happiness and move forward with any changes to your home and family.  

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Virgo energy for you also signifies a deep commitment, so this is a time when an engagement or deeper commitment may be offered to you as well. Just remember that with so much energy around your home and comfort zone, you may have to stretch yourself to feel fully on board with this new offer, but it is one that you've been hoping for.  


September 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Sunday, September 22 

Practice Caution On: Sunday, September 1 

September begins as Pluto retrograde enters Capricorn, highlighting themes of abundance, plans and expansion. While this is something to be cautious of, it is more of a final test from the universe rather than any true setbacks and delays. Be mindful of any exes coming out of the woodwork around this time, especially those that represented a significant chapter of your life, as Pluto is going to test you if you are genuinely ready for the new. Along with Chiron still retrograde in Aries, this may also provide the final clarity and closure you need to say yes to love again.  

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Venus, the planet of love, shifts into Scorpio later in the month, and you are all in and ready for love. This is an amazing time to enjoy time with your partner or get out there and meet someone new. You will be feeling ready for love and will be radiating an openness. If relocation has occurred, then get out into your new community by yourself or with your partner and start exploring your new home, so you're not just falling in love with each other but your new home as well.  

October 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Sunday, October 13 

Practice Caution On: Thursday, October 17 


October looks to be the month when significant changes will start to occur in your romantic relationship, which will allow you to embrace more of the future you've dreamed of. While this will mark a year since the eclipse cycle in Taurus and Scorpio ended, it's also time to trust in yourself and realize that you must be the one to decide when the past is no longer something to carry around. Even if you've had clarity or closure, it's also something you can choose to put down so you have more space for all that's to come.  

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October brings Mercury's move into Scorpio alongside Venus into Sagittarius. These shifts bring about positive romantic conversations about the future and the expansion of your life together. Allow yourself to open up to your partner and begin to discuss important matters in your relationship as you trust more deeply. This time is different. Taking a trip together during October would also be highly favored, whether it's for pleasure or scoping out a new area to live.  

November 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Friday, November 1  


Practice Caution On: Friday, November 15 

The New Moon in Scorpio at the start of November offers you beautiful energy to bathe in with your partner, as the biggest problem seems to be that there is none. Try to find gratitude for all that you've been through, and really allow yourself to open up, to take risks together or to let yourself fully receive that new relationship. You have wanted to transform your romantic life, but you also must realize you already have. Of course, things will continue to shift, but it's also enough to find contentment with exactly where you are at this moment.  

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The Full Moon in Taurus this month may bring a few challenges as you are moving through your process, but try not to let that interfere with the love you've created. If need be, take a few days for yourself around this lunation to ensure that you don't let anything bubble up and affect your current relationship that you truly don't mean. While this is an important moment of growth for you to reclaim your authentic spirit, you also must realize that that's solely yours to do and has nothing to do with your partner.  


December 2024 love horoscope for Taurus

Best Love Day: Sunday, December 15 

Practice Caution On: Friday, December 6 

December brings an exciting end to the year as you will be focusing once again on that area of home and family, along with what it is that you value most about life and your relationship. If you haven't yet decided to move in together, relocate or fix up your current home, then this will be a theme that you return to this month as Mars stations retrograde in Leo. It may also be about marriage or starting a family. Remember that while conversations are important, at a certain point with anything, you will need to decide.

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It seems like the Full Moon in Gemini rises. You will have a moment where you suddenly look around and realize that everything you hoped to create this year you have. Gemini energy rules value, self-worth, and the feeling of genuine fulfillment, so while you may still be trying to make a big decision, you also are completely content and happy with where the journey of love has brought you this year because it has led you home.  

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