Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism Of A Wasp

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Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism Of A Wasp

Wasps are spiritual animals with symbolism and meaning. We only think of wasps as those annoying bugs that we try to avoid, not something that can be an inspiration. There are many different animals that help people to survive in life. One of those includes wasps.

What is the spiritual meaning and symbolism of a wasp?

A wasp is a sign that you need to take action.

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The words “spirit animal” has been used for many things across cultures, but there is a list of animals that are universally understood as guides.

Originating from totem animals and Native American traditions, spirit animals share their characteristics with a person to help protect them.

Read on to explore the spiritual meaning and symbolism of a wasp:

When a wasp enters your life:

Seeing a wasp is a sign that everything happens for a reason and that this will help you to get to your goals faster.

Some cultures believe a wasp is the symbol of control over your life circumstances and signifies evolution, progress, development, and order.

If you see a wasp, it means you need to stop wishing on your dreams and start acting on them. This is a good time to reflect and see if what you do has meaning.

What does a wasp meaning as a spiritual animal?

—involvement, order









Because they are born in the Spring, they symbolize new beginnings.

They are good omens for strengthening connections with family and encourage you to make the first move. Wasps bring in clarity when you are seeking guidance from those who are older.

Spiritual meaning and symbolism of a wasp in literature and media

In The Shining, Jack finds a wasps’ nest and thinks it is a sign of success in his future.

However, it brings him disaster instead, starting with the dormant wasps that later attack his son Danny in his room.

Later, Jack recalls when his father smoked out a wasps’ nest with a firecracker to which another character has a similar story involving his brother.

Near the end of the novel, Jack says “living by your wits is always knowing where the wasps are”, to which he doesn’t notice the “wasps” lurking in the hotel while Jack is possessed by spirits that cause him to act violently.

Spiritual meaning and symbolism of a wasp in the Bible

A few Bible quotes describe what could be wasps throughout the text. However, some people aren’t sure if the references are literal or figurative.

For example, in Revelation 9:7-10, there is a vague description of a wasp: “In appearance, the locusts were like horses prepared for battle: on their heads were what looked like crowns of gold; their faces were like human faces, their hair like women’s hair, and their teeth like lions’ teeth; they had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the noise of their wings was like the noise of many chariots with horses rushing into battle. They have tails and stings like scorpions, and their power to hurt people for five months is in their tails.”

In several places of the Old Testament, the word hornet is used.

Spiritual meaning and symbolism of a wasp in a dream

If you dream about a wasp:

When a wasp appears in your dreams, it sometimes means you have some hidden anger or temptations.

If you have recurring dreams with wasps in them, it’s referring to your feelings of irritation that is bothering your subconscious.

If wasps appear in your dream house, it promises improvement in your present situation.

Seeing a giant wasp reflects an inner fear you have. Seeing a queen wasp stands for gratification, sodality, and fidelity in your life.

If you dream that you were attacked by a wasp:

A wasp attack in your dream from every direction reflects someone in real life assaulting you either physically or verbally

If you dream that you were stung by a wasp:

Dreaming about getting stung by a wasp suggests you may still have feelings of hatred or envy deep inside. If you see a wasp’s nest indicates frustration, unhappiness, or disappointment in your life.

Getting stung by wasps mirrors any frustrations that are raging inside you, but if they sting you in the nose, it stands for love, enjoyment, and solidarity.

Dreaming about killing a wasp:

Killing a wasp in your dream means you are ready to overcome those who are in the way of your goals. If you dream about being swarmed by wasps reflect any mental agony you encounter or a result of challenging your enemies.

Dreams with wasps in your hair:

Wasps stuck in your hair implies you have goals that relate to your dreams. If wasps come out of your ears it is an indication that you are withholding information.

Dreams of wasps exiting your mouth:

Wasps coming out of your mouth means you are guilty of gossip that is hurtful to others.

Seeing a dead wasp in your dream means:

If a dead wasp appears in your dream, it symbolizes convenience, love, and amiability.

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If your spirit animal is a wasp:

A wasp as a spirit animal means you have an exciting personality and are able to project two sides in many situations. This challenges the attributes that are important to you, such as trust, intimacy, and commitment but these shifts can lead to relational misunderstandings.

You are comfortable in social situations and intimate situations as well. You can make friends easily and are pretty much relaxed with them for a long time.

Although you are charming, you have prepared to easily detach yourself if romance is on the horizon. You wish to preserve your freedom and refrain from committing to serious relationships.

A wasp will show up for you when:

—You need to understand female warrior energy.

—You need to understand sisterhood.

—You need to understand female societies.

—You need to use a fierce mask.

—You need to appreciate communal living.

—You need courage.

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