August 2023 Monthly Horoscope — For All Zodiac Signs

August is here and we are ready for it!

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Welcome to the August 2023 horoscope reading for all zodiac signs. Here's an interesting fact: This month opens with a Full Moon and closes on its last day with a Full Moon. Holy moly, that's a double dose of Full Moon energy, and trust me when I say this, but we will feel it in our bones, zodiac signs. We start on a hopeful note, and we end on one, and everything that happens between August 1 and August 31 will be all about the energetic journey and how it transforms us.


It's not all about lunar power during August of 2023, as we are about to see how the many 'very interesting' astrological transits influence our daily lives. Let's remember that the first Full Moon is in Leo and that we spend most of this month in Leo season, so that should say something to you immediately. Day two brings us Mercury conjunct Saturn, followed by Pluto square Node, which instantly implies that Week One will do its best to crush our dreams, but the following week will kick its butt, baby! With Sun square Jupiter, Venus conjunct Lilith, Venus square Uranus, and Mercury trine Jupiter, we're looking at an incredible week filled with strength, powerful decision-making, and a dang good love life, to boot! Hells yes.




Love is on super high mode this month, and with Leo Sun doing most of the work, we're looking at a good time for every zodiac sign in one way or another. That's not to say that every day will be bliss, but each of us will be experiencing something we could call 'great success.'  As we shift gears and enter Virgo, so much of the heady passion will make more sense, and we will proceed confidently. This month brings many challenges, but nothing we can't handle or be proud to have tackled so well. Bring it, August! Bring it, I said!

August 2023 monthly horoscope:


(March 21 - April 19)

Guess what's coming your way, Aries? Money. Yup, that's right. Not saying it's a windfall, but things are about to change in your financial world. Oh yeah, it's time to believe again. Materialistic desires finally come through for you, and you are not ashamed of being someone who loves a fat stack. Lots of Sun energy and Leo support are coming your way, but know this: if you are successful this month, it's because YOU DID IT, Aries. You made this possible.


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(April 20 - May 20)

An interesting thing for you to know is that you, like Aries, will be in line for either a promotion at work or you will somehow find yourself a side hustle that will bring in a LOT of money. You don't think of August as a time for money-making, but the times have changed, and it seems everyone is still out there, trying to make a buck. You'll find that the many Jupiter transits that accompany you this month seem to be steering you into financially sound ventures. You are on your way to doing something BIG, Taurus, and it all starts to make sense in August.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Saved by the bell! That's how you'll feel during August, as your love life will be spared, and you'll learn much about yourself while this happens. There's a lot of Lilith energy surrounding you, Gemini, and this could cause upsets in romance, and with the Mars and Pluto influences, your love life could topple. The great part is that every experience this month adds to your knowledge and know-how, and you will save your relationship and make something even better in the coming months.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Leo season agrees with you and lets you feel at ease with yourself. During August of 2023, so much of 'being yourself' comes out when you are with friends, and this month has you engaged in being social and friendly. You've needed this, too, this new and exciting social life, as you've been bored and restless. Well, it seems that friends find you and scoop you up. Expect to have many dinner engagements and much laughter during August 2023.


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(July 23 - August 22)

Power is your keyword of the month, Leo, as you will be hitting all the right notes ... but not without plentiful effort. You are in your Sun season now, and that's always a good thing because, during this particular August, you are on an achievement bender. You get things done, and even though you'll spend much of this month feeling tired from your efforts, that feeling will be gratifying. It's a great time to be alive for Leo, and you won't be able to say that this month is anything but a rousing success.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Finally, you feel safe, rested and ready for the world. Whatever you went through in July is finally over, and all you have ahead of you in August is the promise of fun and good times — oh, and love. What you thought was a semi-dead love life takes on new tones as you and your partner decide to stick together and try harder to reach the greatness you know you both have inside you. You feel ready to be in love again, try again, and see the feeling of success again. August brings you to love, hope and great health.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Mars in Libra, which falls towards the latter section of August, is what you will be spending most of the month getting to, as you need something in your life to inspire you. So far, you're doing well, but you're also making many choices that include negative actions. You don't mind being the rebel, but you need something to give you positive hope for the future, and as soon as you pass the mid-month mark, around August 16, everything will start to smooth out for you.


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(October 23 - November 21)

Whatever is going on out there sure has a good financial effect on many zodiac signs, and you are one of them, Scorpio. You'll see investment come through and bring you some substantial returns. You've put a lot into your financial future, and during August of 2023, you'll notice that so many of your insights were correct ... and paying off now. Holy smokes, Scorpio, it looks like that thing you did is now becoming a reality. Don't be surprised if the people in your life suddenly start loitering around you, hitting you up for a loan.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Once again, you'll find that August puts you at a crossroads where you must decide which way to go. Once again, you will find that you're either working with the energy of the past or the inspiration of the future ... but where is the NOW moment for you? August will show you that you need to get grounded and that while your ideas are all brilliant, they are simply ideas that aren't taking shape. August brings you the opportunity to BECOME your dream. Enough mental energy is being spent. It's time to get out there and DO something.

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(December 22 - January 19)


You will single-handedly be responsible for destroying something in your life during August of 2023, and while that sounds tragic, it's anything but. You are in control now, and what you've decided to do is end something before it becomes a monster. This could be a romance or a financial endeavor. What's coming for you this month is a major and total change, which must happen through total collapse. There are no gray areas for you this month. It's black and white, and you will know what to do when the time is right.

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(January 20 - February 18)

You may find that you are perplexed by disorganization this month, Aquarius, as things are not only new for you but aren't quite grasped yet. You have just made a big move. You're not settled yet with this move; the more you think about it, the more confused you get. August isn't a bad month for you, but it does come with an adjustment period, and knowing you, you might just take your time with it. You don't rush through anything, but in this case, the more time you spend avoiding what needs to be done, only means you'll have the same stuff waiting for you in the future.


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(February 19 - March 20)

Between the Full Moon in Leo and the last day when the Full Moon is in Virgo, you will have one thing on your mind: making money and spending money. It's pretty much a done deal, and I have no fear. Both will be done with joy and with friends. August is your party, but you don't party irresponsibly, Pisces. You are completely aware of what you're spending and how much fun you 'allow' yourself. This is your summer vacation, whether you work every day or not. You plan on seizing the month and making it all yours ... and you do.

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