How To Make A Libra Man Miss You

We're here with all the tips and tricks.

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So you want to make your Libra man miss you?

It's not hard to drive your Libra wild and subtly get you into his every thought.

Ruled by Venus, a Libra man adores beauty and the feeling he gets when he's attracted to you.

If you show him your softer side while also intriguing his mind, he will naturally want to be around you more and more.

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Making a Libra miss you comes naturally when you understand his wants and needs.

So, here are some of Libra's personality traits that make him the way that he is to help you understand him better:

—Libra men are indecisive, caring, thoughtful, and flexible.

—They value upfront people who do not play games.

—They are not the type to appreciate mind games and challenges.

—They like it when their partner is honest with them about everything they are feeling and what they want.

Libra men appreciate a put-together woman who knows what she wants and is confident in herself.

Here’s how to make a Libra man miss you:

1. Be decisive.

Libras can be indecisive at times.


So, they admire it when their partner can make quick and sure decisions.

By taking the initiative with decisions like which movie to see or what to eat, you provide a less stressful and fun atmosphere for a Libra guy.

This is something he will come to rely on and really miss when you aren’t around or he’s with someone else.

Being his decisive partner in crime will make him miss you so much more when it’s time for him to decide between tacos and pizza alone.

2. Kill him with kindness.

Libras are typically sweet signs who hate conflict and dislike fighting with anyone.

They’re kind and appreciate a partner with similar values.

Sending them cute texts, complimenting them, and reminding them of fun times you have together will melt them.


The sweeter you are, the more they will miss being around your positive energy.

Libra men can't stand conflict and explosive arguments.

They love when they can resolve conflict with their partner through discussion and with kindness.

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3. Don’t ignore him.

Libra men hate being ignored, and pulling this tactic to win him will backfire immediately.

He may act like he’s not bothered, but being ignored will eat away at him for sure.

Some signs like the chase and the challenge, but Libras prefer honesty and do not like games.

They are not the type to enjoy tricks and coyness unlike some of the other signs.


Showing him you care without being needy and without ignoring him is the best way to make him miss you.

4. Be subtle.

Don’t beat him over the head with the fact that you miss him or are wondering if he misses you too.

This will stress him out and throw him off.

Instead, subtly drop hints about your absence and let him come to you.

Sending cute messages and pictures will ensure he doesn’t forget you without the neediness.

After all, a few messages are all it should take.

Remember, Libra men aren’t the type to play games.

5. Be upfront.

Libra men value honesty and love when their partner is upfront with them about anything and everything.


He wears his heart on his sleeve and wants to know yours.

Never one to enjoy the unknown, a Libra man will miss anyone who is always upfront and honest.

To ensure he misses you, be the type of person he can always rely on for the truth and that he knows is always authentic.

6. Show him that he's appreciated.

It's important for a Libra man to know he's being valued in a relationship.

So let him know that you appreciate him and all that he does; this is a great way to get him to miss you.

Hearing from you how much you value him and his time will allow him to understand your thoughts and feelings better (which he will love as he is all about communication).


Let him know how much he means to you and there is no way he will forget about you anytime soon.

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