What Happens When A Libra Is Hurt?

Libras are all about problem-solving and keeping all aspects of their life balanced.

What Happens When A Libra Is Hurt? Dmytro Flisak/Shutterstock.com

Libras get hurt just like anyone else. Born between the dates of September 23 to October 22, Libras are associated with the Scales and the law, and their approach to pain is revealed by their unique personality traits.

What happens when a Libra is hurt?

Libras are loyal and value fairness in their relationships above everything else. Libras are level headed and tend to think through all things rationally, but when their heart is broken, things can change. Libras strive for balance when hurt, making it hard to tell when something is wrong.


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Because of their calm, cool, and collected persona, it can be tough to tell when their feelings have been tarnished.

Libras will always treat others in the same manner that they are being treated themselves. However, no matter how hurt a Libra gets, they do not lash out emotionally regardless of how badly someone wrongs them.


Here's what happens when a Libra is hurt and the types of behavior that would wound them:

When a Libra is hurt due to unfairness, they distance themselves from the relationship.

The number one thing that will make a Libra feel betrayed is unfairness. As previously mentioned, Libras value fairness in all of their relationships and expect it in return.

If a Libra is making compromises for you but you never do so in return, you are probably hurting their feelings. Regardless of your role in a Libra's life, you have to remember to keep things equal.

The same goes for selfishness, behaving selfishly is a Libra’s biggest turn-off. This goes for small moments like how much you share the popcorn during movie night, to everyday tasks like how often you help out around the house.


If you hurt a Libra by acting unkind, they often try to understand what's going on.

The second most common way to hurt a Libra is by being too aggressive. Everyone is bound to disagree, but don’t let it escalate to a full-blown argument.

Yelling at a Libra or getting overly upset will make them recoil from their bond with you. Instead, do your best to calmly voice why you are upset with them and work through your issues tactfully.

Their first reaction to being hurt will be to figure out any underlying problems and create a path to resolution. This will come across as them being extra attentive to your feelings and asking you difficult questions.

They will be brutally honest with you if you are the one that hurt them but only as an attempt to create peace. A Libra will try their best to fix the cause of their hurt before giving in it.


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If you continuously hurt a Libra, they may cut you out of their life for good.

If you act in a way that is a turn off to a Libra, like being selfish or unfair, or if you hurt them badly enough, they will likely take some time away from you. If you suddenly go days without hearing from the Libra in your life, give them a call to make sure you haven’t accidentally hurt them. If you’ve really pushed them over the edge, you may never hear from them again.

Libras ghost people who hurt them.

Libras have no problem completely ghosting those who have betrayed them. In most cases, no explanation will be given, your number will be blocked, and you won’t get the chance to apologize. However, that doesn’t mean that the Libra in your life doesn’t value their relationship with you. They actually value it so much that they can’t fathom you would hurt them.

Rather than continue to deal with it, they leave your life. If you purposely hurt a Libra or go against them, watch your back. Libras are very level headed but do not shy away from getting their revenge when they find it necessary.


They will seem calm in their demeanor but will secretly be plotting your demise. A Libra will always hit you where it hurts and to make sure their revenge is elaborate and soul-crushing.

While they may come off as innocent, they can always calculate your next move and will take action accordingly. Do NOT cross them under any circumstances.

Besides, why would you ever deliberately hurt a Libra in the first place? They make the best friends and partners because of their fierce loyalty and devotion to those they love.

If you hurt a Libra and ask for forgiveness, they will work with you.

Luckily, if you do find that you’ve hurt the Libra in your life, they are usually very forgiving.


Libras naturally enjoy peace and harmony in their lives so they will forgive you, but not until after you’ve boosted their ego. You will need to apologize, compromise to accommodate their wants and shower them with flattery. Once you have been forgiven, continue to watch how you treat them. While the Libra may forgive, they will never forget.

Don’t hurt them again or you could send them into a downward spiral. If hurt by the same person repeatedly, a Libra will begin to question themselves and put themselves down.

They will exit their relationship with you and continue to let the hurt weigh on them. Libras are very complex individuals and should be nurtured in order to maintain your relationship with them.


If you are always open and honest with a Libra, they will give you the same in return. Keeping an open communication style with a Libra will ensure that neither of you gets hurt and can stay in each other’s lives.

Now that you know what happens when a Libra is hurt, you can avoid unwanted behaviors and be there to help them when they need it most.

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