5 Ways To Better Connect With Your Emotional Side

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5 Ways To Better Connect With Your Emotional Side

By Unwritten

Whether we like it or not, emotions govern and influence every single aspect of our lives. However, I learned just how important emotions can be during my time in school.

When thoughts arise, they generate emotions. These emotions, in turn, push us towards action.

Unfortunately, most of us experience internal conflict, because we don’t take the time to actually connect with our emotions.

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If you’d like to start connecting with your emotional self, try these five methods of emotional connection.

1. Try journaling.

Have you ever written down your emotions? Speaking from experience, putting a pen to paper and expressing your feelings can quickly help you shift your perspective. In fact, writing activates our minds and helps us reconnect with ourselves.

You can write down a situation, the emotions the situation caused you to feel, and actionable steps you can take as a result. Give it a try — you never know what you might discover.

2. Take a non-judgemental stance.

Most of us identify with our emotions. However, it’s important to recognize that, although we feel emotions, we’re not just our emotions. 

Instead of judging yourself based on your feelings, think about them as passing clouds. Observe them without judging them and you’ll be able to tap into an incredible perspective.

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3. Channel your emotions into positive outcomes.

Every emotion has a frequency. Because of this, each emotion provides you with energy, and you can manipulate that energy to pursue positive outcomes.

For example, you can harness the energy from your sadness or anger during a breakup, then refocus that energy on your own self-improvement. When you channel your emotions into something positive, you feel incredible.

Trust me, it’s an amazing process when you commit to it.

4. Meditate.

How much time do you spend by yourself each day? Instead of spending that time on social media, you could be setting aside time each day for silent meditation and reflection. Tapping into a meditative state allows you to stay present and fully connect to your emotions.

As you can imagine, that makes meditation an incredible exercise to increase your emotional intelligence. What’s more, time in a meditative state allows you to reflect on very important aspects of your life, such as growth, ideas, commitments, and much more.

5. Remain present.

Last but not least, stay present in your life as much as possible. Focusing on the present moment allows you to tap into your intelligence, creativity, and emotions even more.

When you remain mindful of the present moment, you can focus on everything that’s happening. You can observe, describe, and participate fully in what is happening around you without placing judgements on the events or worrying about the future or the past.

Remember, in order to connect with others, we must learn to connect with ourselves first. The best way to connect with ourselves is by understanding our emotions. Explore your emotions by using these five skills and discover your emotional self.

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