15 Signs Someone Is Manifesting You Into Their Life

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Have you ever sat and wondered if a friend, loved one, or family member you haven’t seen in a while is thinking about you or even hoping to have you around again?

Maybe they are suddenly heavily on your mind or you feel drawn to them. There are many ways to tell if someone is manifesting you into their life.

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How do you know if someone is manifesting you?

People use the law of attraction in the manifestation process. They speak to the universe, telling it exactly what they want, and believe that they will receive it.

By doing this, you can manifest love to find your soulmate and form an unbreakable bond that is sure to last a long time.

There are some indications that someone may be attempting to manifest you that can remove all the guesswork. You’ll want to be aware so you can decide if you want to make their dreams come true... or not.

You might be unable to stop thinking about them or keep running into them everywhere you go. You could be introduced to someone by a mutual friend, or you meet someone and feel like you’ve somehow already known them.

15 Signs Someone is Manifesting You

1. They’re always on your mind.

As mentioned, if thoughts of someone keep filling your head, it’s a possibility that they are manifesting you.

You’ll find yourself scouring their social media accounts for updates or texting them or no reason at all. Up until now, you barely knew this specific person existed, but nowadays you feel inexplicably drawn to them.

2. A new person enters your life.

It is totally possible that someone you just met has manifested you. They probably wrote down exactly what they want in a partner, went about their daily life, and voila! They had never met you before, but here you are.

If you were introduced by a family member or friend, the universe may have acted through them to make the manifestation happen.

3. They keep striking up conversations with you.

You may be a bit skeptical at first, believing they are just a social person. But if someone is specifically seeking you out to talk, that person is manifesting you.

You could be at a group event and they suddenly feel compelled to walk across the room to converse with you. Or they could reach out privately via text or phone call.

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4. You keep running into them.

We all know the feeling. It’s been so long since you’ve seen someone, and now they are popping up all around town. That is a clear sign someone is manifesting you.

The universe works in mysterious ways. It is using its magic to connect you two by putting you together more often.

5. They make up reasons to reach out.

Another sign from the universe that a person is manifesting you is this person coming up with creative reasons to contact you.

In this case, you are not coincidentally running into them. It is not irony or some random occurrence; they are seeking you out.

6. They give you feelings of déjà vu.

Sometimes you meet someone. and your conscious mind tells you that you have never met them before. But somewhere deep within, they are very familiar.

When you are manifested by someone, it feels like you were meant to be together, as if you were destined or preordained to connect.

7. They make you feel good.

When someone is manifesting you, they are channeling high vibrational energies. This means they are practicing positive things like gratitude.

This mindset is contagious, so naturally, when you are in their presence you, too, will feel better. They might share positive affirmations or uplifting compliments with you.

8. You keep coming across their name.

If you see someone’s name over and over again, it’s a possibility they are manifesting you. It could show up on signs, swag, or even recur online.

You might hear their name as you walk past people on the streets or when you’re dining at a restaurant. They are manifesting you and have connected with your subconsciousness.

9. You see Angel Numbers.

Angel Numbers are a signal that it is the right time to pursue "the one." These repeating numbers are a message from the spirits that you are in the right place at the right time.

If you happen to see them, know that someone of interest is currently manifesting you, and you need to keep your mind and your eyes open.

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10. You dream about them.

If you a suddenly randomly dream about a person, they have successfully manifested you. If they show up in your dreams, they’ve created a spiritual connection that is undeniable.

Dreams are the best way for the universe to keep them at the forefront of your mind without intruding on your life.

11. A psychic confirms it.

If you get a psychic reading and it is confirmed that someone is manifesting you, expect that person to show up in your life sooner than later.

You should ask your psychic for advice and guidance about your love life or relationships with friends and family. If you believe someone is attempting to connect with you, ask the psychic directly.

12. A tarot card reading reveals it to you.

Tarot cards are meant to help you open your ears to your own intuition. If you have a reading and find love in the cards, you are being manifested.

Another card that can tell you about your romantic life is the oracle card, which means there is love on the horizon. Ask the cards and you will find the answers you seek.

13. You are making big changes in your life.

Transformation can signify someone new heading your way. Negative or positive changes create new opportunities and a chance to start over.

Think of change as a blessing or a lesson. You might get a new job abroad, and travel to another country and meet a new bestie or the love of your life.

14. You just feel like something is about to happen.

Intuition is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. If your gut tells you that someone important is about to come into your life, believe it.

You don’t have to be unhappy or actively looking to meet anyone. One day, your intuition speaks to you and, suddenly, you just know.

15. People you know keep mentioning them.

If people around you keep bringing up the same person out of the blue, they are unwittingly helping them to manifest you.

They might mention the person in passing conversation or suggest a restaurant where you run into the person. They will be unaware of the assistance they are providing but are working with the universe.

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