What Makes A Libra Happy?

All the things that make Libra signs happiest.

What Makes A Libra Happy? Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock.com

It’s an age-old question: what makes your zodiac sign happy? Happiness looks different to everyone.

For some horoscope signs, it is a night on the town surrounded by friends.

For others, it is curling up with a cup of tea and a good book on a Saturday night.

What makes a Libra happy?

As a Libra myself, I wanted to do some research into what my zodiac sign reveals about me and what makes me happiest.


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Maybe your version of happiness looks different depending on the day.

For me, as a Libra, I can be just as satisfied dressing up for a girl’s night as I am watching Netflix with sweats on.


We live in such a stressful world right now, it is important to rely on the things you know to lift your spirits, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Our zodiac signs are extremely useful in helping us understand ourselves.

Our zodiac signs can detail every characteristic of our personality, including what makes us happy.

Here are some things that make a Libra happy.

1. Balance

Everyone has heard this one before; after all, there's a reason a Libra’s symbol is the scale.

Libra zodiac signs love balance and harmony. When everything is perfectly aligned, when everyone is getting along, when everything is at peace, is when a Libra truly thrives.


We are diplomats to the core, wanting everything to coexist naturally. Two friends fighting? An absolute nightmare for a Libra. Tension in the family?

The worst-case scenario for Libras. At the end of the day, we just want everyone to get along and are happiest when everything is balanced and at peace.

2. Fall

Fall is a Libra’s time to shine! Everything about fall is a Libra’s dream, with the cooler weather, the fall outfits, the pumpkin spice drinks, and the seasonal activities like apple picking.

Not to mention the fact that it’s our birthday season!

We truly thrive in our sweater, jeans, and boots combo and wouldn’t want to be born in any other season.


We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s something about fall that’s just so fun and makes Libras happy. Okay … maybe we do know what it is: the pumpkin spice lattes!

3. Freedom

Freedom is another thing that Libra zodiac signs really value.

We are happiest when we are free to make our own choices, choose our paths, and live how we see fit.

Libras cannot stand to be tied down and have our choices taken away.

It is difficult for Libras to balance this need for being in charge of our lives with our other needs of making sure everyone around us is happy.

If this balance can be achieved, it is the ideal situation for Libras.

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4. Social Activities

I love hanging out with friends and doing as much as I can. If a day goes by where I do absolutely nothing or speak to no one, I tend to go a bit stir-crazy.

Social activities are a big deal for Libras, as we are happiest when we are surrounded by people.

Being social is a huge part of the Libra personality, so any way we can spend time with our favorite people (or new people!) is a sure way to make us happy.

I know I love my social calendar fully booked!

5. Flirting

Flirting is a Libra’s pastime. Even though we're loyal signs, we do enjoy catching an eye and making sure everyone in the room can see us.

We are firm believers that flirting is an art, and we are masters of its canvas.


It’s the little things, like turning a few heads and sparking conversations, that make Libras happy.

6. Beautiful Things

Though some would say our love of beautiful things and quality products is a bit of an Achilles heel, we know it’s just the opposite!

We think of it as investing in ourselves and putting in what you get out.


Happiness for a Libra Zodiac sign is taking a shopping trip and finding those rare and wonderful things that will complete a look perfectly.

We don’t see the harm in spoiling ourselves every now and again; after all, beautiful things deserve beautiful things.

7. Making others happy

At the end of the day, Libras are never happier than when everyone around us is happy.

Libras cannot be totally content if those closest to us are miserable, which is why making others happy is a key way Libras achieve happiness.

Making people laugh and putting smiles on the faces of friends and family means the world to Libras.

We know that we are only ever as happy as the saddest person around us and can’t stand to see others down.


What makes a Libra happy? Making others happy.

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Erin Watson is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.