What Makes Libra Annoying?

Ugh Libras ...

What Makes Libra Annoying? Taeya18/Shutterstock.com

Libras love to keep the peace but unfortunately, they can still be a little annoying from time to time.

Libra season starts on September 23rd and ends on October 22nd, making one of their most prominent traits people-pleasing.

This makes it hard to believe that they could ever bother someone but believe me, they can.

But what makes Libra annoying?

They are so nice, but there's a time when you have to be unkind.


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Ruled by Venus, this zodiac sign loves to love.

They are gentle by nature, and yet, when you want someone strong and able to make a quick decision, well, Libra may not be your best bet.

Libras are great friends when you want to have your way.


They are wonderful listeners, too.

But there is a line in the sand that gets drawn when dealing with a Libra.

Here’s what makes Libra annoying, per astrology.

1. They’re indecisive

Libras always want the best of both worlds and when they can’t make that happen, they struggle to make decisions.

This can include decision making about something small like where to eat, or something big like what house to buy.

Their lack of decision making can annoy partners and friends in numerous situations.

It’s frustrating to constantly go back and forth over everything or always being the one to decide everything.

It's best to ask them certain things ahead of time when possible.


This will give them ample time to think about their decision.

For example, if you know you want to go out t dinner that night, tell them about it in the morning so they have all day to pick a restaurant or food type.

2. They’re easily distracted.

Libras lose focus quickly and tend to be in their own world.

This is annoying for friends trying to engage in a conversation or coworkers trying to tell them something important.

There’s nothing worse than telling someone a story or important task only to realize that they were spacing out the entire time.

This can also be a nuisance for employers when they see their Libra employee surfing the internet instead of doing their job.


As you can probably imagine, this leads to a domino effect of negative consequences for the Libra themselves and those around them.

3. They avoid conflict.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping the peace among friends, but a Libra does so to a fault.

Even if they are upset with you they will avoid confrontation which can create a few problems of its own.

This prolongs what could have been a proactive conversation about how they are feeling.

They will act passive-aggressive rather than just say why they’re mad, making friends and family confused and annoyed.

Many times you won't even be sure exactly what you do to upset the Libra in your life until you ask multiple times for them to explain their behavior.


In return, this will start to make you mad and less likely to resolve the problem easily or tactfully.

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4. They’re codependent.

Libras don’t like to be alone and can be a little clingy.

A Libra will stick to your side like glue and count on you for all of their emotional support.

This can start to feel like a heavy responsibility when you're constantly monitoring their emotions as well as you're own.

If you aren't consistently their shoulder to cry on, they will likely try to make you feel guilty.

If you’re their ‘person’ they won’t go anywhere without you and will be offended if you don’t invite them to everything you do.


This can obviously become a little annoying for people who like their personal space.

It's best to get ahead of this before it becomes too big of an issue if you want to salvage any kind of relationship.

It's important for two people to maintain some level of independence in all types of relationships, even those with a Libra.

5. They’re people-pleasers.

This might seem like a good thing at first, but it can quickly become a bother.

Libras like to make others happy and tend to tell people what they want to hear, even if it's not entirely honest.


At first, this goes unnoticed but after a while, you’ll wonder how much is the truth and how much is just people-pleasing.

It’s frustrating to never get an honest answer from someone and certainly puts a strain on your connection regardless of your relationship with them!

6. They’re self-pitying.

Libras can be a bit on the dramatic side when they don’t get their way.

They will throw themselves a pity party and make you feel guilty if you don’t join in.

It doesn’t take much to make them feel like the world is against them.

They take things super personal and project this onto others.

This can be especially annoying if you are dealing with an actual problem and the Libra in your life is crying because their Starbucks order was wrong.


To resolve this be brutally honest with them about how they are acting.

Sometimes all takes is honesty to bring the Libra back down to reality.

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