How To Attract A Libra Man

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How To Attract A Libra Man

Trying to woo a Libra, but wonder how to attract this zodiac sign?

It's no surprise that you might find the Libra male interesting and worthy of your affection.

Complicated as they are well-rounded, they are romantic partners that make you feel surprised and loved at every turn.

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A Libra man can be a great friend and partner.

Even though they are known to be flirty, this zodiac sign makes a strong commitment to love when they find the one.

Here's how to attract a Libra man, and a few tips for you to try:

1. Be as interested as you are interesting.

Stop funneling your energy into impressing people, especially Libra men. Just read a book, and talk to him about it.

If retaining information is a struggle for you, show him this article instead. This is how to attract a Libra man.

Dissect whether or not he finds truth in it. It will be a great activity for your third or fourth date.

When all else fails, bring up politics. Even not having an opinion is a political stand-point in itself.

Libra men do not tend to seek romantic partners that mirror their thoughts.

Their pure desire to be challenged consistently provides them a sense of stability. And charm.

Keep the ball up in the air during conversations. Explore new ideas and encourage him to do the same.

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2. Don't gossip.

On weekends you'll find them at the bars, weeknights studying in the library.

The ideal romantic partner for a Libra man is someone he loves kissing as much as he loves talking to.

And when he does talk to you, he wants to hear about your life, not someone else's.

Nobody trusts a gossip. Even a gossip refuses to trust other gossips.

In fact, gossips thrive on gossiping about how other gossips gossip way too much. Everyone is a little bit of a hypocrite, save for the Libra man you are trying to attract.

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Be wary that Libra men will listen to you when you tell them who you are. When he is around someone who blab their big mouth about all the people they've slept with he will terminate the relationship.

Too arrogant to take it personally, he'll assume gossiping is in your nature. What do you expect?

After listening to anyone trash talk about the people they claim to love most for forty-five minutes, he'll ask for a hand in marriage?

That's not happening, and not just because Libra men are notorious for being afraid of commitment.

Straight out the gate, he'll realize your compulsive tendencies to drag names like sticks through the mud also applies to him.

He's not a special snowflake, he’s not toxic-behavior proof, and neither are you.

Remember, trust is built over time. Start the relationship off with a sturdy foundation. This is what attracts a Libra man the most.

Find something to talk about besides your roommate and the dishes he keeps “forgetting” to put in the dishwasher.

Like experimental poetry. Perhaps, musical theatre will suffice. My vote goes to experimental poetry.

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3. Donate money to charity.

Why attract someone with words, when you could do it with actions. Why not donate $25 to save the whales? Good people are attracted to good people.

Libra men are mostly good, save for the ones who are terrified of commitment. And even that’s not a matter of being “good” or “bad,” but rather, not having the right therapist.

What better way to repel your Sir Prince Charming Libra Man than being a penny-pinching Mr. Krabs that doesn’t give a flying fungus about making the world a better place? Stop focusing on yourself. Pay it forward. Libra men love when women pay it forward.

If for some reason this doesn’t work, you’ve done yourself a favor. For the small price of $25, you’ve warded off a no-good misanthropic wet blanket and made the world a better place... for the whales, at least.

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4. Say what you think and feel.

Nothing repels a Libra Man like someone who alters their personality all so that said Libra Man will fancy him. Everybody is tired of hearing the following advice: be yourself.

And yet, it is the exact sentiment that mostly everybody struggles to live by. Libras are prone to people-pleasing, so they admire being around someone who isn't afraid to say what's on their mind. In fact, how to attract a Libra man is rooted in honesty.

The key here isn't to say controversial things for the sake of being controversial. It's to let your personal truth radiate from within.

A Libra Man might be intuitive, but it will be impossible for him to intuit his way into establishing your needs. The more you assert yourself, the higher the chance that the Libra man will stick around.

It's in 2020. People-pleasing went out of style a long time ago. Time to grow up and ask for what you want.

5. Let him lead.

Libra is a cardinal zodiac sign and it symbolizes the start of the Fall equinox. Libra season starts September 23rd and ends October 22nd, and so that's when life begins to turn for everyone.

Libra is similar. He loves balance. Commonly misconstrue as being submissive, Libra Men thrive in leadership positions. Without a strong sense of balance, they tend to feel as though their life is out of control.

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