Each Zodiac Sign's Monthly Love Horoscope For December 2022

Each Zodiac Sign's Monthly Love Horoscope For December 2022

Each zodiac sign's monthly love horoscope is here for December 2022, and it's a time of healing and change for all.

As the year ends, you are given a gift of healing, clarity, and the determination to right wrongs, focus on the future and step into the love you deserve.

While many months only hold a few key dates, December is shaping up to be an active and transformative month.

You may have a lot on your plate with holiday festivities, but your romantic life is attracting your attention as well.

As the month begins with Neptune turning direct, it is a chance for you to begin to balance the truth of where things are at this moment with the hope of what you want to create.

The second half of Sagittarius Season promises to hold the optimism of new beginnings which is important as planets begin to shift into Capricorn helping you to focus on the steps to reach your goal instead of just mindlessly daydreaming of the elusive someday.

Truth becomes important as does what is driving you.

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You cannot accomplish something in your relationship if you are still unclear on what or even who means the most to you.

During the weeks ahead it is important to know that the energy will be constantly shifting.

You might focus on healing one day, while conversations become key for another.



The goal is to flow through it all, to take your key from the universe, and to remember that even if aspects of your romantic life seem to be ending as the year ends, it also means that a brand-new beginning is already in progress.

Important dates for the month of December 2022:

Saturday, December 3rd

Neptune turns direct in Pisces today helping you to assimilate the reality of the relationship you observed during its retrograde period with the hope that things can still improve.

Tuesday, December 6th

Mercury enters Capricorn and helps you to have more realistic and grounded conversations about romantic matters. Making sure that you are doing things in divine order becomes especially important as well as talking about the steps to achieve your dreams and not just the end result.

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Wednesday, December 7th

Full Moon in Gemini peaks today and with it the Eclipse Portal that has been open since October ends. Reflect back on the decisions and choices that you have been able to make and how different your perspective is since then. It is time to recognize that you always have a choice in love, but it is up to you to choose better.

Friday, December 9th

Venus, the planet of love, enters Capricorn emphasizing the acts of service and language and giving you a chance to catch up to the dreams that were born while it was in Sagittarius. Use this time to have the practical conversations that you have been challenged to have.

Sunday, December 18th

Asteroid Ceres moves into Aries drawing your focus on how you show up and care for your partner as well as how they do for you.

This is an excellent time to pay more attention to how much the little things matter.

Tuesday, December 20th

Jupiter, the planet of abundance shifts back into Aries helping you to understand the power you have in creating the relationship you desire.

After moving between Pisces and Aries all year, it’s time to finally take action on themes that you’ve seen in your relationship all year. Let yourself receive the love you truly need.

Wednesday, December 21st

The Sun enters Capricorn and kicks off Capricorn Season. With the Sun in this pragmatic earth sign, it is time to start putting in the work in your relationship.

Amazing connections don’t just happen, but they have to be created. Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves for the sake of love.

Thursday, December 23rd

Just in time for the holidays, Chiron turns directly alongside the New Moon in Capricorn. If there was ever a time for new beginnings, it is now.

Chiron rules your wounds and the healing that only you can bring to them while a New Moon in Capricorn is dedicated enough to make anything a reality. This is a supercharged day for taking risks when it comes to love because everything is being blessed by the divine.

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Thursday, December 29th

Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn just in time for the new year. This may mean that there is a last-minute change in plans or some details that you need to sort out.

Mercury in Capricorn is going to help you talk about your relationship and future in a more organized way which will allow you to move into the New Year confident that this will be the best one yet.

Each zodiac sign's monthly love horoscope for December 2022:


(March 21 - April 19)

Best day for love: Sunday, December 18th

Asteroid Ceres represents motherhood and femininity. In Libra, it is concerned with balance, which not only means that you are caring for those in your life with reciprocal energy but also that you are aware of how you prioritize your own self.

If you have been neglecting your own needs and have been putting others first, you are being gently guided to make sure that the person you are in a relationship with cares as much for you as you have been for them.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Best day for love: Wednesday, December 7th

The Gemini Full Moon rises and brings to light themes around what and who you value most. This is the basis for love and for what you prioritize in your life.

Oftentimes you can get stuck on tracks that you think are important but actually aren’t. With this lunar event, you are going to be guided to recognize what you value most so that you can use that knowledge to benefit the connection you have within your relationship.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Best day for love: Sunday, December 4th

Sagittarius' energy always represents your romantic relationships, as Venus moves through the last degrees of this fire sign early in the month you are about to hit some important milestones.

Venus in Sag holds the power of your love life while Saturn in Aquarius carries with it the ability to bring good fortune and luck. When Saturn is concerned it means that divine order will need to be followed, but if you do, the rewards will be endless.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Best day for love: Friday, December 9th

Venus is the planet of love and relationship, once it enters Capricorn it lights up your romantic life in a big and beautiful way. It is time to allow yourself to believe in love once again.

It may have been a strenuous journey recently of learning to speak your truth confidently, but once this energy hits your life, you have to be willing to receive what it is you’ve been working so hard to create. This is a once-in-a-lifetime love coming in.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Best day for love: Friday, December 2nd

Saturn in Aquarius the past few years have brought a lot of lessons to you romantically. At times it may have felt like you were even done with love, but that was never the case. It was only about learning what you needed to do so that you could truly begin to do things differently.

As Saturn in Aquarius unites with Venus in Sagittarius it is about you receiving the positive karma you have created for yourself. Love can be whatever you need it to be, as long as you're honest with yourself.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Best day for love: Friday, December 3rd

Neptune in Pisces rules over your romantic relationships. Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasy, and unconditional love. Its home is in Pisces which means that it operates more strongly here. This month Neptune turns direct after being retrograde since June.

Since that time, the reality of your relationship has hit you so hard it may have felt that to dream of anything more was impossible. This month the balance returns and with it the ability to see how sometimes love can really be better than your dreams.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Best day for love: Tuesday, December 20th

Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance. As the biggest planet in the zodiac whatever it touches, it enlarges and creates expansion within your life. This month, Jupiter returns to Aries which means that it is about to bring all of that energy to your love life.

Think back from May to October this year, when Jupiter first moved through Aries to help you understand what themes will be returning. You now have all the knowledge you need to take the action you have been considering.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Best day for love: Friday, December 23rd

You have seen quite a bit of action and movement recently in your love life as the eclipses and Uranus have both activated the sign of Taurus. Taurus energy rules the romantic aspects of your life, so whenever there are planets or lunar activity here, it means this will be your focus.

Recently it has been about bringing together the lessons you have been learning about your own self and how that affects your love life. Now that you are emerging on the other side, you now have the chance to let Jupiter in Aries expand your romantic possibilities by truly making different and healthier decisions.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Best day for love: Wednesday, December 7th

The Full Moon in Gemini joins Mars currently retrograde in this air sign. Gemini rules your romantic sector which means that at the beginning of the month you can expect some important developments in this part of your life.

Reflect back to the end of May as that was the New Moon in Gemini, now you can expect similar relationship themes to surface except with greater clarity and understanding. Movement forward may still be delayed until Mars turns retrograde at the start of the New Year, but it does not mean that you still cannot use this energy to positively affect your relationship.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Best day for love: Friday, December 9th

Venus entering Capricorn this month means that you are going to be directed to focus on the love that you have for yourself and how that affects the relationship that you choose.

The more that you love and care for your own self, the more you will naturally raise the standards for those in your life. Venus in Capricorn also means that your partner is more likely to be able to speak your love language which means relationship matters flow more smoothly during this time.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Best day for love: Saturday, December 17th

You need to be able to face everything in order to actually build the relationship and home life that you desire. Mercury in Capricorn mid-month brings to light those aspects or feelings that you have not necessarily been aware of that have been pulling the strings behind the scenes pulling the strings of your romantic choices.

Uranus in Taurus is activating the closest most personal aspect of your life and now as Mercury joins, it is time to not just have a greater level of awareness but also start having the important conversations which will usher in the next chapter of your life.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Best day for love: Friday, December 16th

The Last Quarter Moon in Virgo means that valuable time is coming for your romantic relationship. The Last Quarter Moon represents a time of acceptance, forgiveness, and healing. Virgo is a sign that may be most known for being detail-oriented, but it also carries with it its own profound healing energy.

If things have been challenging in your relationship or even perspective on love recently, it is time for forgiveness. Forgiveness of yourself and of your partner. Forgiveness is the basis of love and lasting relationships.

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