Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day Of The Week For November 13 - 19

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In the last full week of Scorpio Season, the cosmos are aligning to bring you one step closer to the transformation necessary to help you change your life in the best ways possible. Scorpio is a water sign known for its passionate intensity, revealing truth and helping you tap into your deepest desires and purpose.

To work with Scorpio magic, though, you need to open it to receive the messages it's trying to bring to you. You must resist trying to have things remain the same and stand open and trusting as you allow the universe to lead you into the greatest phase of your life. The week begins with the Scorpio New Moon, which is unlike any other as there is a resounding call for change through the intensity Mars will bring.

Normally, New Moons are docile and sweet as they provide the space to reflect and catch up on sleep as you are prone to rest better during this lunar phase and set an intention for what you hope to achieve in the next lunar cycle.

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However, this lunation is more focused and active than simply sweet. The Scorpio New Moon is being shadowed by the Sun in this dramatic water sign, emphasizing that what you choose to do may have to overpower your emotions. Yet, it is conjunct with Mars, also in Scorpio, which is creating a powerful drive to do something to shake things up, to challenge the status quo and to create the positive change you seek.  

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Mars will actually move into a Cazimi with the Sun just a few days after the New Moon in Scorpio, which represents that the Sun and Mars will actually combine energies and will usher in a new cycle. The last time Mars Cazimi occurred in the transformational sign of Scorpio was 1991, so this is an event that is meant to help you start to see that your greatest success will always come from what you are passionate about. 



This energy will filter in throughout the week, emphasized by asteroid Pallas shifting into Scorpio and inspiring you to remember the only thing worth fighting for is what you feel drawn to pursue.  

This is a week of growing intensity, not only as the New Moon in Scorpio rises but with the new cycle of Mars in Scorpio as it reaches its peak in the Cazimi. The last week of Scorpio Season truly asks a great deal of you, but it's to help you learn that you can't become passive in achieving success or creating the life you dream of. It requires action, motivation and the confidence that if you can believe in it, then it's only a matter of time until you achieve it as well.  

Read on to find your zodiac sign's luckiest day of the week starting November 13 - 19


Leading Energy: Pallas in Scorpio, ruler of your transformation sector 

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This week, the energy is encouraging you to focus your sights on what needs to change, be released or be transformed for the better. Scorpio energy rules over all aspects of transformation, including finances, especially those from an inheritance, divorce, or through marriage. This is a time for you to reconnect with what you are truly passionate about, recognizing that not everyone may approve of or like your truth. It doesn't matter if you're living the life path you know is meant for you. 

With the Scorpio New Moon, Pallas and the Mars Cazimi all lighting up this area of your life, it's important not to try to resist change. Even if something occurs that feels like it's not what you had wanted or hoped for, try to see it as a blessed redirection from the universe.

For your work, don't sit on the sidelines of life. Direct your energy toward the small steps you can take to seize what you want or the change you want to start initiating in your life. It may also serve you to reflect on how the romantic relationship you are in affects the decisions you make for your life, as you are being guided to participate in a massive upgrade in your life. You need to make sure you are being fully supported by everyone who says they're in your corner.  

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Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius and sextile Venus in Scorpio highlight themes of transformation and wealth 

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With all the Scorpio energy present this week, you can't help but think about your romantic life, as this zodiac sign always brings a focus to themes of relationships and love. Even in phases in your romantic life, you can't neglect yourself and what you want to create, which means you must transform yourself from the inside out. In the midst of the influx of Scorpio energy, Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles Venus in Scorpio. Mercury rule's themes of communication and agreements, but in Sagittarius, it's asking you to find a new way of doing things. Not only does this bring positive transformation into your life, but new opportunities.  

Sagittarius is a fire sign that seeks to explore life and discover the truth. While it may bring some pivotal moments in your romantic life, Venus also rules real estate and finances so that you may be focusing on a big move or investment, which is part of your dream fulfillment. Check in with yourself before making big decisions to ensure they align with your truth, something Scorpio requires and that you're genuinely committed to doing things differently than you have in the past.  

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Leading Energy: New Moon in Scorpio, ruler of your house of well-being 

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In a year that has had you being more introverted and quieter than normal, you are gradually getting back to feeling like yourself, which means life will naturally respond to your life in energy. Scorpio rules all matters of well-being, health and determination. Because the past year was about you doing the inner work of healing and growth, you now have a different requirement for those in your life or what you agree to. The New Moon in Scorpio, along with the powerful wave of continued energy from this water sign, inspires you to create your new beginning.  

Allow yourself to advocate to others what you need from them in your life, including the kind of space you need or what you've learned, which brings balance to your life. This is also a great time to focus on the goals for your life as you emerge from your cocoon, ready to fly. Whether it's about making a plan for a new career or just feeling more well-rounded in the time you care for your physical body mind and devote yourself to social activities, you are stepping into the driver's seat of your life. If you are dedicated to creating something new that aligns with who you've become, you cannot fail. Don't underestimate the importance of small matters, like an evening alone or that yoga class you've been considering;  it all goes into you finally feeling like your best self.  

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Leading Energy: Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Venus in Scorpio, highlighting themes of healthier decisions 

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Growth is never in just one particular area of your life, and so whether you intend for it to or not, inevitably, it will ripple out into other facets. This is a lucky break for you as you are drawn to take all you've been through and start making the decisions that feel good for you. This energy can transform your career reputation and heal any setbacks in matters of the heart. The most important aspect is to remember that once you do know better, you will choose differently, and that ultimately is the purpose of everything you've been moving through.  

Sagittarius energy rules over your health sector, inspiring you to get serious about what you need to do to become the self you dream of. This is determined energy to set up your days and life so that no longer are you feeding others' dreams but neglecting your own. Remember, what you give your energy into is what will grow, and in this new chapter that is all about you, there are no limits to what you can create.

As Mercury in Sagittarius creates a positive sextile with Venus in Scorpio, you are being reminded, though, that you need to commit to what you want to focus your energy on, whether it's a job, a new home or simply a healthier routine. Once you commit fully to this new chapter, not only will you become the self you've desired to be, but you will also attract the happiness you deserve.  

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Leading Energy: Sun in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, rulers of your personal and professional life 

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There is an exciting mix of energy this week as you are feeling a pull both within your sector and your professional one, thanks to the energy of the Sun in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. Taurus energy rules your career sector, so there already is a change that has been brewing in your life, but with the Sun in Scorpio, you may be realizing that you actually want to be able to work from home. Even if not fully remote, you are craving more time in the space you've created, which nourishes your soul, but you still don't want to sacrifice the growth of your career. 

If you haven't already, now is the time to start looking for those jobs where it feels like you can have the best of both worlds. Oppositions tend to bring things to a head where you realize you can't go on as you have, which is a truth that Scorpio Season seeks to reveal. Take the initiative and start polishing up your resume, researching jobs or investing in your side business more. The luck is here; you just need to create the space so you can focus more of your energy on what it is you want for your life.  

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Leading Energy: Pallas in Scorpio, ruler of your communication sector 

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There is a time to sit back and let things happen, and then there is the space where you are being called to action and to stand your ground. This place of standing your ground isn't always something that comes naturally to you as you can tend to want to put others' needs before your own or surround everyone with that healing energy that you're famous for. Right now, you need to allow yourself to stand up for what is important to you, which means the most because the universe often needs to know that you are dedicated to the path meant for you. 

Your communication sector will be on fire this week as Pallas, the New Moon, and the Mars Cazimi all occur in the intense, transformative sign of Scorpio. Not only may you have to stand your ground and diplomatically fight for what it is you want, but there is also going to be a need for radical honesty and emotional vulnerability. Don't be afraid to let others see the real you, as that may be the one card you've been holding close, yet also the one that will make all the difference. Make sure anything you stand up for, you genuinely believe in and are passionate about. There is no lukewarm energy this week, as sometimes it really does come down to all or nothing.  

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Leading Energy: New Moon in Scorpio, ruler of your financial abundance 

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Let the money start rolling in! This is an incredibly abundant time for you, yet it's not just a momentary financial windfall but the start of a new cycle of feeling more secure and stable within this part of your life. Scorpio Energy rules your finances, what you value and how you value yourself. This is the time to start raising the price for who gets access to your energy, as well as advocating for what you need in the workplace or with clients if you have your own business.  

When you know you deserve more, you have no problem raising your rates or asking for what you deserve. All the work you've been doing in the past years to clear out toxicity and old patterns from your life will now pay off as you are in tune with what you deserve in this new, abundant phase of your life. Take charge and first go over your existing finances to ensure you are demonstrating you can handle your current state of abundance. Then look for ways where you can start raising prices, advocating for more finances or looking at new investments. This is the time to remove yourself from the shadows and declare to the world you know you are meant to be financially abundant.  

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Leading Energy: New Moon in Scorpio, ruler of your house of self 

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You are being called to remember who you are. To strip away the conditioning that others may have placed on you about what the best is that you can expect or strive for. To fully realize that you can create and enjoy whatever you wish for yourself. In this next phase of your life, it's truly going to be all about you, so revel in it. Soak into it and become unapologetic about whatever you must achieve it.  

The New Moon, Pallas and Mars Cazimi in Scorpio will activate your house of self, inspiring you to have a new beginning with how you interact with the world around you. Because this part of your life affects every other area, from your career to relationships to your home and family life, it means you will experience transformation at a very intense level.

Don't forget this is what you've been working toward because whatever is going on in your life at this moment isn't working, but it's up to you to create what will. Embrace your inner power and look at everything as being in process. Only give your energy to what fully resonates with your truth, and never forget that you do deserve the world.  

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Leading Energy: Pallas in Scorpio, ruler of your house of the subconscious 

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Life can often seem to be all about big moves, but for this week, you need to focus your energy on everything that has been on your mind and in your heart recently. Scorpio energy rules over the house of the subconscious, which means dreams, intuition and matters of healing will be your central focus. This may spur you to take action, whether reinvesting in a long-lost dream or finally validating yourself to know that you are the only one who can create the success you desire.  

As Pallas shifts into Scorpio, there is an urgency to the energy, which brings up the need to stand your ground, speak your truth and don't give up — no matter what you encounter. Mars Cazimi and the New Moon occur here as well, bringing in an emphasis on new beginnings, truth and passion. Reflect on how things look different if you fully embrace the truth of what is, along with what you are most passionate about. Make a list of what you want to accomplish, and then at least one idea for each on how to get started. You are an untapped well of inspiration, divine ideas and motivation, but you need to ensure you're putting your energy into your dreams and not wasting it on what doesn't resonate with you.  

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Leading Energy: New Moon in Scorpio in your house of wishes 

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Scorpio energy rules over the area of your life, which represents wishes, social connections and how you interact with the community that surrounds you. During this time, it's important to remember the themes of Scorpio will be essential right now, which include transformation, truth and honoring that passionate intensity within yourself. Ask yourself, what are you genuinely passionate about in your life, what relationships genuinely lift you and inspire you to create more, and if you knew anything was possible, what would you wish for?  

The more you can tap into your inner feelings involving the relationships in your life and what you wish for, the more you can begin to take the steps to create it. Don't be afraid to say the hard thing this week or cut people off from your energy if the connection doesn't feel supportive. While you will need to focus on the details of how to achieve your dreams, recognizing that you also need to be mindful of who and what surrounds you can make all the difference. It's the adage that you need to make sure everyone in the boat is rowing, and if they're not, don't be afraid to find someone who will, as it may just be the energy shift you need to receive the lucky boost you've been hoping for.  

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Since Scorpio Season began, you've been reflecting more on your career and whether it is still aligned with who you are. You have shifted into a new person since you last changed jobs, and now you may have to do the same again. If you still feel connected and committed to your career, it may be time for a promotion or to take on new responsibilities. You have completely transformed your life over the past few years, but now you need your career to reflect that.  

Don't underestimate the importance of having your career be in alignment with your life. If you have requirements for relationships and other aspects of your life, you need to practice them in your career, too. There may be a surprise job offer that comes at the end of the week, which initially might seem too good to be true. Trust that it's not and that you've already been radiating the energy you're ready for an uplevel in this area. Even if you must take a leap of faith to make it a reality, you are being fully supported right now, and everything you've been going through has led to this moment.  

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Leading Energy: Mars Cazimi in Scorpio, ruler of your house of luck and abundance 

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Before the week of November 13 begins, make sure you get plenty of rest because the week is going to be chocked full of new opportunities, offers and growth. Scorpio energy rules everything that is outside of your comfort zone, which means travel, career opportunities, financial benefits, educational pursuits, and a higher relationship with spirit are all themes that will arise for you. With Mars Cazimi occurring here, it also represents a huge new transition that will affect the next two years of your life. It may not happen all at once, but with so much energy in this water sign, you need to make sure you're ready to seize new opportunities.  

Along with rest, get very clear on what vibration you are sending out to the universe, including what you want to create, what your financial worth is and who you want to become. This is a monumental phase of life that you're moving into that will see so much dream fulfillment and growth you will hardly recognize yourself on the other side, a theme that is emphasized with Saturn in your sign of Pisces, helping you become more committed to fulfilling your soul contract. This is the time to start writing down what you want to accomplish next year, researching job opportunities, getting your financial house in order and looking into those trips you hope to take. The more you show the universe, the more abundance you will receive.  

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