Which Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest November 13 - 19, 2023

Life is sweet for these Chinese zodiac signs.

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In the week between November 13 - 19, 2023, five Chinese zodiac signs will be the luckiest of them all. They are a Rat, Rooster, Dragon, Pig and Dog. This luck will grace their life when they intentionally steer clear of drama and conflicts and gravitate towards people and situations that bring them stability. Yes, it may be less fun that way, but it will be more emotionally fulfilling in the long run.


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The I Ching hexagram of luck this week is Fire over Heaven (#14). Pay attention to the signs from the universe. It may come to you as an overcast day right before a day out with someone from Tinder, the sound of breaking glass when you are thinking of an unsatisfactory friendship or even a billboard on a highway that tells you to get some good sleep. The cosmic forces cannot help you if you ignore every sign they throw your way.


Also, most of you will benefit from doing a candle ritual this week to bring more prosperity and peace into your life. Use green candles for this and affix them in a square pattern within a circle of salt. You can place a token of your wish at their center before you light them up, too. It can be a rose if you want prosperity in love, a lucky cat sculpture if you want more money and luck or something else. Now let's focus on the five Chinese zodiac signs that are the luckiest this week between November 13-19.

Five Chinese zodiac signs luckiest this week of November 13 - 19, 2023:

1. Rat: Flipped luck

Rat, your luck this week is very interesting. It will suddenly flip on its head sometime during the week, and what you might have considered bad luck will suddenly reveal itself to be extraordinarily good. You will be flabbergasted by it, no doubt, but don't mind it. The cosmic forces are in a humorous mood at this time, even as they lend you support on your journey.

Maintaining a gratitude journal can help you amplify this good luck. So, if you don't have one, buy a pocket-sized notebook and keep it handy so you can make a note of the best things that happen to you throughout the week (and beyond).

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2. Rooster: Luck of the Devil!

Rooster, don't be scared. Your good luck this week has a devilish edge to it. As in, things will go so smoothly for you, and good fortune will grace you so well that you will wonder if you have the luck of the Devil. Get it?

For many of you, this luck will unfold in your love life. For a choice few, your career will benefit from this powerful good fortune. All you have to do to keep this positivity flowing is rely on your good sense and your intuition and you will be fine.

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3. Dragon: Returned luck

Dragon, your luck this week is potent. If you were double-crossed sometime in the past, karma is going to set things right this week and give you back what was always meant for you. The cosmic forces are done playing games and tolerating nonsense. Some of you have already noticed this unfolding in your life. This luck will persist for the next few weeks, too.


The color red is incredibly lucky for you this week. So, if you want to amplify your good fortune, wear red and wear it with pride. As long as you have confidence in your bones, your steps will take you where you need to go without a hitch.

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4. Pig: Gratuitous luck

Well, Pig, it doesn't get simpler than this. Your luck this week is purely monetary. Good for you! If you work in the service industry, don't be surprised if the tips jar suddenly experiences an avalanche of good tips. You may even come upon an extra generous patron who leaves you 200% of what was owed.

The same applies to those in the corporate world, too. You may receive a gratuity check or a performance bonus that puts a large smile on your face. Some of you may even have a successful GoFundMe. Send a word of gratitude into the universe when all this comes through for you so the cosmic forces know you appreciate the good fortune and are not taking it for granted.


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5. Dog: New luck, new roles

Dog, your luck this week will either bring an opportunity to your doorstep that will blow your mind in a good way or it will bring you the chance to go from being a follower to a leader. You may have an inkling of how this will happen, but keep an open mind. You may still be surprised.

For some of you, this luck will unfold in the romantic arena. With it will come new responsibilities and a lot of prestige. Find some time during the week to figure out how destiny aligned all this for you. You will see how small actions and dedicated efforts played a big role even when you didn't know they would.


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