Why Are Aquarius So Crazy?

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Why Are Aquarius So Crazy?

Why are Aquarius so crazy? This rebellious zodiac sign is misunderstood, but astrology reveals the truth behind their personality traits.

Aquarius are so crazy because they are radicals.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of shocking surprises. So, when they share their feelings surprisingly good things can come of it.

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Ed Sheeran is an Aquarius zodiac sign. His experiences inspired him to write many number 1 hit songs.

Bob Marley, another Aquarius, is known for being one of the most chill people in the industry.

Their braveness is admired by many but also can be seen as crazy.

For instance, when. Aquarius Paris Hilton’s tape leaked in 2004, many people questioned her judgment.

Sometimes an Aquarius lets their temper get the best of them which usually results in a blow-up.

Because of this, they can be abrupt and aggressive in nature, making people think they are crazy.

Tati Westbrook, Aquarius YouTube beauty blogger, made a video after feeling betrayed by James Charles and accused him of chasing after straight men.

Her zodiac sign may have played a role in why it didn’t take much for her to react with such anger.

The Aquarius is also not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, which might come off as crazy in some situations.

Aquarius brings a certain energy and innovation into the world and it wouldn’t be the same without them.

Rosa Parks was an Aquarius, and she used her innovative mind to do something no one else would have done.

She made a decision to boycott the segregated bus system in 1955. And this changed the world in many ways.

While they may act crazy, they don’t actively try to be.

They don’t always know how to control their temper, making the craziness come out naturally.

Comedic actress and Aquarius, Elizabeth Banks, has been placed in roles that let her craziness shine through.

The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect are two famous films that showed off her vibrancy.

They like to have fun, never turning down an adventure.

Aquarius are often associated with being deep thinkers, further adding an element of overthinking that may come off as crazy.

Harry Styles, another Aquarius, sings in his song Falling, “And I’m well aware I write too many songs about you.”

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This shows that Aquarius doesn't try to be crazy, it just happens because of their vulnerability.

In addition, Aquarius doesn’t see themselves as being crazy.

They pride themselves on being good listeners, helpful, and maintaining strong relationships and friendships.

Just look at Aquarius Jennifer Aniston who has not only played a good friend on the sitcom, Friends, but has also stayed close to co-star Courteney Cox over the years.

Even if people think Rachel Green was crazy for insisting that a break doesn’t allow for hook-ups, Aniston in real life has shown the true meaning of loyalty.

Aquarius dislikes limitations, broken promises, or dull and boring situations.

Who’s one of the least dull celebrities we know? Ellen Degeneres, of course!

Although her constant dancing on her talk-show might be perceived as a little crazy, it’s her way of keeping the energy up and staying interested in what’s around her.

There’s no way around her positive and fun personality, it’s just who she is.

Aquarius likes to stay busy by being around friends who are creative and intelligent.

That said, it makes sense that Aquarius James Dean’s best friend was screenwriter, William Bast.

Since Aquarius are attracted to people who challenge them creatively, they can be seen as crazy, always looking for an obstacle to tackle.

Even though Aquarius is often called crazy, they inspire people to express themselves.

Their passion and extremist ways are unlike any of the other signs.

Despite being a cause of their craziness, Aquarius teaches us the importance of having ambition.

For example, if it weren’t for the determination of Thomas Edison, the lightbulb may never have been invented.

Likewise, the efforts of Abraham Lincoln to abolish slavery began to shift the civil rights movement of the United States.

Without the bold, or crazy moves of these Aquarius,’ things might not be the way they are today.

Although Aquarius Garth Brooks’ decision to pull out of the running for CMA’s Entertainer of the Year seems crazy, he did it to give another artist a chance.

He wants other artists to be able to express themselves, the same way he has throughout his career.

Aquarius are also concerned with maintaining their independence.

They don’t like feeling tied down and sometimes strive to break free from over-committing themselves.

While this might be a crazy gesture, they do it for their inner peace and to protect the freedom of whoever they’re involved with.

Similarly, Alicia Keys, another Aquarius, made the choice to change her image as a way to break away from unrealistic beauty standards.

Ever since, she has not been seen wearing makeup.

Like a true Aquarius, she has stuck her ground and acknowledged the inequality between men and women in the industry.

Perhaps we should change our idea of crazy, and let Aquarius show us the ropes on life.

They might need help along the way with getting out of their head.

But Aquarius are one of the most loyal and kind zodiac signs, making their craziness not so bad.

Their desire for independence and ever-evolving change should be respected.

So although Aquarius can act crazy sometimes, they really just want to make the world a better place — one injustice at a time!

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