What Is A Spirit Animal?

They appear when you least expect it.

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Everyone has a spirit animal. Spirit animals are special creatures that have been talked about since practically the beginning of time.

Most people confuse the idea of a spirit animal and think you would need physical contact with the one you often think about or associate with.

What is a spirit animal?

These special creatures teach us how to be closer to nature and will guide us on the right path.

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You can take this spirit animal quiz on your own using this website.

Knowing what your spirit animal is an amazing way to get connected to your inner self and explore your journey through life.

Do not be fooled, spirit animals have more significance in your life than you think.

How to identify a spirit animal

Spirit animals are our personal guides to living an enlightened life and discovering the answers to life's greatest questions within our own self.

If you cross paths with an animal often, that may be a sign that this is your spirit animal.

However, just because you don't encounter your spirit animal does not mean it is not there.


You can feel a strong connection to any animal(s) reveals that based on their characteristic traits, you appreciate the animal and find common qualities within yourself.

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What your spirit animal says about you

When I began studying spirit animals and their importance in our lives, I decided to take a quiz and find out what mine is.

I was surprised to see my result being a butterfly. I have never felt an immense connection with these insects but I've always admired their story and creation.

I don't usually see butterflies where I live and I don't remember having dreams about them.

But upon reading what having a butterfly as your spirit animal means, I was very happy to see the results.


I'm a Gemini and a lot of people associate Gemini's as being all over the place.

While this is true, I can admit that I can't keep my focus on one task, and oftentimes I'll jump to another assignment.

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What purpose a spirit animal has in your life

I am always seeking new ways to bring meaning and purpose into my life; I am constantly trying to evolve into a higher version of myself!

I like to think that we are all meant to transform our minds, thoughts, and ideologies at all times.

One way or another, your opinions on certain topics will change as long as you are open to it.


Having a butterfly as your spirit animal symbolizes personal transformation in the midst of your everyday life.

In order to accept this notion as true, you must examine every area in your life to see which needs transformation or healing.

I have personally reflected thousands of times in my life to determine what needs to change.

Whether that was a change of wardrobe, a change of career, or even a change of thought to someone who hurt me, I knew that transformation was needed.

Once we learn to fix the areas in our lives and discover the true meaning of our own self and identity, we work on reaching beyond ourselves and sparking change in our communities.


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What a spirit animal does for you

This animal teaches you quality life lessons! How great is that?

From the moment you're born, your spirit animal guide is by your side.


They are quiet teachers who require a lot of attention; this means you must do your part in enlightening yourself and they will follow through on their end.

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Spirit animal personality traits

Whether your spirit animal is a butterfly or even an ant, all you need to do from this point is to consider what character traits you possess that directly correlate with that of your spirit animal.

We should always equip ourselves with knowledge and power in order to create a healthy, informed life.

Do not be discouraged if your spirit animal is not your favorite one; instead, celebrate their attributes and thank them for guiding you to a happy life!


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Destiny Duprey is a writer who covers spirituality, love and relationships, and astrology.