How The Sun Entering Leo On July 17 Will Bring New Energy To Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope

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Here is your weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs starting July 17, 2023, during the start of Leo season. This week, the transit lineup is aggravating and inspiring. Again. Well, that's how we live a life, my friends. We deal with what comes our way and hopefully do it with style.

Finesse is a big thing with many of us this week, and basically, that means that we will find new and exciting ways to get ourselves to a place of power and success ... in whatever field or topic we have in mind. So, if love drives this engine, then love will find a way. If we are bogged down with financial messes, we will rise above these challenges and face them like a boss. Problems? No biggie, we've got this under control.


We're looking at the effect of Mercury square Aries, a New Moon in Cancer on July 17, Mercury square Jupiter and the very intense Moon opposite Saturn. These transits, in particular, will put us all on a trajectory that will determine where we're going. What we say during this week is essential, so it will be vital to watch our words and play our cards straight.

We're leaving Cancer season and walking into Leo season on July 17,  on the same day that the Lunar Nodes shift into Aries and Libra. These astrological changes which automatically puts pressure on us, and usher in new energy to each zodiac sign's weekly horoscope. Some zodiac signs thrive under this kind of pressure, while other zodiac signs may feel intimidated. Before the week ends, Venus will retrograde in Leo on July 22, intensifying Leo's energy.




Nonetheless, we're working with much Pluto energy this week, too. Pluto means transformation by the bucketload. If you are ready for a remake, then it's time to sign up for one. We'll be healing old wounds and laying the ground for new experiences during the week of July 17 - 23, 2023. Let's do this, zodiac signs!

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Weekly horoscope for all zodiac signs the week of July 17 - 23:


(March 21 - April 19) 


Getting to the point is what you'll be doing this week, Aries, but your methods may be a little harsh. Yes, you need to confront someone on something important, but you'll need tact and politeness. Don't blow your opportunities with someone because you can't handle your words. Choose your conversations well and accomplish what you came for ... but remember: niceness counts. Get on that. Make it a lifestyle.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Money is a major issue for you this week, and you don't know if you're more frustrated than you are inspired as you feel a little freaked out over finances. You may spend too much time thinking about grand schemes that make no sense. You need to make money, but that doesn't mean you must design a money heist. Do the right thing, and you will succeed. Steer clear from that which is illegal. 


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(May 21 - June 20)

Bemoaning your fate might feel good during July 17 - 23, 2023, as you tend towards self-pity. You need to avoid indulging in the idea that your life is 'so bad.' It's not so bad. It's just one of those weeks where you feel more like a bratty baby than a fine upstanding citizen. Get your head together and get out there with the rest of us. Nobody gets a pass on this one, unfortunately. Get back in the game ... now.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Something must be in the air making many of us feel financially unstable and you are fully invested in that kind of worrying during the week of July 17 - 23, 2023. While nothing threatens you, your mind is doing overtime and all you can think of is that you aren't stable, your home life is insecure and things are about to fall apart. Remember: this is in your head. You are fine. You are safe.


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(July 23 - August 22)

Good times may lead to excess this week, Leo, as the party never seems to stop where you are concerned. You don't learn your lesson regarding your limits, yet you'll be shown those limits this week, much to your dismay. Still, you'll leave the week with some great memories and perhaps a headache.

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(August 23 - September 22)

No is the word of the week for you, as you seem to be asking for too much, no matter where you ask. After a while, you'll feel like the deck is stacked against you and that you can't win. You may get weary of the fight and just give up, and in a way, you might be better off just sitting this one out. Don't ask for blood from a stone, in other words. People around you aren't as willing to help as you might like.


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(September 23 - October 22)

If you have to do it alone, you will, which means 'celebrate.' You feel that you have done the unthinkable; you're a master of your trade and have accomplished something so great that it needs a reward. However, nobody is around to applaud your noble efforts, so you take it upon yourself to have your victory party. You celebrate being great, all by yourself ... and who could blame you? You don't need the praise of others to know you are excellent.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Love drives you this week, Scorpio, and although you may find out something about the person you love that is less than desirable, you are still down for it all. You just can't help but love this person. Oddly enough, you respect them more than anyone else. OK, so they're not perfect, but who is? You can deal with a little imperfection now and then. It's all good.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Spirituality plays an important role in your life during the week of July 17 - 23, 2023. Whether it's about something new you've discovered or some intense conversation with someone on the topic, you'll walk away feeling as though you are definitely on the right track toward your version of enlightenment. Things make sense to you, and science plays a huge role in where you take it.


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(December 22 - January 19)

You are the mysterious and seductive player in the game of love and romance this week, Capricorn. You aren't necessarily living this one out, as much of it is about tease rather than manifestation. You might want to see this as an online flirtation with someone or something fun and frisky that comes without any attachment. It's OK to flirt; you'll be doing plenty of harmless flirting during July 17 - 23, 2023.


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(January 20 - February 18)

You know you're on the last leg of a certain challenge and while you can see, feel and taste the end, you're still waiting for the finish line. It's almost over, Aquarius, and then, you can rest ... but only for a bit. You are at the top of a great quest just beginning. Make it through this week and pat yourself on the back for a great effort.

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(February 19 - March 20)

You want to get out and have fun in summer. So, you'll do just that, but you'll do it with purpose and a plan. Expect to travel this week or take a road trip with a friend. You've got some time to play with during the week of July 17 - 23, 2023, so it is advised for you to take advantage of it. Enjoy your time, and stop stressing the small stuff.


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