Mayan Astrology: Zodiac Signs & Horoscopes For 2021

The Universe is always conspiring to help guide you.

Mayan Astrology: Zodiac Signs & Horoscopes For 2021 Natali Glado/

What's your zodiac sign? If you were to look yours up using Mayan astrology, you may be surprised that it's nothing like what you're used to.

While most of us are familiar with Western Astrology and the zodiac signs associated with it, we often are unaware that various cultures around the world, like the Mayans, had their own system for diving up the year into specific spiritual signs.

The Mayans were located in Central America and their majestic temples are still located across Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize which can be visited.


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Although the Mayan culture is well-known for their ritualistic human sacrifices, they also practiced an intense form of astrology which begins with their own unique calendar called a Haab.


The Mayan empire peaked in 600 A.D., and during this time they developed a complex and divine connection to the earth and stars around them resulting in the creation of Mayan astrology.

Mayan Astrology and the Haab Calendar

Within this Meso-American culture, the Haab Calendar was created to document the change of seasons, months, and years.

The Haab is a 365-day sacred calendar also known as the Tzolkin which translates to “count of days”, with the new year starting on July 26.

In the Haab, 365 days of the year are divided into eighteen months with each having only twenty days, the remaining five are nameless.

There are nineteen Mayan star signs also known as day signs that symbolically represent the change of seasons.


Within each star sign, there are certain personality traits that shape how we move through this life and our soul path which also give hints at our challenges and gifts.

These signs enable us to forecast a horoscope for each star sign.

Using your date of birth, you can find your Mayan star sign and horoscope for 2021.

Read on to find all Mayan astrology zodiac signs and horoscopes for 2021:

Ch’en (January 2-January 21)

Symbol: Nighttime, Moon

Ch'ens are night owls who are comfortable with darkness.

You are most inspired and active within the evening hours and you need less sleep than most because of your connection to the gods that rule the evening hours.


You draw energy from the darkness and you can use this time to plan out your own life and those moments when you are needing more inspiration or connection to the world around you.

2021 Horoscope

In 2021, you will be challenged to let go of old ways of doing things and embark on a journey.

Make sure to take your time and to use the night to recharge and refresh, especially if feeling disappointed or overwhelmed.

There may be some resistance on your part to begin this new chapter in your life, but it’s all about moving with the earth instead of against it.

Yax (January 22-February 10)

Symbol: Flower, Venus

You are open and loving, and one of your symbols is the planet, Venus.


You generally like for things to be pleasant, sometimes preferring to ignore the difficulties in life.

You always want to help those around you and extend love and understanding to all.

You enjoy helping others resolve challenges in their lives and feel more like yourself when you are able to bring your own goodness to the world.

2021 Horoscope

In 2021, it’s going to be critical to combine your love of love with the truth.

While at times it can seem better to gloss over those parts of life that are darker or more challenging because of fear, life is neither all one nor the other.

Life is a balance of both and to experience oneness you will also need to learn how to surrender.


Be aware of where you feel yourself pulling away in your life.

Try to remain pleasant for those more challenging situations trusting that love is always there, even in the darkness.

Sak (February 11-March 2)

Symbol: Frog, Light

You are flexible and adaptable to life around you.

Light is one of your symbols because the early morning hours are the best time of day for you.

You usually wake feeling more energized but that can dwindle as the morning goes on.

So plan your activity and work time to take advantage of this important transition.

You are able to accomplish almost anything that you set your mind on and with determination ease.

You actively seek out the uncomfortable and rarely are confined by your comfort zone.


You take many forms as is symbolized by the various stages of the frog, at home on both land and in water, you are able to walk between worlds.

2021 Horoscope

In 2021, it will be important for you to believe in yourself and make sure that you don’t let any disappointments affect your ability to move forward and make a new plan.

You usually seek out risk and are up for new adventures but sometimes you become overly hard on yourself especially if you feel you’ve failed.

This year will be an important time for you.

Release anything that didn’t go according to plan from the past. Begin each day as though everything will work as it should.

Keh (March 3-March 22)

Symbol: Tree, Deer


You prefer balance and peace often more than anything else.

But there is a lesson for you.

As much as you like to keep things calm and orderly, you are intense, too.

Your passion comes out when you stand up for what you believe in or when you protect those that you love.

You are someone who needs to feel grounded in your own life and to know your place in this world.

You tend not to do well with the unexpected or unpredictable.

Your challenge is to not remain silent about things that matter to you because you want to avoid conflict.

2021 Horoscope

Speaking up for what you believe in is a theme that will reign the most.

Our entire collective has and will be undergoing powerful changes which means that nobody’s world will remain the same so there is no reason to keep silent; no reason to keep the peace.


In 2021, your lesson will be to overcome your sacrificial personality.

It’s important to understand balance comes from working through the imbalances and from looking at the bigger picture.

Mak (March 23-April 11)

Symbol: Enclosed, Cave

If born under this sign you are a mystery to most. This is part of the symbolism of a cave or being enclosed.

You often don’t show your true nature or self to many people, if any at all.

Because of this most don’t feel like they really know you and are always trying to better figure you out.

At times those around you love this, but at others, your secrecy can get you in trouble or cause issues with your ability to intimately connect with others.


There is also a tendency that this enclosure you often have around your truth can often begin to feel like walls but with the uncertainty of whether they’re there to keep others out or you in.

Alone time is very important for you so make sure to set aside some each day which will help you feel recharged and those walls down.

Each year is also one that is represented by a Mayan sign and 2020 was the Year of The Mak which mirrored the closed or alone feeling that many of us had because of the quarantine and pandemic.

2021 Horoscope

As 2021 dawns and with it the opening of borders and the world again it’s important for you to not remain stuck in your own little world.


While it does benefit you, especially during times of stress, to live there means you would be cut off from others and as much as you need your alone time you also love to be around others.

Be mindful of opening up your enclosure in the coming year and ready yourself to welcome in great big beautiful experiences.

K’ank’in (April 12-May 1)

Symbol: Sun, Dog

Finding beauty and being able to play within the world is an important part of who you are if born under this sign.

You are ruled by the Sun and love to be outside exploring in the natural environment making the most of each day.

Embodying many of the traits of the dog you are loyal, fun-loving, and enjoy having a playful mindset towards life.


Sometimes it seems that there are too many beautiful things to experience and you don’t know which way to turn but you always seem to find the one that is meant for you.

Personal freedom is essential for you and the ability to go where you feel called without restriction.

2021 Horoscope

In the year ahead you will be able to finally spread those glorious wings.

For most of us, the past year wasn’t one where we were able to travel or experience many new things, but in 2021, the energy will slowly shift as we approach the Mayan New Year, and with it your ability to be you.

During the past year, you’ve been able to learn some valuable lessons about how to create your own happiness.


All this will be part of creating a new chapter in your life. You don’t need to travel far and wide in order to feel like you’re living an amazing life.

Muwan (May 2-May 21)

Symbol: Owl, Fire

Born under this sign you are balanced between the elements of water and fire.

As symbolized by the owl, you are wise beyond your years and see more than meets the eye.

You carry a great internal strength that comes through with the level of integrity that you live your life with.

Truth is an essential part of your life and you know in your heart that being honest regardless of if it's easy or not is always better than saying nothing or lying.

This is something that others admire you for because you often use it to be an advocate for others or to right collective wrongs.


You’re highly intelligent and need to have mental stimulation in order to feel like you are growing.

2021 Horoscope

For the New Year and beyond the element of truth will be one that comes up for you.

While you know that being honest at all costs is an important part of living your truth, there are times when that still proves to be difficult.

This year, you will be asked to step up to your life in a different way than you have before to truly own all that you are.

This is a year that playing it small becomes impossible as does the reality that you’ll never be able to make everyone happy.

In 2021, you will learn who truly is for you and who is against you, and at the root of all of that is the ability to unapologetically live to speak your truth.


Pax (May 22-June 10)

Symbol: Puma, Drum

For those that are born under the Pax, it means that you are considered lucky in all areas of life.

You are seen as connecting to the sacred jaguar of the Mayan people and are believed to embody his qualities.

You are known for being graceful, strong, wise, and a leader among your social groups.

Skilled in leadership and winning you excel in whatever career you choose and often are sought out by those around you to help.

This often can come across as counseling or even through motivation. People expect you to have the answers and you seldom let them down.

2021 Horoscope

Now, you will be called on to lead more.


You will be asked to speak up, to make yourself known, and to leave any of the shadows that you still hide behind.

Because of your open-mindedness and successful mindset, you will be one of the first to plan for 2021.

This means that others will look to you to lead by example, which you excel at, but only if you believe in yourself.

As you near this brand-new chapter of your life it’s important to recognize the areas that still may be holding you back.

Learn how to bring healing, so that you can step into your strengths instead of identifying with only your weaknesses.

Keyab (June 11-June 30)

Symbol: Turtle, Goddess

Under this sign, you see meaning everywhere and within everything.


You hold a deep connection to the earth around you which is seen within the turtle.

Also embodying goddess energy there is a connection to the phases of the moon and of life itself.

You venture more deeply into the unknown than most.

You ask the hard questions again and again until it seems you’ve reached the greatest depth of possibility.

You are a mystic, looking not just for meaning or answers but the secrets of the universe.

People gravitate to you and your energy as a healer part of your work is remembering that you can heal yourself too.

2021 Horoscope

In 2021, you are a valuable part of the future that many hope to create.

But you have to believe in your abilities in order to be of the most benefit.


This isn’t just about walking a new path or initiating a beginning but in choosing to step into your purpose.

This year you will be asked to leave behind the parts of yourself that doubt your power and to see just how unique and needed your gifts are.

At times you need a reminder, a lesson to see that your connection to the world around you is so cherished and needed.

While the past year should have provided this, be wary of self-doubt or self-sabotage as the next year is truly about you rising into your greatness.

Kumk’u (July 1-July 20)

Symbol: Crocodile, Corn

Growth and rebirth dominate those who are fortunate enough to be born under the Kumk’u.


This sign symbolized by the crocodile is one that is known for its strength and hard work.

You aren’t just adaptable, but you’ll continue to fight for a seat at the table time and time again.

Think of the evolution of the crocodile, one of the few creatures to have roamed both with us and the dinosaurs.

This is growth but also patience; rising from the dust into something better, something stronger. You don’t just survive, you thrive.

2021 Horoscope

This year will ask you to reinvent yourself once again, but to do so even more boldly than you have before.

This is a time when you likely will be stripped of those things that are holding you back, even if you don’t feel ready to let them go.


This is the time of making space for what it is you truly desire and the lesson that what you’re dreaming of is also dreaming of you.

In the coming months prepare yourself to work hard for what it is you want because it will pay off.

Wayeb (July 21-July 25)

Symbol: The Missing Days, Unlucky

If born within this sign you can see that it’s different because it only lasts five days.

This is because this sign represents The Missing Days, sometimes known as The Nameless Days.

This time period marks the extra days at the end of the Mayan Calendar before the New Year is celebrated on the 26.

This was a time that the Mayan’s feared.

They thought there was something highly auspicious about this time including the belief that ghosts were said to walk the Earth.


Being born under this sign isn’t negative though but considered to indicate that you’re highly spiritual.

It also signifies that you’ve lived many lives before and that you are able to help guide others in working through their soul contract lessons.

2021 Horoscope

In 2021, you are going to be feeling like your soul purpose has been activated and the timeline sped up significantly.

To prepare it’s best to let go of how you think things will go, let go of the timing of everything, and the expectation that if something doesn’t happen by a particular time that it never will.

The human world only sees so much and usually can’t predict matters of the soul.


This is a reminder that to truly make those decisions that are in the best interest of yourself and those around you, you can’t use your logical mind.

You can’t use rationale, instead, you have to be able to tune into your inner knowing and trust the feeling you receive.

This year will be important for no longer feeling like you have to explain yourself to others, take it and run with it.

Pop (July 26-August 14)

Symbol: Jaguar, Chief

To be born under this sign is all about the beginning of the sacred Mayan calendar.

This comes through in the leadership qualities of this sign. You are able to organize your thoughts and feelings into proactive and successful plans.


With the energy of this sign you are able to motivate others, problem solve and find success in leading others.

But you are not ruthless in your leadership, instead, you employ kindness and love. You direct others with ultimate compassion.

Because of this, they trust your decisions and advice. You also are considered one of the lucky Mayan signs thanks to the energy of the jaguar who is known for being versatile and adaptable.

2021 Horoscope

In 2021, you will have to choose the path that will bring you closer to the life you want to create.

But you will also be called upon to rise up and be part of the new world that is being born next year.

You will be asked to become that leader, to step into higher roles, to think collectively not independently.


Over the next few months, you will have various opportunities come into your life but not all will actually help you and those around you move forward.

Be selective in your decision, recognize when you are being tested by the universe and then whichever you choose, do so with confidence and conviction.

Wo (August 15-September 3)

Symbol: Darkness, Nighttime

If born during the time of Wo means that you are very similar in nature to the Ch’en and the Sak as lovers of the darkness.

There’s also a strength that you gather from this time of day and can often feel energized or more like your true self underneath the moon.

You may tend to operate on a more nocturnal scale, either staying up all night or even working a career that involves a third shift.


In many ways, you are the watchers of the Mayan Zodiac, harnessing both the energies of the jaguar and the frog you are adaptable yet extremely vigilant.

2021 Horoscope

You will be asked to use your gifts not just for those around you but for yourself as well.

While you are skilled at keeping an eye of protection out for others, you tend to be laxer about the boundaries that you need.

But the time for worrying about others first is over. In order for you to take on the challenges of growth in the year ahead, you will need to learn to put yourself first and make sure that you aren’t sacrificing your own needs or dreams for the protection of others.


There may be some rough moments at the beginning of the year where this becomes especially important but through this way of being, you’ll also attract those who will help protect and encourage you.

Sip (September 4-September 23)

Symbol: Storms, Deer

You are deeply connected to the world through both fire and air as symbolized by their connection to storms, specifically thunderstorms and the deer.

This is the connection to both the earth and the sky as well sometimes operating as a visionary who can see both sides to a difficult or meaningful decision.

At times you may come across as confusing to those close to you as it can seem you are capable of operating in a polar opposite way.


This can look like either shutting down or initiating an angry outburst; it all just depends on the day for you.

Despite the unpredictability of your nature you do tend to be an exceptional leader but need to remain mindful of grounding to the world around you especially by connecting with nature.

2021 Horoscope

While everyone hopes that 2021 is a better year, you will have to be one of the signs to work for it more deeply.

This is because as we collectively transition into more air element representation from earth dominance, those on the cusp like you will be challenged to step up in their own lives. This could look like being a figure of importance for the collective or even just your family.


There will be opportunities to step further into your leadership capabilities in the coming year, but it won’t just be about you as there is a deep connection that you have to this new era of awakening that is beginning to take root.

Be mindful of where you may feel stuck and try to focus on aligning more closely with your air energy because that element is always flowing exactly where it’s meant to be.

Zotz (September 24-October 13)

Symbol: Bat, Fish

If born under this sign you are lucky because while your symbols may seem vastly different it’s an indication of the ease in which you approach life and your environment.

You are highly intuitive and sensitive approaching the world through feeling rather than the logic of the mind.


Oftentimes you are able to use this gift to be able to see the true nature of others, although even once you do, rarely do you let on that you know.

Instead, you prefer to see it all, but not speak on it. You take in the world around you and all that happens for your own future knowledge.

You are intellectually and emotionally deep using your observation skills to help make life better for those around you and the collective of the world in general.

2021 Horoscope

More than any other Mayan sign you will be called upon to use your gifts in the coming year.

Expect to have much of what you’ve been through in the past three years come to light as something you can now draw power from in 2021.


This likely will even involve a career change or even expansion.

You have been watching and feeling the world around you, listening to what has not even been said and now in a year of up-leveling and growth, you will be one of the seekers to lead the way into the new era of being.

Be mindful this could also personally affect you in your own life, including in your closest relationships.

But whether far-reaching or right at home, trust your knowing, it will never lead you astray.

Sek (October 14-November 2)

Symbol: Earth and Sky

As someone who is born under the energy of both the sky and earth you are connected to higher realms.

Often intrigued by astrology or different forms of spirituality, you tend to gravitate towards those areas of life where you can counsel others passing on your wisdom.

This is felt in the way that you can decipher and show someone the reasons behind the obvious, instilling within them a deeper truth for reflecting on themselves.

You are able to see what others do not and also possess the ability to actually explain yourself and even the answers to what is going on.

The only thing to be mindful of is to make sure that your advice and guidance is requested because unless it is, it will only land on deaf ears.

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2021 Horoscope

It's time for you to just be.

While other signs are being called to step up and lead or to focus on matters in their personal lives-you are being told to just simply be.

This means to take in all that is happening around you.

Continue to look for your truth and accumulate the knowledge that your building by simply observing what is happening.

The first half of the year or even quarter you are to take in and learn the art of patience and timing as the second half of the year both yourself, those around you, and the collective will be ready to take action and will be relying on your wisdom.

Know that timing is subjective but that nothing ever happens when we think it should, instead it only occurs exactly as it’s meant to.

Xul (November 3-November 22)

Symbol: Dog, Bird

To be born under this sign indicates your value and loyalty to others.

While the bird is a symbol of freedom, the dog is seen as the most loyal of all animals.

In the Mayan world, it was also believed that the dog was a sacred animal that would escort us from one life to the next.

To be born under one of the signs, whose symbol is the dog, denotes that you have an important role to play within this life.

The only dark side to that is that usually, you try to avoid your destiny before you choose it.

This can be true in any career but especially shows up in the romantic realm of your life.

You often try to think that you know better and chase freedom— what you really crave is the security of a loving home.

2021 Horoscope

This year, remember who you truly are and stop running from the truth that is meant for you to realize.

There are times when you only learn what is important after you've lost it, but this year you don't have to go through that pain.

This means that you will be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and taking risks, not for the desire to escape but for the building of your fate.

There is a part of you that’s tired of running, especially when it seems there’s nowhere far enough to escape what is meant for you.

While there will be challenges in the coming year there is also the potential for huge growth, remember to not let the size of the mountain deter you from making the climb.

Yaxk’in (November 23-December 12)

Symbol: Sun, Clouds

If this is your birth sign, you are revered as a disciple of the Mayan Sun God, Ah Kin.

This means that you radiate light to others and are often a born healer who’s gifted only develops with time.

You tend to be a beacon of hope, healing, and positivity within the darkest of times.

Many gravitate to be around you and the strong high-frequency energy that you emulate.

While you can often take time to come into the confidence that there is something unique about your gifts, once you do, the effect you have on others is incomparable.

The only edge to this unique position with the gods is that in helping so many you tend to take on their worry and concerns so that you end up having high levels of anxiety.

This is something to be mindful of so that you don’t sacrifice your own self while trying to be of benefit to others.

2021 Horoscope

This year, you will be asked to help the collective process feelings of hopelessness and despair.

While we are beginning a beautiful New Year in just a few weeks there are still a lot of heavy feelings to process from this past year.

In order to actually grow and move ahead in life, we can’t pretend what’s uncomfortable didn’t happen or gloss over what did.

Instead, we have to actually go deeper within it, feeling it all.

But this also includes your own life because while you have and will continue to help be the light to those around you, you also need to make sure to honor your feelings.

Reflect on where you’ve truly been, feeling all of it, so that in the coming year you can move ahead with a free heart ready to experience life.

Mol (December 13-January 1)

Symbol: Water, Gatherings

As a Mayan sign that is deeply connected to water you are someone that can be extremely adaptable, but also survives anything that you go through no matter how challenging.

In many cases, you take the worst of what’s happened and transform it into the best.

Someone who has a true alchemist soul, you must never forget that you as much as anyone else deserves your forgiveness and love.

While those connected to the night draw strength from the darkness, you are energized by the rain or waterfalls.

If feelings are challenged in your own journey or in helping others through theirs remember to come back to your element of water so that it can heal you.

2021 Horoscope

As the New Year dawns, it’s important to remind yourself that it’s likely time to change direction once again.

As someone who uses trauma and sadness to grow and become a better you especially will have changed dramatically in the past year.

Allow yourself these changes.

Allow yourself to dream a new dream for your future, to evolve, to shed, and to let go of what you once thought you wanted.

None of it will be in vain, except if you don’t do it at all.

The biggest mistake you can make as we begin this new chapter is to pretend everything is the same including you.

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