What Makes A Libra Mad?

Beware of throwing this zodiac off balance ...

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Everyone gets angry sometimes, and yes, even a Libra will get mad.

Libra is the most diplomatic and peaceful sign in the zodiac but that doesn’t mean it’s totally impossible to make them angry.

While Libra is great at resolving conflicts, they still manage to get into a few of their own.

If they’re so balanced and optimistic, it's hard to believe that this zodiac sign could ever lose its cool.

So, what makes a Libra mad?

It's best to look at their astrological glyph to understand this zodiac sign.


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Libras are fair and just minded people.

Their zodiac sign is symbolized by the scales.

So, when a person demonstrates personality traits that are ruthless and unfair, this can set a Libra off.

They especially dislike it when everyone knows that things are disjointed, but no one would like to take responsibility for the problem.


When Libras get angry, there's usually a good reason.

Disappointment turned inward is where it starts for Libra just before being emotionally set off.

If you are wondering what makes a Libra mad, read on to find out:

1. Jealousy

Libra is ruled by the planet of love, and jealousy that leads to hurtful criticism makes them mad.

Libras are natural goal setters and go-getters who don’t let anything get in their way.

They are very successful in all areas of their lives because they work hard to ensure they don’t fail.

This is one of the more admirable traits of the Libra, but it comes at a cost.

People in Libra’s life tend to be secretly and sometimes even subconsciously jealous of them.


They might express this jealousy by being overly critical of the Libra.

While Libras always invite constructive criticism, they won’t stand for being put down due to jealousy.

They will spot this immediately and call you out on your envy, making you feel quite embarrassed.

Instead of being jealous, ask them for advice on how to succeed yourself.

Libra's love to help others shine and find their true potential.

It might be hard to admit you need their help, but this is a much better option than losing your awesome Libra pal over a little jealousy.

2. Unfairness

Unfair behavior for any reason makes a Libra mad.

They are the zodiac sign of justice, not only in astrology.


They are associated with the Justice tarot card, too.

Libras are known for keeping adequate balance in their relationships, personal, and professional lives.

They only engage in justifiable actions and expect the same from others.

If you are treating someone in the friend group unfairly or worse, treating a Libra themselves unfairly, watch your back.

Libras have no patience for this type of behavior and will not only bring it to everyone’s attention but will give you a cold shoulder as well.

To avoid a Libra thinking that you are unfair, try to always include everyone in your group and make sure efforts in your relationship are equal.

Libras will always want to make sure everyone around them feels included and is having a good time.


They will stop at nothing to make sure that fairness is the number one vibe wherever they go.

3. Stress

While stressful situations don't sound like a good reason to get angry, the fact of the matter is that some stress is preventable and avoidable.

When people go looking for drama, this causes stress, and this is what makes Libra mad.

This might not always be in your control but if you are ever in a stressful situation with a Libra, expect for them to become a little moody.

It might not have anything to do with you on a personal level, Libras just have a hard time in anxiety-provoking scenarios.

Libras may come off as knowing all the answers and being on top of everything but despite their well-balanced lifestyles, they struggle with stress.


Libras are one of the most anxiety-prone signs in the zodiac and hate to be forced with making a decision last minute.

They are surprisingly indecisive which can make small things stressful for them that are likely not for you.

To avoid conflict, try to avoid putting too much pressure on the Libra and alleviate stress when you can.

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4. Rudeness

Being rude hits their angry button every time. Libra doesn't like to see people disrespected.

Obviously, no one likes talking to someone who is rude to them but not everyone is as forward about it as the Libra.

Libras can’t stand snide comments made at their expense or rude house guests.


If you don’t have basic manners, don’t befriend a Libra ... and maybe work on yourself.

They will point out exactly how you are acting and expect you to change in order for them to remain in your life.

They also have zero tolerance for anyone who is rude to wait staff or other members of customer service.


Don’t bring that kind of negative behavior around a Libra unless you want to get called out.

They will humiliate you by apologizing to others on your behalf, making you feel like a misbehaving child.

Avoid this by practicing kindness everywhere you and to everyone you meet, especially when you're in a Libra's company.

5. Immaturity

Libras are very levelheaded and diplomatic, making them easily annoyed by a younger or less mature crowd.

They like to surround themselves with positive and sophisticated people who share their values.

People who act immature will be considered an embarrassment to them.

Not only will they pity you and find you embarrassing, but they will also start to ignore you.


If you act immature and childish around a Libra, they will likely not spend more time with you in the future and slowly start to ignore your attempts at communication.

However, if you feel that you need to grow in this area, a Libra is a great example to surround yourself with. Just be sure to be on your best behavior and take notes.

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