People In These 10 Careers Are Most Likely To Have An Open Marriage

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People In THESE 10 Careers Likely To Have An Open Marriage
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Do you have any of these jobs?

If you think that open relationships are only for the very rich or people who worry about the rules of society — like bikers, hippies, and celebrities — you'd be surprised to know that many people with an open marriage are fairly traditional nine to five types.

They work in career fields just like you. That's right! There are a number of IT, salespeople, and marketers who enjoy a non-monogamous relationships.

There are two main types (with some variations) of open marriage. If the couple prefers extramarital relationships emphasizing love and emotional connection, they have a polyamorous style. If the emphasis is more on sexual gratification and recreational friendships, the couple is engaged in swinging.

Internal statistics from OpenMinded, a dating site for open relationships, found that people with certain types of careers are more likely to be in open relationships. 

They seem to share certain personality traits that work both for their jobs, and for being in open relationships.

Here are the top ten occupations for individuals in open marriages, as well as personality traits associated with each job:

1. Engineers. They're creative, organized, and curious. They like to figure out how things work and are great at solving problems, like how to get 8 mattresses into a playroom.

2. Entrepreneurs. They're tenacious, flexible rule-breakers. Entrepreneurs are fueled by passion and need outlets for it. They're also risk takers, so why wouldn't they buck society's norms and create their own rules for marriage?

3. Salespeople. A salesperson has charisma to burn and a great deal of empathy for other people. They can relate well to other people, so it makes sense that they'd want to have a number of different romantic relationships in their life. They're also very confident, so walking into a room with a bunch of naked people having sex wouldn't throw them off.

4. Financial Advisors. Someone who works in finance is a great communicator, is analytical, and is good at both teamwork and independent projects. They're intellectually curious, and everyone knows that the brain is really the largest sex organ.

5. Executives. An executive is energetic, resourceful and courageous. They have great foresight and aren't confined to the ways things are. An executive would be willing to stretch the boundaries of traditional relationships and explore.

6. Marketing. A marketer has a very outgoing personality, which makes him/her feel comfortable in almost every situation. They know how to get results, which is always a bonus when you're talking about love and sex. They're also very diplomatic — important when groups of people are involved.

7. Attorneys. Attorneys are whip smart, task-oriented, and speak their minds. They're known to be resistant to authority, so it's easy to see why they might prefer non-monogamous relationships. Bonus: they're easily excitable.

8. Consultants. Consultants are self-motivated, confident problem-solvers who are good at communicating. An open marriage would be a good fit for a consultant; they're very flexible and curious.

9. Managers. Managers are adaptable and strong communicators. They're great at relationship-building, and if you want to have more than one relationship in your life, you're going to need that skill.

10. IT Professionals. An IT professional is constantly learning. They like the latest in technology, so they're the ones who are going to have all the fun toys at the sex party.

Most of these jobs share similar personality traits: good communication skills, flexibility, personable, openness to new things, and problem-solving. It's no wonder they're open-minded and think unconventionally.