20 Unfortunate Souls Reveal Their Most EMBARRASSING Sex Stories

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20 People Reveal Their Most EMBARRASSING Sex Stories

Sex is one of the (if not THE) most intimate moments two people can share. While stripping down in front of someone else undoubtedly leaves you vulnerable, it also means you’re more connected than ever — and sometimes, embarrassed as hell.

While we’ve all likely experienced the occasional queef or untimely period onset, they are nothing compared to the hilariously mortifying sex stories these Whisper confessions detail:

1. Hair pulling? Sexy. Going bald mid-romp? Not so much.

"Once my wig fell off during sex and the guy screamed because he thought he ripped out my hair."

2. Colonel Sanders, is that you?

"Once during sex, as I was climaxing, I shouted, 'That's finger-licking good!' I was so embarrassed afterwards."

3. Gotta catch 'em all! All the orgasms, that is.

"One time I accidentally started singing the Pokemon theme song during sex. My girlfriend thankfully went with it."

4. Physics I could see. But this...?

"Once I studied calculus during sex. Yeah, I'm that kind of awkward person."

5. Well, now that you bring it up...

"Once during sex my partner asked if I threw up because the face I was making was so ugly."

6. He was probably about to beat a really important level.

"Tonight in the middle of having sex my husband lost all interest and just got up to play video games."

7. ...Homemade lube?

"I once bled on someone during sex. Turns out I had a nose bleed and didn't realise till we were both covered in blood."

8. How could you, Fido!?


"I once farted during sex and it was really loud when I looked at my girl she kept going thinking it was the dog."

9. Keep it down if you want him to keep it up.

"Was in the middle of having sex and I literally lost my boner due to her high pitched moans."

10. You've gotta be kitten me.

"One time I was so drunk I was meowing during sex."

11. Let's hope this watch at least during some student-teacher roleplay.

"Once during sex I accidentally shouted out my teacher's name. That was awkward."

12. The 21st Century version of knocking on the door.

"Once when I was having sex with this guy, his parents texted us to be quiet."

13. So patriotic!

"I once made a girl recite the Pledge of Allegiance while having sex with me..."

14. Savage.

"One time I let a girl choke me during sex. I passed out. She stole my watch."

15. Ain't nobody got time for that.

"One time I bit a guy during sex and he said he didn't like it rough. I told him to go home."

16. Because how can you relax if your dog is cold?

"I stopped in the middle of having sex so I could tuck my dog in for the night."

17. Well... what else would it be for?

"My boyfriend yelled, 'for Narnia!' once when we were having sex."

18. Dentists everywhere will be proud.

"I stopped my boyfriend in the middle of sex so we could floss together."

19. Welcome!

"My roommate walked into my room while I was having sex with my girlfriend and said, 'player three has joined the game.'"

20. Hopefully it was good news.

"I answered a phone call from my dad in the middle of sex..."   These sex stories in this series are real. Some identifying details and all names are changed to protect the wicked. Got a steamy piece of literotica that absolutely, positively must be told? Send your funny, erotic, unbelievable sex stories to We promise to keep it anonymous.