Why Do Libras Overthink So Much?

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Why Do Libras Overthink So Much?

Libras are the delegators of the zodiac. Their symbol is the scales representing balance and justice.

Because they are good mediators and judges of fairness, people would think that Libras are good at decision making, but their desire to keep an even playing field can make them overthink.

Why do Libras overthink so much?

Because Libras are so deliberate about their actions, and there is a lot of thought that goes into choosing what they will do.

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Libras lay awake at night to think of the best possible solutions to their problems, the problems of their loved ones, and even the problems of the world.

Libra is the third of the four Cardinal signs that start each season. This modality means that Libras are initiators, they are excellent at starting new things, but their follow-through isn’t always strong.

This plays into their indecisiveness because Libras are quick to jump into new situations, but as their minds run away with their overthinking, getting to that end result seems further and further away.

Libras’ ruling planet is Venus whose domain is love and relationships, so in addition to fairness, Libras want to make everyone happy.

But with all of the differences and nuance in the world and in people in general, finding that universal solution is difficult and tedious.

Libras think through decisions so much because they don’t want to make the wrong decision and have regrets to keep them up at night.

They’d much rather have the possibilities of what could occupy their minds instead of what could have been.

Here's why Libras overthinker so much, per astrology:

1. Libras look at all sides, and I mean ALL sides.

Libras’ main focus is fairness and balance. To achieve that balance, they have to think of every perspective of the situation.

This can make them great devil’s advocates, but they usually are playing that role for themselves.

Their internal dialogues are messy with all of the different avenues a decision could take them.

Ultimately they’ll have to make a decision and stick to it, but getting to that point is strenuous and stressful for the good-hearted Libra.

2. Libras worry.

Libras are people pleasers. Libras are very sociable because of their ruling planet and fluid, adaptable air element. However, their love and care for others can cloud their judgment and decisiveness.

Libras just want to keep as many people as possible as happy as possible. But it is impossible to please everyone all the time. What’s fair for some may be at the detriment to someone else.

Their need for fairness and equality can wrack a Libra’s mind endlessly as they try to appease everyone.

Their people-pleasing can also get Libras tangled up in moral dilemmas. Libra wants to do the right thing, but the right thing is not always the most popular thing.

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3. Libras are indecisive.

Although they are often the ones that people turn to for council, Libras are very indecisive. Their convictions are strong, but they also look at things situationally.

Looking at every viewpoint and trying to predict every likely outcome can freeze a Libra from taking a stance at all.

They don’t like to be wrong, so Libras think through everything as much as they can so that they can be absolutely sure when they do eventually come to a decision.

But with all of this overthinking that Libras do, they may miss their chance to decide for themselves before life continues on without them.

4. Libras hate conflict.

Libras are the peacemakers and love bringing joy and satisfaction to others, but conflicts in life are unavoidable. When conflicts arise, Libras are very uncomfortable.

If possible, Libras preemptively solve problems that may not yet be a forefront issue. But stifling conflict can cause the people involved to repress their feelings which will only lead to bigger conflict later on.

This avoidance can also make Libras extra sensitive to things that they think can turn into conflict that someone else can see as dormant. Then, Libras start to overthink every little thing said or done.

Ironically, this can actually create conflict when Libra makes a bigger deal of something than it was intended to be.

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