Luckiest Day Of The Week For All Zodiac Signs On April 11 - 17, 2022

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lucky day of the week all zodiac signs april 11 - 17, 2022

The astrology forecast with the luckiest day of the week for all zodiac signs on April 11 - 17, 2022 is here, and as the divine union of Jupiter and Neptune occurs, you are at a crossroads. 

After March, in which it seemed like there were so many possibilities, yet none manifested the way that you had hoped.  

A big part of this was that you were still moving through integrating the lessons that the previous retrograde season had brought.  

Even though the day a planet turns direct is celebrated, it is often just the beginning of figuring out what it all meant.  

This week the energy starts building as you approach the once-in-a-lifetime event of the auspicious union of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.  

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While it will bring momentous events for everyone, it will be even more intense for you if your Sun, Moon, or Venus are in Pisces. 

With this union peaking on the 12th, it will be building throughout the week, adding a sense of fated events taking place.  

Venus also moves into Pisces this week affecting your relationships and your finances, this should be a beneficial shift as it will bring in greater forgiveness and a sense of spiritual importance to everything.

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The North Node in Taurus also brings a fair amount of activity which magnifies that sense that you are moving more towards the life that is meant for you.  

This week brings the reminder that authenticity is the creator for manifestation.  

The luckiest day of the week for all zodiac signs starting April 11, 2022:


(March 21 - April 19)  

Luckiest Day: Saturday, April 16 

This week you will still be seeing the effects of your annual New Moon play out within yourself and your life.

The energy brings a huge sense of awakening which ripples throughout your home life this week peaking on April 16th with the first quarter moon in Cancer.

Be on the lookout for the changes that are happening even if you are still dragging your feet on any big decisions.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

Luckiest Day: Monday, April 11  

There is luck and fate all over today thanks to an alignment of the North Node in your sign with Jupiter in Pisces.

This will bring you closer to the version of yourself that you have known was there even if you were lost to it for a period. Take risks, and say yes to life, you are being completely supported by the universe.  

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(May 21 - June 20) 

Luckiest Day: Monday, April 11 

Mercury enters Taurus helping you to connect to your subconscious feelings that you have been hiding from or trying to ignore.

It allows you to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself and your truth. Once you open those doors, you will also see that what you were trying not to feel was a gift.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

Luckiest Day: Monday, April 11  

The First Quarter Moon in your sign brings you a sense of determination and confidence that you sometimes struggle to embody.

Take today and get really clear about what it is you want to create next in your life or the hopes that you have for yourself and then do not be afraid to act. Even if it is small it still matters.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

Luckiest Day: Wednesday, April 13 

Mars and Saturn are still crossing paths in Aquarius today giving you a new sense of determination and effort towards achieving all your goals.

This emphasizes the difference between what you have thought you have wanted in the past and what you need. Let yourself be driven by your true desires this week.  

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(August 23 - September 22) 

Luckiest Day: Thursday, April 14  

Today is between two powerful Jupiter connections that will bring a balance of both karma and fate. The two are always intertwined as you cannot profoundly move into your fate until you have first worked through your karmic lessons.

Look for situations particularly arising in your relationships this week as you might have previously overlooked something important.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

Luckiest Day: Friday, April 15  

As Jupiter in Pisces fuses with Saturn in Aquarius you will see your focus shift to looking at things from a healthier point of view.

Pisces always bring your health onto the front burner, but it is not just physical. This also includes your mental and emotional health which means today you will finally be focused on making the choices and decisions that feel healthy for you.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

Luckiest Day: Monday, April 11  

Mercury shifts into Taurus bringing your focus to how intimacy shows up in your life. This is physical, emotional, and even mental intimacy.

The bonding and connection of two people, what it represents, and what you also need for it to take place. Secrets and truths could be revealed but it is an excellent day for deepening that bond.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

Luckiest Day: Tuesday, April 12

Jupiter is your ruling planet so as it heads through this week you will feel a building desire to embrace all that good and positive in your life.

In Pisces, this holds a lot of weight in your home and family so it may be time for a change here that would bring more of that in. You are being supported now to make the changes your soul needs to flourish.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

Luckiest Day: Saturday, April 16 

Today lets you question what you have been told to just accept. As Mercury in Taurus squares off with Pluto in Capricorn it is a chance to look deeply into ideas and situations that you have been told you just must accept.

There is always room for change and always a possibility of creating something that feels more authentic for you, you just must be willing to put in the effort.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

Luckiest Day: Monday, April 11  

Saturn in Aquarius has a fateful meeting with the North Node in Taurus today allowing you to have the clarity that your Saturnian lessons are now behind you.

This moves you from a place lacking karmic maturity into a more controlled and abundant space. It also means that a lot of the challenging times a finally in your past.

Make sure to recognize that and all the good that is ahead of you.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

Luckiest Day: Tuesday, April 12  

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, finances, and even real estate. As it moves into your sign today you can expect to get a bump in all these areas.

You will be even more magnetic and mysterious during this time, so it could very well present a chance encounter of destiny.

Forgiveness will also be on the docket as well, so if any relationships have been strained, there is also a chance for reconciliation as well.  

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