Your Zodiac Sign's Life Purpose, According To Your North Node

Our search for the meaning of life always takes us in the least expected direction.

Your Zodiac Sign's Life Purpose, According To Your North Node LightField Studios/

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to know you were on the right track in your life?

Whether we’re talking about relationships, careers, or even where we should live so many of us often seek that outside confirmation that we’re not going crazy and that we’re on the right path to living our purpose.

Well, in astrology there is a key to finding out if we’re walking towards our destiny or fighting against it — it's called the North Node.


Both the North and South Nodes in a birth chart is the point that the moon’s orbit intersects with the hemisphere line at the time of your birth.

These nodes fall within two opposite zodiac signs meaning if our North Node is in Capricorn then our South Node will be in Cancer.

If you don’t know your North Node sign you can use this free calculator here to find yours.

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While the South Node is an indicator of our past life karma that we were born into this life with our North Node points the way towards our fate and life purpose that we are meant to move towards in this lifetime.

Many times, when we are questioning the choices, we’re making we can look at the greater meaning of our North Node zodiac sign to see if it seems we’re moving in the direction of what ours represents or further away.

While we all have free will if we are not in alignment with the soul contract that we made prior to this life then we will find ourselves encountering a greater number of challenges and difficulties in life.

This doesn’t mean that life is easy because even when we are in alignment with the flow of the Universe, we will still encounter lessons and hardships, there is a difference between a challenging time that will ultimately make us better versus our ego insisting on a particular path even if every sign is pointing the way in the other direction.


The North Node is like a compass in many ways showing us how to not just live in alignment with our soul contract and truth, but also reminding us that the plans the Universe has for us will always far exceed the ones that we make for ourselves.

Because the best moments of our lives are often those we don't plan for.

North node and life purpose, by zodiac sign:

North Node in Aries

Lesson: Balancing your needs with those of others, especially a romantic partner.

Life Purpose: To learn independence doesn’t mean doing everything by yourself.

You are being guided to learn the difference between making decisions for others versus those that are in your best interest.


For many with a North Node in Aries, you learned about partnership and relationships in your last lifetime which means in this you will be asked to master interdependence.

This is about living your life according to your own truth first and not self-sacrificing or closing down and thinking it’ll just be easier to stay single.

You’ll know that you’re walking towards this fate when you’re able to practice strong boundaries and vulnerability at the same time.

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North Node in Taurus

Lesson: Accepting and receiving the best life has to offer, especially material gifts.

Life Purpose: To ultimately learn that we are better together.


Taurus is a sign that rules all things that are pleasurable and feel good, including material objects like upscale clothing, cars, and even homes.

This is a sign of financial abundance and enjoying the finer things in life but not by yourself.

In the last lifetime, you learned the importance of connections over financial gains and so now in this lifetime, you will be asked to combine the two.

There will be tests that will ask if you will choose financial gain for yourself versus that with a romantic partner or family.

You will know that you are heading towards your North Node fate when you learn that money can never replace the connections of people and that with the right person by your side you both will be richer because of it.


North Node in Gemini

Lesson: To speak up and express your truth confidently.

Life Purpose: Learning that we can’t run away from what is uncomfortable or challenging.

As a North Node in Gemini, your life purpose will center around communication, education, and ideas.

This isn’t just about the act of speaking but what you are speaking life into.

In your past life, you likely ran away from situations that you were meant to deal with, specifically related to a challenging romantic situation which means that you also may be encountering that same partner in this lifetime.

Now as you move forward in your life you will be asked to learn more deeply about who you are and to learn how to communicate that more authentically in your relationship-but also to others.


Take the time to not just make yourself better but to teach others and you will find that fulfillment from knowing you’re walking the path that you’re meant to.

North Node in Cancer

Lesson: To build a family and home that feels fulfilling.

Life Purpose: Learning that there is no replacement for the love and acceptance of having a home and family.

For those with North Node in Cancer, this life really is all about family and it’s likely that there will be those tests that will ask you to choose between those you love and your career.

This is because it was your career and finances that you perfected in your last life, learning how to commit to a project and work hard until you find success.


But in this lifetime, you will have to choose family and love first above and beyond your career to align with your purpose.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a successful career, but only that you will recognize the worth of having someone at home who loves you and will never ask them to come second to a work project.

Because Cancer is the sign of the mother it’s also likely that this placement will involve children as well. This placement will guide you to put the same effort into your family that you have into a career.

North Node in Leo

Lesson: You deserve the chance to shine.

Life Purpose: Overcoming the fear of being the center of attention and in the limelight.


In a North Node Leo lifetime, the focus is about owning your amazingness and letting yourself shine bright.

In past lifetimes you’ve had to work together with others in order to find success and preferred to be part of a team but in this lifetime you are meant to step into a more independent role.

This doesn’t mean single by any means but only that you are truly owning your worth including any talents that you may have which would bring attention and accolades your way.

You have very charismatic energy in this lifetime that will draw the attention of others and that’s okay. You know how to work with others and put the needs of the group ahead of your own, now you can learn that it’s also okay to sit back and simply receive.


This same theme will carry through in relationships as well so that you can accept that healthy amazing love instead of being in relationships with partners who just don’t see you or meet your needs.

North Node in Virgo

Lesson: To make a real plan so your dreams can become a reality.

Life Purpose: Learning that logic and realism are necessary parts of life.

In this lifetime you are going to be asked to pay more attention to the logical and practical aspects of life.

This means that you learn a dream won’t just come true by wishing and lighting candles and that you actually need to not only make a plan for success but then be willing to put the work in.


In your last life, you had to learn the power of your intuition, but you lacked focus and direction which means this is the lifetime to master that. You will know that you’re walking this path when you can balance believing in the amazing with making real-life steps for how to make them a reality.

This will be true in both career and love which means you won’t be able to keep those rose-colored glasses on indefinitely but instead, you will be asked to see things as they are not necessarily as you wish them to be.

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North Node in Libra

Lesson: To learn how to work in harmony with others-especially in a romantic partnership.


Life Purpose: Being able to bring others together with a sense of fairness and balance.

As a North Node Libra, you will have two main areas of focus in this lifetime-relationships and bringing people together.

In your last life, you learned how to put yourself first and stand up for yourself, now you take what you learned and will incorporate that into mutually healthy reciprocal relationships and partnerships in your life.

You operate as a glue or even bridge between people and events in this lifetime, even taking on the qualities of the peacekeeper at times. This won’t be in a self-sacrificing way but instead, it will seem to others that you have the gift to see things that others don’t.


Allow yourself to use what you learned in the last life to speak up for yourself and others. Master the art of compromise and of pausing before reacting. You'll know you’re walking your purpose when you are cultivating harmony and balance wherever you go.

North Node Scorpio

Lesson: Trusting your soul.

Life Purpose: Learning about what spirituality means to you and the higher purpose your soul has.

In this lifetime Scorpio, it’s all about delving into the depths of esoteric principles that encompass spirituality. But this isn’t just a futile or empty journey, its eventual purpose is to lead you back to yourself so that you end up learning who you truly are and what the truth of your heart is.


On this journey, you will encounter many challenging darker situations and feelings, but its purpose is to teach you to look beyond the moment and to find a reason to be grateful for all that you experienced.

While you will be taken care of materially, if you try to cling to that area of life, you will experience much difficulty.

Your path is all about releasing the focus on the material world and instead of getting in touch with what your soul needs. You’ll know you’re walking your path when everyone around you thinks that you’ve lost your mind, and you’ve never felt better.

North Node in Sagittarius

Lesson: Staying true to yourself.

Life Purpose: Believing in yourself and not giving up what you want based on what others say.


During this lifetime you will be challenged to stay true to yourself. You will see things differently; you will be called to take different paths and to explore life with an attitude of curiosity and wildness.

Don’t let the opinions or beliefs of others tame your reckless spirit. You are drawn to exactly what you’re meant to experience in this life and while part of this path will mean dealing with doubt, ultimately you have to learn that no one knows what you need more than you.

This is especially true in relationships. Don’t be afraid to make up your own rules when it comes to commitment and love.

You will know that you’re in alignment with your purpose when you feel excited about life and trust that as long as you feel good it doesn’t matter if others understand.


North Node in Capricorn

Lesson: Not giving up, or giving in.

Life Purpose: Sticking with your path, working hard, and finding success.

During this lifetime Capricorn you will be asked to give up the need for outside validation or approval from others and instead pursue your own path. This also means that you may go through challenging circumstances that ask you to save yourself instead of waiting around for another to save you.


In your last life, you learned how important family and the support of others were, but in this lifetime, you need to balance that out by learning that there isn’t anything you can’t do.

This is a step into self-reliance and autonomy that will help heal any codependency or self-confidence wounds.

You will know that you’re walking this path when you feel that success from going through and accomplishing what you doubted you could, and have the support of a partner who won’t fix your problems for you but will stand by and cheer while you fix them yourself.

North Node in Aquarius

Lesson: How to work with others for a higher collective purpose.


Life Purpose: Learning how to put the need of the group above your own and inspire others to take action.

On a North Node in Aquarius path, it becomes all about embracing your inner rebel for a higher meaning and purpose.

This means that it’s not just about what you want any more or even what your dreams are, but instead seeing that together we are always more powerful.

While this especially deals with career or societal projects, it also is important for romantic relationships.

This means that we can’t steamroll over our partners’ wishes or think that our way is the best way and instead learn that life and love is best when we work together for the betterment of the team and not just individuals.


You have many gifts in this lifetime that will help change the world and make it a better place for generations to come.

You’ll know you’ve embraced this path when you are in a relationship that you consider a truly reciprocal partnership, and you’re inspired by what you’re putting your energy into knowing that you’re making a difference.

North Node in Pisces

Lesson: Trusting your intuition as truth.

Life Purpose: Learning that imagination, dreams and fantasy can be just as important as reality.

During this lifetime North Node Pisces, you will be asked to dream a beautiful dream. But the other side is that you will also feel everything more empathetically than before, which means that you will be challenged to not let the darkness of the world drown the hope that you were born with.


In your past life, you were logical and pragmatic which means in this one you’ll be asked to develop not just your intuition but your faith as well. In order to do this, you’ll be tested with challenging situations and those around you who tell you that what you dream can’t be achieved.

But what you will learn is that just because you can’t see it and just because you can’t necessarily explain it doesn't mean that it’s any less real.

Tune out the inner self that tells you what’s possible and what’s not. Don’t listen to those who say you’re crazy for believing in the love or cause that you do and instead learn to quiet the outside world so that you can better understand your inside world.

You’ll know that your purpose when you no longer need to explain things to people who are destined to misunderstand you-and your intuition.


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